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Mon. Nov. 24, 2014 @13:40 UTC
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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Technology Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Man behind secret code at CIA releases 2nd hint (13:55 UTC) FOX

5 apps to get the best prices this holiday season (12:22 UTC) FOX

Mozilla reflects upon 2013, back when it still gobbled at the Google money-trough (09:58 UTC) REGISTER

BENGHAZI PROBE Report: CIA gathered intel on weapons to Syria (09:58 UTC) FOX

IRS scandal investigators may have recovered lost Lerner emails (04:34 UTC) FOX

Leaked screenshots show next Windows kernel to be a perfect 10 (03:22 UTC) REGISTER

Man pleads guilty in New York cybercrime case (02:37 UTC) AP

Samsung files ITC complaint to block Nvidia chips from U.S.: Bloomberg (02:34 UTC) REUTERS

Seattle police body cameras plan revived by deal with anonymous programmer (02:34 UTC) REUTERS

Probe into IRS scandal may have recovered up to 30,000 Lerner emails (01:34 UTC) FOX

Mozilla remembers 2013, back when it still gobbled at the Google money-trough (23:46 UTC) REGISTER

Investigators may have recovered lost IRS emails (23:40 UTC) AP

European Parliament may propose Google break-up in draft resolution (23:34 UTC) REUTERS

Man gets 18 months for Subway cash register hacks (22:46 UTC) AP

Kids give first lady sarcastic 'thanks' on Twitter (22:31 UTC) AP

Microsoft Employs Robots as Security Guards (22:04 UTC) VOA

GameStop attracts bearish options bets after weak results hit shares (21:58 UTC) REUTERS

Free tool detects government spyware (21:46 UTC) FOX

House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories (21:34 UTC) AP

It's 2014 and people are willing to blow 6.8m on things like Z.com (21:10 UTC) REGISTER

Intel boss' warning on cyber attacks no joke, say experts (21:10 UTC) FOX

European parliament may propose search services split in threat to Google (20:46 UTC) REUTERS

Newly found shipwreck is grave of 499 who were already dead (20:28 UTC) FOX

European Parliament proposing Internet search-service unbundling (20:22 UTC) REUTERS

Apple 450 million e-book settlement gets final court approval (20:22 UTC) REUTERS

NYC man gets prison for role in cybercrime ring (20:22 UTC) AP

Atlanta eyes startups for starring role in neuroscience (20:16 UTC) FOX

Video streaming service Aereo files for bankruptcy (19:46 UTC) REUTERS

Thales to name dual successors to CEO Levy: source (19:22 UTC) REUTERS

European parliament preparing to call for Google break-up: FT (19:22 UTC) REUTERS

Brooklyn man sentenced for role in cybercrime ring (19:13 UTC) AP

Online comments are being phased out (19:07 UTC) CNN

Useless 'computer engineer' Barbie sacked in three-way fsck row (18:22 UTC) REGISTER


Amnesty International Offers Free Software to Remove Computer Spyware (17:37 UTC) VOA

Social media analytics predicts top holiday season toy products (17:10 UTC) FOX

Space station rarity: 2 women on long-term crew (17:01 UTC) AP

Scientists: Be lazy, stop raking your leaves (16:43 UTC) FOX

Ukraine's Facebook revolution, 1 year later (16:31 UTC) AP

Never-before-seen particles discovered at Swiss Collider (16:25 UTC) FOX

Antarctica's mysterious mountains preserved by ice (16:25 UTC) FOX

Amazon plans ad-supported video streaming service: NY post (16:10 UTC) REUTERS

Windows Phone will snatch biz No 2 spot from Android analyst (15:46 UTC) REGISTER

Rare Stegosaurus skeleton to debut at London museum (15:43 UTC) FOX

CIA crypto-king offers new 'clock' clue to crack Kryptos code (15:10 UTC) REGISTER

Airlines eye tech partners to tap customer data (13:58 UTC) REUTERS

Poop-powered bus hits British roads (13:46 UTC) FOX

TV streaming service Aereo files for bankruptcy (13:34 UTC) REUTERS

We're not, er, 'cut-throat' capitalists VC formerly known as ISIS (12:58 UTC) REGISTER

DoubleDirect hackers snaffle fandroid and iPhone-strokers' secrets (12:46 UTC) REGISTER

New Hawkeye aircraft is US Navys digital quarterback (12:34 UTC) FOX

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