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BUYING TIME: Lerner emails show IRS tried to cover up targeting of conservative groups (04:46 UTC) FOX

CONTEMPT WARNING: Judge threatens IRS chief over Lerner emails (04:46 UTC) FOX

Uber launches car leasing unit, makes entry into financial services (04:10 UTC) REUTERS

Galaxy S6 fails to reverse profit decline at Samsung (03:04 UTC) AP

Samsung Elec says second quarter Galaxy S6 sales below expectations (01:34 UTC) REUTERS

Samsung reports fifth straight quarterly profit drop (00:52 UTC) AP

Samsung Elec cautious on outlook, says mobile business environment tough (00:46 UTC) REUTERS

Samsung Elec second quarter profit down 4 percent, hurt by supply shortage for key phone (00:22 UTC) REUTERS

Samsung reports 8 percent drop in 2Q profit (00:16 UTC) AP

U.S. likely to scale back planned limits on intrusion-software exports (22:10 UTC) REUTERS

Facebook 2Q results soar as user base, mobile ads grow (22:07 UTC) AP

Tiny glider could cruise through Martian skies (21:52 UTC) FOX

Facebook profit falls 9 percent as costs soar (21:46 UTC) REUTERS

2017 trial set for 2 men accused in plot to kill blogger (21:01 UTC) AP

Bounce in AMD's stock may put pressure on short sellers (20:46 UTC) REUTERS

Facebook stock slides even as 2Q results soar (20:37 UTC) AP

Facebook profit falls 9 percent as costs soar, shares slip (20:34 UTC) REUTERS

Yelp and Twitter are big market movers (20:28 UTC) AP

Mia Farrow faces Twitter backlash for lion dentist's address (20:25 UTC) AP

Researchers make a 'startling' Koran discovery (20:07 UTC) FOX

Telecom Italia inks content deal with Netflix (19:58 UTC) REUTERS

Google Translate can now instantaneously decipher text across 27 languages (19:34 UTC) FOX

Volkswagen to offer crash avoidance systems on most U.S. models (19:34 UTC) REUTERS

Twitter stock tumbles as user growth stalls (19:13 UTC) AP

This rhino's death brings species down to final 4 (18:37 UTC) FOX

Being frank not enough, Twitter needs to act (18:22 UTC) REUTERS

Smells fishy: Putrid 'corpse flower' blooms (17:55 UTC) FOX

You can now download the Windows 10 .ISO disk image (17:46 UTC) FOX

CGI exiting low-margin markets, eyes M&A in cyber security (17:46 UTC) REUTERS

United Airlines data breached by China-backed hackers: Bloomberg (17:46 UTC) REUTERS

Twitter stock plunges as user growth stalls (17:19 UTC) AP

Yahoo plays catch-up in messaging with video texting app (16:55 UTC) AP

Microsoft debuts Windows 10: Why it's being given away free (16:40 UTC) AP

Nokia's new VR camera looks straight out of 'Star Wars' (16:34 UTC) FOX

UK gov't: Earth will only have 12-hour warning to deal with massive Sun explosion (16:13 UTC) FOX

A fresh Start: Microsoft's Windows 10 wins plaudits (15:58 UTC) REUTERS

UK gov't: Earth will only have 12-hour warning to deal with next massive Sun explosion (15:01 UTC) FOX

Twitter's US user growth stalls as revenue jumps (14:22 UTC) FOX

Nokia launches virtual reality camera for 3D video (14:07 UTC) AP

Being frank not enough, Twitter needs to broaden portfolio (13:34 UTC) REUTERS

Oldest panda in captivity celebrates 37th birthday (13:25 UTC) FOX

NASA's Curiosity rover eyes weird rock on Mars (13:13 UTC) FOX

Russians hackers used Twitter, photos to reach U.S. computers: report (12:13 UTC) REUTERS

Microsoft launches Windows 10 with an eye on mobile market (12:10 UTC) REUTERS

The problem with customer service (11:22 UTC) FOX

Claims limited internet capacity leaving rural distance education students behind (10:52 UTC) AuBC

Men accused in plot to kill blogger due in Boston court (10:52 UTC) AP

Datatec to buy U.S. technology firm for 42 million (10:34 UTC) REUTERS

Microsoft launches much-awaited Windows 10 (10:34 UTC) REUTERS

Minnesota dentist says he regrets lion's death, but thought hunt was legal (09:52 UTC) FOX

Panasonic first-quarter profit falls 7 percent as housing tech sales decline (09:22 UTC) REUTERS

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