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Thu. Oct. 2, 2014 @12:26 UTC
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Twitter grants 10 million to MIT for social data analysis, new tools (20:22 UTC) REUTERS

San Francisco expands free public Wi-Fi access (20:10 UTC) AP

Facebook apologizes to drag queens for name policy (19:43 UTC) AP

Bash bug flung against NAS boxes (19:22 UTC) REGISTER

US military taps advanced technology to save lives (19:22 UTC) FOX

Former eBay exec sentenced for insider trading (19:10 UTC) AP

You dirty RAT Hong Kong protesters infected by iOS, Android spyware (18:22 UTC) REGISTER

'Strikingly geometric' shapes hidden on moon's surface (18:16 UTC) FOX

ARM expands software to manage security for Internet of Things (17:34 UTC) REUTERS

NASA says Maven spacecraft enters orbit around Mars (17:25 UTC) FOX

Intel chief defends work on ISIS in wake of Obama dig (17:22 UTC) FOX

Pirate attacks, corruption & treasure revealed in Vatican archives (17:13 UTC) FOX

Biggest-ever Lake Ontario shipwreck found after 6-year quest (17:01 UTC) FOX

Apple Pay to work with Siri (16:34 UTC) FOX

Xen sticks pin in bug behind Rackspace GLOBAL CLOUD REBOOT (16:10 UTC) REGISTER

Bats' fatal mistake: Thinking wind turbines are trees (15:52 UTC) FOX

Goodbye Windows Phone Windows 10 will take it from here (15:34 UTC) FOX

MS Windows 10: Seven ate Nine. Or Eight did really (15:22 UTC) REGISTER

MS Windows 10: Seven ate Nine. Or Eight did, really (15:10 UTC) REGISTER

Exclusive: Goldman leads investment by Wall Street in new communications platform (15:10 UTC) REUTERS

Telecom Italia chairman says no contact with Trujillo (15:10 UTC) REUTERS

Low-cost baby incubator aims to boost infant health (14:58 UTC) FOX

Hernandez bid to toss phone evidence continues (14:58 UTC) AP

Guy discovers treasure, guards it by sleeping in car for 3 days (14:55 UTC) FOX

Mysterious Saturn moon behaves mysteriously (14:55 UTC) FOX

Rare evolutionary twist morphed dino arms into bird wings (14:43 UTC) FOX

Here's why 35K walruses crowded onto one beach (14:43 UTC) FOX

MS Windows 10: Seven, ate, Nine. Or 8 did, anyway (14:22 UTC) REGISTER

Putin rules out Internet curbs despite cyber attacks (14:22 UTC) REUTERS

Tiny sea monkeys create giant ocean currents (14:19 UTC) FOX

Icahn and I DID: eBay volte-faces, spins PayPal into separate biz (14:10 UTC) REGISTER

Rocket Internet likely to IPO at the upper end price range: sources (13:58 UTC) REUTERS

Wide Open Data: NYC taxi dump catches strip club Johns (13:34 UTC) REGISTER

Legal fight erupts over sale of Schilling computer (13:19 UTC) AP

Four hackers charged with stealing 100m worth of US Army and Xbox technology (12:34 UTC) FOX

Microsoft declares WINDOWS 10: Seven, ate, Nine. Or 8 did, anyway (12:22 UTC) REGISTER

Xbox hackers snared US ARMY APACHE GUNSHIP ware - Feds (12:22 UTC) REGISTER

Putin says will not curb Internet access despite cyber attacks (12:22 UTC) REUTERS

Reddit trousers 50m to splash on ads, mobile and cash-generating staffers (12:10 UTC) REGISTER

Scientists eyeing Yellowstone bison quarantine (12:04 UTC) FOX

You dirty RAT: Hong Kong protesters hit by iOS, Android spyware (11:34 UTC) REGISTER

Microsoft unwraps WINDOWS 10: Seven ate Nine. Or 8 did, anyway (11:22 UTC) REGISTER

Samsung to invest 560 million in Vietnam TV production plant (10:34 UTC) REUTERS

Microsoft unwraps WINDOWS 10. Evidently, Seven ate Nine (09:34 UTC) REGISTER

Hong Kong protesters targeted with iOS, Droid spyware (06:34 UTC) REGISTER

One million people have bonked on London public transport (06:10 UTC) REGISTER

App teaches kindergartners basic computer coding (05:43 UTC) AP

Researcher details nasty XSS flaw in popular web editor (05:34 UTC) REGISTER

Oregon pols battle over when to pull plug on costly ObamaCare website (04:10 UTC) FOX

Oregon sues Oracle over failed healthcare website (03:58 UTC) FOX

NASA to Drop Former Marine Helicopter to Test New Airframe Design (03:52 UTC) VOA

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