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Wed. Jan. 24, 2018 @05:18 UTC
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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Unsealed documents detail soldier's obsession with violence (00:58 UTC) AP

Public servant charged after allegedly giving Islamic State 30k (03:16 UTC) AuBC

Woman charged after allegedly giving Islamic State 30k (02:25 UTC) AuBC

Woman charged over alleged financing of Islamic State (02:16 UTC) AuBC

Woman arrested over alleged terror financing (01:25 UTC) AuBC

Man apologizes, sentenced to 22 years for US terrorism plot (18:10 UTC) AP

The Latest: Syria says Turkish offensive aids 'terrorists' (15:46 UTC) AP

Guests' desperate escape during Taliban assault on Kabul hotel (11:04 UTC) AuBC

VP Pence in Egypt for talks on security, counterterrorism (14:22 UTC) AP

US military focus shifts to threat from Russia and China, away from terrorism (00:25 UTC) AuBC

Pentagon: China, Russia outpace terrorism threat (14:58 UTC) AP

Terrorist screening lawsuit by CAIR backs 5 Muslim Americans (03:58 UTC) AP

Charges unsealed against man linked to bin Laden, al-Qaida (23:58 UTC) AP

Suspect in terror-related case claims 'combatant immunity' (22:46 UTC) AP

UK helicopters join French counterterror mission in Africa (22:34 UTC) AP

Senators grill social media companies over terrorist posts (19:10 UTC) AP

Italian lawmakers pass anti-terror military mission to Niger (17:10 UTC) AP

2 charged in Kosovo with supporting extremist groups (16:34 UTC) AP

London man said to discuss 'death squad sent by Allah' opens (16:58 UTC) AP

Australian terrorist Neil Prakash linked to failed Statue of Liberty bomb plot (22:25 UTC) AuBC

Pakistan briefs senior US envoy on counterterrorism efforts (12:34 UTC) AP

Germany's elite unit to grow by a third due to terror fears (07:58 UTC) AP

US urges caution, warns of possible terror attacks in Kosovo (19:58 UTC) AP

Danish intelligence: al-Qaida could grow as IS weakens (13:46 UTC) AP

French counterterrorism inquiry launched into prison attack (18:34 UTC) AP

Iran arrests dozens for 'terrorist' acts linked to protests (18:46 UTC) AP

Sentencing set for Ohio man accused of plotting US attacks (05:10 UTC) AP

'Curious' counter-terror measure for Brisbane nightclubs leaves expert unconvinced (04:52 UTC) AuBC

Huge Philippine procession secured tightly amid terror fears (04:46 UTC) AP

Jordan says it foiled 'massive' terror plot linked to IS (12:22 UTC) AP

Suspect denies terror plans for San Francisco's Pier 39 (00:34 UTC) AP

White supremacist faces terror charge after train stopped (14:10 UTC) AP

US designates al-Shabab deputy leader as 'global terrorist' (08:46 UTC) AP

Bomb charge added against man after San Francisco arrest (00:10 UTC) AP

Man held hostage by terrorists for five years charged with sexual assault (02:19 UTC) AuBC

Sydney man faces terrorism charge over alleged threat to kill police (01:25 UTC) AuBC

Man accused of obstructing terror probe remains jailed (20:34 UTC) AP

Virginia man accused of obstructing terrorism investigation (01:58 UTC) AP

UK police make 5th arrest in suspected extremist plot (10:58 UTC) AP

Counter-terrorism crackdown at airports could threaten regional flights (19:19 UTC) AuBC

Uganda charges 45 Rwandan nationals with terrorism: Report (10:58 UTC) AP

Prosecutor says terror links not found in immigrant shooting (17:10 UTC) AP

Putin says supermarket bomb blast a terrorist attack (09:19 UTC) AuBC

Putin says St. Petersburg explosion was terror attack (08:46 UTC) AP

Putin calls St. Petersburg explosion terrorist attack (07:58 UTC) AP

Vietnam jails 2 dozen on charges of terrorism, subversion (03:58 UTC) AP

Vietnam jails 2 dozens on charges of terrorism, subversion (02:22 UTC) AP

Turkish president calls Syria's Assad a 'terrorist' (13:46 UTC) AP

The Latest: Turkey: No role for 'terrorist' Assad in Syria (12:58 UTC) AP

Queen's Christmas message honours Prince Philip and cities hit by terror (06:52 UTC) AuBC

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