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Tue. Jul. 29, 2014 @22:53 UTC
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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Israel's 'Iron Dome' makers were hit by hackers, expert says (22:52 UTC) REUTERS

Twitter assuages growth concerns for now as shares soar 35 percent (22:52 UTC) REUTERS

Amazon says lower ebook prices benefit authors, publishers (22:46 UTC) REUTERS

Belkin Wemo Home Automation devices contain multiple vulnerabilities (22:34 UTC) CERT

Quantum Scalar i500, Dell ML6000 and IBM TS3310 tape libraries web interface and preconfigured password vulnerabilities (22:10 UTC) CERT

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 15.02 contains SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities (21:58 UTC) CERT

Xelex Technologies MobileTrack contains multiple vulnerabilities (21:46 UTC) CERT

Bloxx Web Filtering multiple vulnerabilities (21:46 UTC) CERT

Android busted for carrying Fake ID: OS doesn't check who really made that 'Adobe' plugin (21:46 UTC) REGISTER

101 geysers on Saturn moon mapped (21:22 UTC) CNN

The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store (21:16 UTC) AP

Netsweeper Internet Filter WebAdmin Portal multiple vulnerabilities (21:10 UTC) CERT

Microsoft reveals new 'selfie' phone (21:07 UTC) MSNNEWS

Senate bill would end NSA phone records collection (21:01 UTC) AP

Twitter's user growth beats targets, shares skyrocket (20:58 UTC) REUTERS

Twitter 2Q results soar, stock flies high (20:58 UTC) AP

Twitter shares surge on user growth (20:52 UTC) BBC

Twitter's active users increase 24 percent to 271 million (20:34 UTC) REUTERS

Canada: Chinese hackers infiltrated government org (20:31 UTC) AP

Analysts: Samsung phone shipments falter in 2Q (20:28 UTC) AP

OKCupid, Facebook not alone in studying consumers (20:19 UTC) AP

Microsoft gives employees sneak peek at new 'selfie' phone (19:46 UTC) REUTERS

Microsoft gives employees sneak peak at new 'selfie' phone (19:34 UTC) REUTERS

Here's why cannibalism is bad for your health (19:25 UTC) FOX

Israel's Iron Dome makers were hit by hackers: report (19:16 UTC) REUTERS

Osram to cut almost 8,000 jobs in switch to LED (19:10 UTC) REUTERS

Internet users often unclear about their data use: U.S. watchdog (17:49 UTC) MSNNEWS

Max Mosley sues Google over photos (16:49 UTC) BBC

BlackBerry to slurp encrypted mobile comms firm Secusmart (16:34 UTC) REGISTER

Facebook removes page calling for death of Jews (16:10 UTC) FOX

Internet users unclear about data use (16:01 UTC) MSNNEWS

19 top free apps for college students (15:22 UTC) FOX

6 things you might not know about bees (15:13 UTC) FOX

China Censors Web Posts Following Xinjiang Unrest Rumors (15:01 UTC) VOA

Facebook reportedly removes page calling for death of Jews (14:46 UTC) FOX

Here's why cannibalism is badfor your health (14:43 UTC) FOX

More huge, mysterious holes found at 'end of the world' (14:43 UTC) FOX

Canada says China tried to hack into key computer system (14:40 UTC) MSNNEWS

5 questions to ask before you buy a point-and-shoot (14:22 UTC) FOX

Apple updates MacBook Pro laptops (14:13 UTC) MSNNEWS

Mozilla: We're keeping the Beard Brendan Eich successor now permanent pick (14:10 UTC) REGISTER

Army buys more M9 pistols (14:10 UTC) FOX

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity breaks off-world driving record (13:52 UTC) FOX

King Richard III's hasty grave opened to the public (13:25 UTC) FOX

BlackBerry buffs up security credentials with Secusmart deal (13:22 UTC) REUTERS

Apple updates MacBook Pro laptops, cuts price of older model (13:22 UTC) REUTERS

Facebook to cut messaging from main mobile app in bid to push Messenger (12:46 UTC) FOX

'25 smartphone' coming from Mozilla (12:31 UTC) BBC

Mozilla anger over Dell Firefox fee (12:31 UTC) BBC

Only '3% of web servers in top corps' fully fixed after Heartbleed snafu (12:10 UTC) REGISTER

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