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Fri. Apr. 28, 2017 @12:09 UTC
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Woman shot, six arrested after UK counter-terrorism raids (11:43 UTC) AuBC

Denmark charges 6 men for joining radical Muslims in Syria (10:16 UTC) AP

UK police shoot 1, arrest 6 others in counterterror raids (08:19 UTC) AP

UK police shoot 1, arrest 4 others in counter-terror raids (06:28 UTC) AP

Jordanian in US accused of trying to join terrorist group (20:58 UTC) AP

UK anti-terror police detain man with knives near Parliament (17:43 UTC) AP

The Latest: Witness describes arrest of UK terror suspect (17:40 UTC) AP

Prosecutors say Ohio man planned to join Islamic State group (16:04 UTC) AP

UK police arrest man with knives on suspicion of terrorism (14:40 UTC) AP

Man with knives detained near Parliament under Terrorism Act, police say there's no ongoing threat. (14:31 UTC) AP

Shorten scolds Government over counter-terrorism unit's problems (03:01 UTC) AuBC

Hundreds of Australians on Turkish jihad list, bid to extradite Prakash (21:40 UTC) AuBC

Russia arrests 12 suspected of terrorism involvement (21:34 UTC) AP

Over 400 Australians on Turkish terrorism watch list (20:31 UTC) AuBC

Police feared extremists would slip through under-resourced counter-terror program (12:16 UTC) AuBC

Russia says it thwarted terror attack, arrested 2 suspects (11:46 UTC) AP

14 arrested in 2 separate French anti-terror probes (10:58 UTC) AP

Austrian police arrest 2 people suspected of terror links (17:43 UTC) AP

The Latest: Le Pen calls opponent 'weak' on terrorism (09:52 UTC) AP

Duterte says he can be 50 times more brutal than terrorists (12:37 UTC) AP

First ballots cast in French presidential election (06:13 UTC) AuBC

Terrorists killed in Philippines gun battle near ASEAN trade talks site (01:31 UTC) AuBC

South Dakota man charged with streaming terrorist threats (00:40 UTC) AP

French President Francois Hollande says he is convinced the circumstances of the Paris shooting points to terrorist act (21:31 UTC) AP

The Latest: Terror investigation opened in Paris attack (21:01 UTC) AP

French prosecutors have opened a terrorism investigation into the Champs-Elysees attack on Paris police officers (20:49 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump: Paris looks like 'another' terror attack (20:31 UTC) AP

Trump says shooting in Paris looks like 'terrorist attack' (20:25 UTC) AP

Prosecutor: Ambush suspect a 'terrorist' who targeted police (16:55 UTC) AP

Teenage girl in Danish terror trial for alleged bomb plots (12:58 UTC) AP

Fresno triple killer motivated by hate, not terrorism (02:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: Chief: Fresno killings not linked to terrorism (01:28 UTC) AP

Ohio man facing federal terrorism charges pleads guilty (19:49 UTC) AP

Newspaper staff indicted for aiding terrorism in Turkey (15:43 UTC) AP

Terror response divides voters ahead of 'unpredictable' French election (19:16 UTC) AuBC

Pakistan army foils major terrorist attack on Easter Sunday (08:52 UTC) AP

Philippines: Foiled attack staged by IS-linked extremists (07:01 UTC) AP

Oklahoma 'witch' gets life terms for terrorizing grandchild (17:25 UTC) AP

Christian leaders urge hope amid disaster and conflict (08:55 UTC) AuBC

Albania police steps to prevent terror attacks during Easter (08:07 UTC) AP

US judge deems mentally ill man fit for trial in terror case (17:52 UTC) AP

The Latest: Mentally ill terror suspect deemed fit for trial (16:40 UTC) AP

US judge to check on man forcibly medicated in terror case (07:55 UTC) AP

Chicago-area chef, cancer worker charged in terrorist case (00:28 UTC) AP

2 suburban Chicago men arrested on terrorism charges (20:28 UTC) AP

Police probe terror in Dortmund, team loses 3-2 after attack (19:49 UTC) AP

Turkey: explosion at police station was 'terror attack' (07:34 UTC) AP

Nevada man pleads not guilty to having bomb making material (18:04 UTC) AP

Stockholm truck attack suspect 'admits to a terrorist crime' (09:52 UTC) AuBC

Lawyer: Man accused of crashing truck into pedestrians in Stockholm pleads guilty to terrorist crimes (08:55 UTC) AP

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