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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Tech Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Judge approves subpoena of phone records in Hernandez case (19:13 UTC) AP

One huge mistake people make when renting cars (18:10 UTC) FOX

Solar-powered plane lands in Hawaii, pilot sets nonstop record (17:46 UTC) REUTERS

Solar Impulse 2 reaches Hawaii, shatters records in historic Pacific flight (17:01 UTC) FOX

Stick-on smart sensor offers hassle-free car hire (16:10 UTC) REUTERS

Russian parliament approves Internet privacy bill (15:22 UTC) REUTERS

UberPOP halts service in France after clampdown, protests (13:10 UTC) REUTERS

Samsung Group companies' merger deal runs into fresh opposition (12:58 UTC) REUTERS

Methane in Mars meteorites suggests possibility of life (12:52 UTC) FOX

Fearing return to drachma, some Greeks use bitcoin to dodge capital controls (12:34 UTC) REUTERS

U.S. fund Elliott files court appeal to block 8 billion Samsung deal (10:58 UTC) REUTERS

'Endangered' cougar has likely been extinct for 70 years (10:49 UTC) FOX

Uber announces suspension of UberPOP in France (10:34 UTC) REUTERS

WikiLeaks' Assange seeks asylum in France, president says no (10:22 UTC) AP

Uber suspends UberPOP activities in France: Le Monde (09:58 UTC) REUTERS

Russian Unmanned Supply Ship Launched to International Space Station (05:25 UTC) ABC

Russian supply ship launched to International Space Station (05:16 UTC) AP

Salinas's Totalplay eyes Mexico wholesale network (00:58 UTC) REUTERS

GAO sees room for improvement in bank cyber security exams (20:46 UTC) REUTERS

Gimmicks and technology: California learns to save water (20:37 UTC) AP

In Tech: Lifetime video service, Sprint's new price plans (20:04 UTC) AP

Intel President Rene James to step down in January (19:58 UTC) REUTERS

Google's new app blunders by calling black people 'gorillas' (19:34 UTC) AP

Dolphin breaks womans ankles in bizarre accident (19:04 UTC) FOX

Cuba launches 1st public Wi-Fi hotspots on Havana avenue (18:07 UTC) AP

Dell XPS 13 review: Better than the MacBook Air (17:58 UTC) FOX

Yelp temporarily decides not to pursue a sale: Bloomberg (17:46 UTC) REUTERS

Rare white porpoise caught on camera (17:25 UTC) FOX

WAR OF WORDS: Trump, Pataki get into Twitter row over Mexico remarks (17:22 UTC) FOX

Meet Lily, the ultimate selfie drone (16:58 UTC) FOX

Ford recalls 432K cars because of software problem (16:49 UTC) AP

Ford recalls 433K cars because of software problem (16:07 UTC) AP

Robot kills a VW plant worker (15:58 UTC) FOX

Secret tunnel near 'Dracula's dungeon' uncovered (15:55 UTC) FOX

Scientists find a bird that can communicate like humans (15:43 UTC) FOX

Wild 'Jesus lizard' once walked on Wyoming's tropical waters (15:19 UTC) FOX

Intel President Renee James to leave chipmaker (15:13 UTC) AP

Google apologizes after app tagged black people 'gorillas' (14:49 UTC) AP

Top tech gear for your Fourth of July bash (14:46 UTC) FOX

US military's hypersonic jet could fly 5 times the speed of sound (13:58 UTC) FOX

Google apologizes for misidentifying a black couple as gorillas in Photos app (13:46 UTC) FOX

Happy ending for injured koala mom and her media star baby (13:43 UTC) FOX

Google unit sorry for including concentration camps in game (13:43 UTC) AP

STMicro signs 500 million supply deal with China's Huawei (11:58 UTC) REUTERS

Xiaomi books 1H sales fall, putting full-year goal in doubt (10:58 UTC) REUTERS

New York Times guacamole recipe draws Barack Obama into Twitter debate (07:16 UTC) AuBC

Blacklist warnings spread on websites in North Korea (06:46 UTC) AP

Xiaomi's H1 handset sales put full-year target in doubt (04:10 UTC) REUTERS

Black Americans tagged as gorillas in Google photo app (03:13 UTC) AuBC

Google sorry for auto-tagging black Americans 'gorillas' (01:37 UTC) AuBC

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