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Apache Log4j CVE-2017-5645 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (20:46 UTC)
Apache Tomcat CVE-2017-5648 Information Disclosure Vulnerability (20:46 UTC)
Apache Tomcat CVE-2017-5664 Security Bypass Vulnerability (20:46 UTC)
Senate roll call vote on health care (20:43 UTC)
Trial opens in case seeking details on executions in Arizona (20:43 UTC)
Haitian migrants get residency extension from Dominican govt (20:37 UTC)
Alice Cooper and old mates go old school on 'Paranormal' (20:34 UTC)
Commission finds LA officers justified in killing of boy, 14 (20:34 UTC)
The Latest: Regulators investigating Iowa trucking company (20:28 UTC)
Colbert's shows from Russian are winners for CBS (20:25 UTC)
Brazil prosecutors triple budget for corruption probe (20:25 UTC)
Trump weighs re-nominating Yellen or choosing Cohn instead (20:25 UTC)
Uruguay: Ex-Gitmo detainee also tried to travel to Russia (20:22 UTC)
Family: Man in Missouri interstate shootout 'tortured soul' (20:22 UTC)
Western men's sperm count declining, major study finds (20:16 UTC)
Fears for development of northern Australia after Canavan citizenship bungle (20:16 UTC)
George Pell in court for first time over alleged historical sexual offences (20:13 UTC)
Authorities hold 2 judges appointed by Venezuelan opposition (20:13 UTC)
Markets Right Now: Earnings drive US stocks to more records (20:10 UTC)
Cheers, whoops for McCain's return, then impassioned speech (20:07 UTC)
Petrol prices low, but refiners and retailers getting last laugh, analyst says (20:01 UTC)
Rosenstein: 'mutual respect' needed for confidence in police (20:01 UTC)
Films from Jolie, Clooney, Aronofsky among TIFF premieres (19:55 UTC)
Blast damages offices of Mexico Catholic Bishops Council (19:49 UTC)
The Latest: Pastor calls 10 flash flood victims hardworking (19:46 UTC)
Trump on whether Attorney General Sessions will stay in job: 'We will see what happens. Time will tell.' (19:43 UTC)
Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors, Palestinians reject new measures (19:40 UTC)
The Latest: Trump says he's 'very disappointed' in Sessions (19:40 UTC)
The Latest: Driver's commercial license was suspended (19:40 UTC)
Libyan rivals agree in France to cease-fire, elections (19:40 UTC)
Petrol prices may have bottomed out, while margins stay near record highs: Analyst (19:37 UTC)
The Latest: Trump praises Senate for taking up health care (19:36 UTC)
The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks-US (19:31 UTC)
McCain returns to Congress to cheers from fellow senators (19:31 UTC)
The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store (19:28 UTC)
Woman reaches 5M settlement with inmate in daughter's death (19:28 UTC)
Brazil land occupation targets ag minister's soy farm (19:28 UTC)
Solo sailor arrives in Albany after historic Antarctic circumnavigation (19:25 UTC)
Trump shows the Boy Scouts how to start a political fire (19:25 UTC)
President Donald Trump praises Senate for moving forward on health care overhaul, says 'this was a big step' (19:25 UTC)
Trump, Lebanese leader pledge solidarity against terrorism (19:22 UTC)
Boat captain leaps into sea to save crew after capsizing (19:22 UTC)
The top 10 movies on the iTunes Store (19:19 UTC)
Schwarzenegger joins Jerry Brown as he extends climate bill (19:13 UTC)
The Latest: Pence breaks tie, Senate takes up health bill (19:10 UTC)
Diver pulled from site of Andrea Doria wreck has died (19:10 UTC)
Trump aide Paul Manafort subpoenaed to attend Russia hearing, Kushner questioned again (19:07 UTC)
With Pence breaking tie, Senate votes to begin debating Republican bill scuttling Obama health law in win for Trump, GOP (19:07 UTC)
Sen. John McCain, battling brain cancer, returns to Senate and casts vote to move ahead on repealing Obamacare (19:01 UTC)
Game of Thrones: Shattering the dragonglass ceiling (19:01 UTC)