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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Tech Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

SECURITY DSA 3561-1 subversion security update (13:46 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Wordpress Truemag Theme - Client Side Cross Site Scripting Web Vulnerability (10:46 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Surprises as website rates financial health of WA councils (10:07 UTC) AuBC

Babysitter admits not properly caring for child in phone intercepts, inquest hears (07:50 UTC) AuBC

HPSBUX03583 SSRT110084 rev.1 - HP-UX BIND Service running Named, Remote Denial of Service 'DoS' (06:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Mozilla doesn't care for upstream security fixes, and doesn't bother to send own security fixes upstream (06:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Japan abandons costly X-ray satellite lost in space (03:19 UTC) AP

Meet the 16yo software tycoon and his '21st-century Lego' (02:37 UTC) AuBC

Facebook and St. Jude Medical surge, GNC and AbbVie skid (21:10 UTC) AP

US stocks skid as Apple pulls tech companies lower (21:04 UTC) AP

Carl Icahn sells Apple stake, citing China worries (20:55 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Tech, energy stocks lead a broad decline (20:19 UTC) AP

Mom convicted of creating public nuisance for Facebook post (20:10 UTC) AP

AP Source: Fiat Chrysler, Google in partnership talks (19:10 UTC) AP

US stocks slide as economic growth disappoints, tech weakens (18:55 UTC) AP

Big deals and gains for tech stocks lead US indexes higher (15:43 UTC) AP

Comcast buying DreamWorks Animation for about 3.55B (13:37 UTC) AP

CVE-2016-3078: php: integer overflow in ZipArchive::getFrom (12:34 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Multi-million dollar Japan satellite lost to 'human error': JAXA (08:55 UTC) AuBC

Sony sees less red ink, postpones outlook because of quake (07:34 UTC) AP

Smartphone health: Apple releases software for medical apps (07:10 UTC) AP

Facebook shuts down officer support page after NSW Police complaint (06:07 UTC) AuBC

SECURITY DSA 3560-1 php5 security update (05:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

CVE-2015-5208 - Arbitrary plugin execution issue in Apache Cordova iOS (05:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ

CVE-2015-5207 - Bypass of Access Restrictions in Apache Cordova iOS (05:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ

'Angry Birds' maker wants phones out as film credits roll (05:13 UTC) AP

NASA puts viewers on the surface of Mars in 360-degree video (04:16 UTC) AuBC

Gov't launches new website for student loan borrowers (04:04 UTC) AP

Facebook profits surge as user base grows (02:25 UTC) AuBC

Samsung's profit beats forecast thanks to early phone debut (00:37 UTC) AP

Facebook still isn't a mall, but its bots aim to change that (22:25 UTC) AP

Comcast beats forecasts, adds subscribers, unveils data plan (22:25 UTC) AP

House unanimously OKs bill bolstering privacy of old emails (21:37 UTC) AP

FBI Won't Share iPhone Vulnerability (21:25 UTC) VOA

House backs bill bolstering privacy of old emails (21:13 UTC) AP

Apple, Twitter and Chipotle fall, eBay and DreamWorks jump (20:52 UTC) AP

Putin anger as Soyuz rocket launch delayed (20:37 UTC) AuBC

Facebook reports stronger-than-expected 1Q results (20:31 UTC) AP

SECURITY DSA 3559-1 iceweasel security update (18:46 UTC) BUGTRAQ

AP Source: GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz picks former technology executive Carly Fiorina as running mate (18:25 UTC) SALON

US companies waver ahead of Fed meeting, tech stocks plunge (17:46 UTC) AP

Yahoo reshuffles board in truce with rebellious shareholder (17:28 UTC) AP

EMC M&R 'Watch4net' lacks Cross-Site Request Forgery protection (17:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

FBI says it won't disclose how it accessed locked iPhone (16:25 UTC) AP

Global Banking Network Warns of More Cyber Attacks (16:01 UTC) VOA

Markets Right Now: Tech leads a decline in US stocks (15:55 UTC) AP

Tech companies drag US stocks lower following Apple earnings (15:38 UTC) SALON

Apple Upbeat on New Iphone Demand, Some Retailers Less Cheery (15:07 UTC) VOA

Apple Upbeat on Iphone SE Demand, Some Asian Retailers Less Cheery (15:04 UTC) VOA

Yahoo agrees to add 4 Starboard nominees to board (14:58 UTC) AP

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