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Melania Trump launches 'Be Best' campaign targeting cyberbullying (00:52 UTC) AuBC

China's ZTE seeks end to ban on buying American technology (09:22 UTC) AP

China's ZTE applies to suspend ban on buying US technology (08:46 UTC) AP

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence on Microsoft agenda (07:22 UTC) AP

The towns where you have to wake in the middle of the night just to use the internet (23:07 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: Jockeys wearing multiple googles during races (20:58 UTC) AP

Space station's Robonaut makes splashdown in Pacific (19:10 UTC) AP

Australia to use aid funds for new high-speed Pacific internet cable (18:49 UTC) AuBC

Woman sues cop who shared pornographic photo on her phone (15:34 UTC) AP

Space station's Robonaut headed home on SpaceX capsule (13:58 UTC) AP

NASA sends robotic geologist to Mars accompanied by WALL-E and EVE (13:49 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: NASA confirms Mars lander on way to red planet (12:58 UTC) AP

The Latest: NASA says Mars-bound Insight reaches Earth orbit (11:22 UTC) AP

NASA launches InSight spacecraft to Mars to dig down deep (11:10 UTC) AP

NASA spacecraft ready for trip to Mars to dig down deep (08:34 UTC) AP

2 Romanian hackers extradited to Georgia in fraud case (01:22 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Tech leads the way higher for US stocks (20:10 UTC) AP

Google to verify identity of US political ad buyers (19:10 UTC) AP

NASA spacecraft will have company all the way to Mars (16:34 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Technology stocks lead Wall Street higher (16:10 UTC) AP

US hedge fund wrests Telecom Italia control from Vivendi (15:34 UTC) AP

US head fund wrests Telecom Italia control from Vivendi (15:22 UTC) AP

US hedge fund wins control of Telecom Italia board (12:58 UTC) AP

Pakistani police: Gunmen kill 6 workers for phone company (10:46 UTC) AP

US hedge fund in showdown with Vivendi over Telecom Italia (06:34 UTC) AP

NBC News corrects story on monitoring Cohen's phones (22:34 UTC) AP

Twitter finds security bug, advises changing passwords (20:58 UTC) AP

Change your password, Twitter warns users after glitch exposes log-in details (20:25 UTC) AuBC

Bill Gates pumps 158 million into push to combat US poverty (19:10 UTC) AP

Technology gains help US stocks cancel out early losses (18:46 UTC) AP

Bill Gates dedicates 158 million to American poverty issues (14:34 UTC) AP

US-China trade talks center on rivalry over technology (07:22 UTC) AP

Chip Wars: Tech rivalry underlies US-China trade conflict (04:22 UTC) AP

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi files for Hong Kong IPO (03:46 UTC) AP

Chip Wars: Tech rivalry underlines US-China trade conflict (03:10 UTC) AP

Up to 270 UK breast cancer patients may have died due to a computer glitch (00:16 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: Facebook scrutiny remains despite firm's closing (20:34 UTC) AP

NC Democrats accuse Tillis, GOP of misusing Facebook data (20:10 UTC) AP

Data firm at center of Facebook privacy scandal will close (19:10 UTC) AP

Report: Firm at center of Facebook privacy scandal to close (18:46 UTC) AP

Facebook taps advisers for audits on bias and civil rights (16:46 UTC) AP

Email suggests 'major backer' promised to help win 344,000 case against Cambodian newspaper (08:31 UTC) AuBC

Liars, dating chameleons, beware: Facebook Dating knows who you really are (07:49 UTC) AuBC

Regulator says Samsung Biologics breaches accounting rules (07:10 UTC) AP

NASA sending robotic geologist to Mars to dig super deep (05:34 UTC) AP

Nasdaq surges on Apple and tech stocks rally (21:49 UTC) AuBC

Zuckerberg pledges to 'keep building' in no-apology address (21:34 UTC) AP

Love it or not, Facebook launches dating service (20:34 UTC) AP

Apple leads tech higher as stocks recover from an early loss (20:34 UTC) AP

Genetic website subpoenaed in California serial killer probe (19:58 UTC) AP

Collision tech summit to shift from New Orleans to Toronto (19:34 UTC) AP

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