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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

'Complicated' comparison website stopping customers saving on power, advocacy groups say (05:28 UTC) AuBC

Facebook suspends and investigates data analytics firm Crimson Hexagon (07:19 UTC) AuBC

Understanding why going wireless is nothing new for radio-active people (20:52 UTC) AuBC

Russian security service searches space agency over suspected treason (14:28 UTC) AuBC

Australian businessman suing internet search engines for not removing false slurs (22:37 UTC) AuBC

Australian man suing internet search engines for not removing false slurs (21:55 UTC) AuBC

Free dog given away on Facebook turns up two weeks later with facial injuries (20:13 UTC) AuBC

Brisbane man suing internet search engines for not removing false slurs (19:55 UTC) AuBC

After a man's headless torso was found, his son received emails from him (04:31 UTC) AuBC

Son was sent messages from dead father's email account (04:13 UTC) AuBC

Former digital transformation boss says My Health Record system is 'problematic' (02:07 UTC) AuBC

Nasdaq hits record high, boosted by Facebook, Google and Amazon (22:13 UTC) AuBC

Online betting sites using Cocos Islands web addresses investigated over possible breach (20:04 UTC) AuBC

Facebook and the bad hombres of Texas, Queensland (18:55 UTC) AuBC

Tougher penalties for NSW drivers caught using mobile phones (05:13 UTC) AuBC

SA by-election candidate takes aim at use of voter data mining software (20:28 UTC) AuBC

Struggling authors want digital lending rights in libraries (06:49 UTC) AuBC

Greetings digital world, here is your handmade card (21:49 UTC) AuBC

South Australia steps up pitch to become the home of nation's new space agency (04:37 UTC) AuBC

Russian Government implicated in US election hack for first time (20:25 UTC) AuBC

'You've basically given them a free iPhone': Aussies have lost 50m this year in scams (08:49 UTC) AuBC

MP quits NSW Liberals after phone taps played to corruption inquiry (08:01 UTC) AuBC

'3pc is a lot better': ICAC phone tap reveals MP brokering deal with developers (07:40 UTC) AuBC

'Three per cent is a lot better': ICAC phone taps reveal NSW MP brokering deal with developers (07:19 UTC) AuBC

'Lousy' NBN prompts community to crowdfund their own internet (00:40 UTC) AuBC

Aussie dollar and Wall St rebound as China issues cautious response to Trump tariffs (22:40 UTC) AuBC

Wall St surges on tech rally, as optimism trumps fears of trade war (21:37 UTC) AuBC

Parents have right to access dead daughter's Facebook, German court rules (11:28 UTC) AuBC

Data breaches are on the rise, but that won't force companies to up cyber security (08:13 UTC) AuBC

The digital detox is on the rise and it's good news for Australia (22:13 UTC) AuBC

AFP investigating airport security card data hack (19:28 UTC) AuBC

Chinese hackers targeting Cambodia ahead of elections, report finds (04:01 UTC) AuBC

Chart of the day: How the iPhone killed 'big camera' (23:49 UTC) AuBC

Diving Neymar rolls out of the World Cup and into internet notoriety (05:37 UTC) AuBC

Fake wellness blogger Belle Gibson fails to pay fine for duping readers over cancer (04:55 UTC) AuBC

'Dad, stay on the phone': Cecilia Haddad's final phone call to her father (23:25 UTC) AuBC

Obst is go for Thunderbirds as losing streak reaches 23 games (03:37 UTC) AuBC

Security concerns raised as Chinese tech giant blocked from NBN wins 136m Perth rail contract (01:01 UTC) AuBC

Chinese hackers infiltrate systems at ANU (08:04 UTC) AuBC

Star of popular YouTube channel dies after falling over edge of Canadian waterfall (00:43 UTC) AuBC

Scammers clone myGov website, lure victims in with fake Medicare email (03:40 UTC) AuBC

Googong locals flock to Facebook to name ram on the lam (23:49 UTC) AuBC

Cable car company wins website battle over kunanyi/Mt Wellington project opponents (06:07 UTC) AuBC

Google confirms external apps can scan your emails: here's how to check (05:25 UTC) AuBC

Digital exclusion an increasingly material problem for the homeless (01:13 UTC) AuBC

'I found something on the web': Britain's Defence Secretary heckled in Commons by his own phone (01:07 UTC) AuBC

Tesla workers overworked, as Facebook hit by further probes into data breach (00:28 UTC) AuBC

Tesla workers overworked as Facebook hit by further probes into data breach (22:52 UTC) AuBC

Facebook facing further probes into data breach, Wall Street slides on tech losses (21:43 UTC) AuBC

Chart of the day: How we are spending our internet minutes (00:49 UTC) AuBC

'Millimetre perfect': Spider web spectacle mesmerises locals (20:31 UTC) AuBC

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