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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Tech Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Amazon gadget sales more than triple over Thanksgiving weekend (15:10 UTC) REUTERS

House considers requiring search warrant to get old emails (15:04 UTC) AP

Canadian start-up backed by BlackBerry founder unveils wireless tracking technology (13:22 UTC) REUTERS

European court says Turkey's blocking of YouTube was illegal (12:58 UTC) REUTERS

China's Didi bullish on U.S. partner Lyft, criticizes Uber (11:10 UTC) REUTERS

European court slams Turkey over YouTube case (11:07 UTC) AP

Writer Clementine Ford defends response to offensive Facebook message (10:37 UTC) AuBC

Nokia prices virtual reality camera at 60,000 (09:46 UTC) REUTERS

Cybersecurity bills would add secrecy to public records laws (08:25 UTC) AP

Huawei Wimax routers vulnerable to multiple threats (06:46 UTC) BUGTRAQ

WWII wrecks and Darwin's ice age history unveiled by new mapping technology (05:28 UTC) AuBC

Samsung Electronics names new smartphone head as heir apparent makes mark (04:46 UTC) REUTERS

European Satellite to Test Method to Find Ripples in Space, Time (03:37 UTC) VOA

Samsung replaces mobile chief as smartphone lead dwindles (03:25 UTC) SALON

Bill Gates helms drive to tip billions into clean energy research (02:13 UTC) AuBC

State Department Releases Slew of Clinton Emails (01:49 UTC) VOA

European satellite to test method to find ripples in space and time (01:37 UTC) AuBC

Samsung Electronics mobile chief cedes day-to-day management role (00:58 UTC) REUTERS

From Homeland to hair: Clinton emails peek into the personal (00:49 UTC) SALON

Samsung Electronics names new president for handset business (00:34 UTC) REUTERS

Teenage Girl Sets Goal to Empower Kids with Computer Coding (22:49 UTC) VOA

Target website stumbles on Cyber Monday, rivals out of stock (22:46 UTC) REUTERS

Bill Gates plots a surprise attack on the energy sector (22:04 UTC) REUTERS

U.S. government reveals breadth of requests for Internet records (21:34 UTC) REUTERS

U.S. states probe VTech hack, experts warn of more attacks (21:22 UTC) REUTERS

State Department to release new batch of Clinton emails (20:55 UTC) AP

China, U.S. high-level cyber crime talks to begin Tuesday (20:46 UTC) REUTERS

Atlassian Corp. sets IPO price range, aims to raise 370 million (20:46 UTC) REUTERS

U.S. states to probe breach at digital toymaker VTech (19:22 UTC) REUTERS

Apple Music adds streaming for wireless Sonos speakers (18:37 UTC) AP

U.S. Cyber Monday sales jump, high traffic leads to website outages (18:34 UTC) REUTERS

SE-2014-02 Errata document for Issue 42 'CVE-2015-4871 affecting Java SE 7' (18:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Jordan launches computerized census, first in 11 years (18:22 UTC) AP

State of Connecticut plans to investigate breach at toymaker VTech (17:58 UTC) REUTERS

U.S. Cyber Monday sales up 14 percent, on track for record: Adobe (17:58 UTC) REUTERS

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH - LSE-2015-10-14 - HumHub SQL-Injection (16:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

RSI Video Technologies Videofied security system Frontel software uses an insecure custom protocol (16:58 UTC) CERT

Target website down on Cyber Monday traffic (16:52 UTC) REUTERS

Target website down on Cyber Monday due to heavy traffic (15:58 UTC) REUTERS

China, U.S. holding high-level cyber crime talks: Xinhua (15:34 UTC) REUTERS

Cyber Monday sales still on top, but losing some luster (14:40 UTC) AP

Belkin N150 Wireless Home Router Multiple Vulnerabilities (11:34 UTC) BUGTRAQ

For some people, the older the smartphone, the better (11:13 UTC) AP

Paysafe says current accounts safe from 2009-10 data breach (08:10 UTC) REUTERS

New technology used on 12yo triple-0 calls in bid to help solve double homicide (07:13 UTC) AuBC

Swatch, Visa launch pay-by-wrist watch venture (06:58 UTC) REUTERS

Smartphone users can 'plant a tree' on Eiffel Tower during climate conference (06:49 UTC) AuBC

South Korea gives initial approval for first online-only banks (06:46 UTC) REUTERS

NY program uses phone calls, text messages to teach English (06:01 UTC) AP

Data breach at Hong Kong toy maker VTech highlights broader problems (05:46 UTC) REUTERS

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