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Burger King 'sorry' for offering burgers to women who get pregnant to World Cup players (02:19 UTC)
Three Trump policies show what it takes to make Americans really upset (02:13 UTC)
Ron Medich likely to die in jail after being sentenced for execution-style murder (02:04 UTC)
Live: Tax cut plan clears final hurdle (02:01 UTC)
Emotional sinkhole at heart of latest Jurassic film undermines series' exciting developments (02:01 UTC)
Senate approves seven years of tax cuts after acrimonious debate (02:01 UTC)
'Incompetent' police botched investigation into Indigenous woman's death: NT coroner (02:01 UTC)
Beefed-up hate speech laws pass NSW Parliament (01:55 UTC)
Asylum seeker family loses court bid to stay in Biloela (01:37 UTC)
Dreamworld ride operator 'highly distressed' giving evidence at inquest (01:31 UTC)
After 27 years, the curtain closes on The Jerry Springer Show (01:25 UTC)
Home Affairs chief calls for rethink of security in 'complex and highly connected world' (01:13 UTC)
Mining company Atlas Iron backs Gina Rinehart's 390m takeover bid (01:01 UTC)
Fire destroys bar owned by former Silverchair bass player Chris Joannou (01:01 UTC)
Not all men are violent, but all men can prevent violence including you (01:01 UTC)
Live: Tax cut plan heading to Senate in all-or-nothing vote (00:52 UTC)
Decision to close Tasmanian scallop fishery for two years divides commercial fishers (00:52 UTC)
This is what Trump's executive order means for immigrant families at the border (00:40 UTC)
Single father Damian John was rescued from a destructive spiral, but others may not be so lucky (00:40 UTC)
NASA specialist says something for everyone in Australian Space Agency (00:40 UTC)
Woman found guilty of murder of mother-of-four under plan to take her kids (00:37 UTC)
Fire destroys bar owned by former Silverchair bass player (00:37 UTC)
Chart of the day: Why you'll keep getting sequels (00:31 UTC)
Woman found guilty of murder of mum under plan to take her kids (00:25 UTC)
'Not my finest moment': Mickelson apologises for US Open controversy (00:25 UTC)
Woman found guilty of murdering mum under plan to take her kids (00:19 UTC)
Christine Lyons found guilty of murdering Bendigo mother Samantha Kelly (00:16 UTC)
Atlas Iron backs Gina Rinehart's 390m takeover bid (00:16 UTC)
Indecent proposal: Burger King slammed over World Cup promotion (00:13 UTC)
Pristine beaches untouched by humans are covered in their rubbish (23:55 UTC)
Live: Turnbull set to clinch win on tax plan (23:16 UTC)
Live: Turnbull's income tax plan looks set to pass the Parliament (23:07 UTC)
144b income tax cuts set to pass amid One Nation, Centre Alliance support (22:49 UTC)
Canberra locals trying to keep each other safe in the wake of Eurydice Dixon's murder (22:40 UTC)
Aboriginal redress laws 'prejudiced' against communities, legal groups say (22:37 UTC)
Melbourne car users could see 'major changes' in CBD parking (22:28 UTC)
Disney offers 97b for Fox assets, Dow Jones posts seven-day losing streak (22:13 UTC)
Charity sleepouts can make CEOs better people (22:01 UTC)
This is how children were separated at the US border and why Trump has stopped it (21:43 UTC)
Broken bones and bruised egos: the endurance horse race that only half will finish (21:31 UTC)
Albatross caught in Chile nine years after being tagged on Macquarie Island (21:31 UTC)
Eurydice Dixon's murder prompts plan for organised volunteer walking group (21:25 UTC)
Clan violence, incarceration drop in remote Aboriginal town due to love for AFL (21:13 UTC)
Remote AFL program turning love for footy into jobs (21:07 UTC)
The key trends from the World Cup, and what they mean for Australia (21:01 UTC)
APY Lands to star in Switzerland gallery dedicated to Indigenous Australian art (20:43 UTC)
Opposition says priority is air-conditioning schools, not corporate boxes (20:25 UTC)
Costa's accidental goal breaches Iran's desperate defence (20:16 UTC)
Ancient Yazidis write a new history in their new Australian home (20:16 UTC)
Some Canberra light rail passengers could be better off catching the bus (20:16 UTC)