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Mon. Oct. 23, 2017 @18:39 UTC
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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Tech Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Apache James CVE-2017-12628 Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability (18:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Symantec Encryption Desktop CVE-2017-13682 Denial-of-Service Vulnerability (18:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Symantec Endpoint Encryption CVE-2017-13683 Denial-of-Service Vulnerability (18:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Stephen Hawking's Ph.D thesis goes online, website crashes (17:10 UTC) AP

Cisco AMP for Endpoints CVE-2017-12317 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (16:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

cURL/libcURL CVE-2017-1000257 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (15:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Cisco Systems buying BroadSoft for 1.9 billion cash (14:10 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Tech stocks lead indexes slightly higher (13:46 UTC) AP

Kaspersky Lab to open anti-virus software to outside review (13:34 UTC) AP

GNU glibc CVE-2017-15671 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability (13:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

FFmpeg CVE-2017-15186 Denial of Service Vulnerability (13:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Czech office says election result web sites were hacked (20:10 UTC) AP

Australia split into digital haves and have-nots by NBN rollout lottery (20:04 UTC) AuBC

NBN trials cheaper technology to reduce digital divide (13:01 UTC) AuBC

'Ridiculously bumpy': Qantas jet returns to Sydney with technical issue (05:49 UTC) AuBC

Google parent turns on internet balloons in Puerto Rico (22:10 UTC) AP

Spacewalking astronaut copes with frayed tether, bad jetpack (19:22 UTC) AP

Gains by banks, technology firms lead US stocks higher (17:22 UTC) AP

G7 backs internet industry effort to detect, blunt extremism (16:58 UTC) AP

Brexit, Turkey and taxing tech giants tackled at EU summit (16:22 UTC) AP

Top Democrat: WH won't ID employees who used private email (16:22 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Banks, technology lead gains for stocks (15:58 UTC) AP

Banks, technology lead US stocks to gains in morning trading (15:46 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Banks, technology lead early stock gains (13:46 UTC) AP

Spacewalking astronauts replacing blurry camera on robot arm (11:58 UTC) AP

Brexit, Spain and taxing Google _ big stakes at EU summit (09:34 UTC) AP

French-led EU push for heftier tax on internet giants stalls (09:34 UTC) AP

SECURITY DSA 4002-1 mysql-5.5 security update (06:34 UTC) BUGTRAQ

SECURITY DSA 4003-1 libvirt security update (06:34 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Viral smartphone game lets ordinary Chinese 'clap' for Xi (04:46 UTC) AP

Brexit, migrants and taxing Google _ big stakes at EU summit (04:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: Mass. governor criticizes Trump phone call (23:22 UTC) AP

Lawyer in West Virginia AG's office leaving for FCC job (21:46 UTC) AP

Michigan top cop loses pay for Facebook post on NFL protests (21:22 UTC) AP

Emails: Protests spur college officials to talk with players (20:58 UTC) AP

Textron and eBay skid while Adobe and Verizon jump (20:46 UTC) AP

Apple and tech weighs on Wall St, Dow closes at fresh record (20:25 UTC) AuBC

Google parent leads 1B Lyft investment, deepening Uber rift (18:58 UTC) AP

Technology companies lead US stocks lower, oil down (18:22 UTC) AP

Workers at iPhone supplier in China protest unpaid bonuses (16:22 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Technology, banks lead US stocks lower (15:58 UTC) AP

Senators criticize White House as cyber adviser is no-show (15:10 UTC) AP

Technology companies lead early slide in US stocks, oil down (14:34 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Technology, banks lead early declines (13:46 UTC) AP

Facebook knocks down Thai PM's claim of Zuckerberg meeting (09:58 UTC) AP

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-17:07.wpa REVISED (05:46 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Illinois man to be sentenced in internet-sting terror case (05:10 UTC) AP

Google's new AI learns without human input to win complex Chinese game (04:37 UTC) AuBC

Study: Lower-income kids give more time to TV, digital media (04:10 UTC) AP

OpenSSL CVE-2014-0224 Man in the Middle Security Bypass Vulnerability (02:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

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