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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Technology Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

US to propose pay-for-priority Internet standards (14:46 UTC) AP

Markets muted despite Apple, Facebook (14:40 UTC) AP

Mantis shrimp's claw could inspire tougher materials for planes, armor (14:25 UTC) FOX

Tech Companies Fund Cybersecurity Initiative (14:16 UTC) VOA

Apple stabs Heartbleed bug in AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule gear (14:10 UTC) REGISTER

Facebook's Next Growth Engines Still Warming Up (14:04 UTC) VOA

Images released of 1888 shipwreck in San Francisco Bay (13:55 UTC) FOX

Big tech offers millions against Heartbleed (13:50 UTC) MSNNEWS

Big tech companies offer millions to help with Heartbleed crisis (13:46 UTC) REUTERS

Apple, Facebook give markets a lift (13:28 UTC) AP

China set to punish web giant Sina for pornography (13:25 UTC) AP

Stock futures jump, lifted by Apple and Facebook (13:19 UTC) AP

Apple's China success sets stage for iPhone 6, new products (13:13 UTC) REUTERS

Russia's Putin calls the Internet a 'CIA project' (13:13 UTC) AP

Shut up, Siri, I'm watching telly iOS 7.1 code reveals new role for Apple's PA (13:10 UTC) REGISTER

Verizon EPS fall short of Wall Street estimates (13:10 UTC) REUTERS

Ancient chisel that may have been used to build Western Wall found (12:55 UTC) FOX

Bible verse removed from school gym, team website (12:49 UTC) FOX

The Comcast and Time Warner deal: It's all about the Web (12:46 UTC) FOX

Comcast's Fandango ticket service buys MovieClips (12:46 UTC) REUTERS

Hitachi plans to build the world's fastest elevator (12:22 UTC) FOX

AOL raises China presence with Sun Media Group partnership (12:22 UTC) REUTERS

Verizon reports higher revenue after Vodafone deal (12:10 UTC) REUTERS

Verizon 1Q profit surges on Vodafone-related gains (12:10 UTC) AP

Foxconn to decide fate of Indonesia project in Oct: source (11:10 UTC) REUTERS

Nokia says India plant unlikely to be part of Microsoft deal (10:58 UTC) REUTERS

Illinois mayor in Twitter raid flap says his 'freedom of speech' was at stake (10:49 UTC) FOX

Dell charges 5 to switch on power-saving for new PCs it takes 5 clicks (10:46 UTC) REGISTER

Making drinking water from the air (10:43 UTC) CNN

Ericsson to split Network unit in two (09:58 UTC) REUTERS

Tokyo Court orders bankruptcy trustee to begin Mt. Gox liquidation (09:22 UTC) REUTERS

DeSENSORtised: Why the 'Internet of Things' will FAIL without IPv6 (09:10 UTC) REGISTER

Crusades fought, eBay bids sought for relics (09:07 UTC) AP

Indonesia smartphone sales could fall 50 percent under tax plan: association (07:58 UTC) REUTERS

No longer Square: Pear-shaped payments biz seeks buyer - report (07:10 UTC) REGISTER

Mars makes closest approach to Earth in 6 years (07:01 UTC) FOX

X Plane: One step closer to the next military breakthrough (06:46 UTC) FOX

Technology group to decide Cover Oregon's future (06:13 UTC) AP

AuDA starts final round of DNSSEC tests (06:10 UTC) REGISTER

Berkshire's Buffett says would buy few tech stocks currently: BBG TV (05:37 UTC) REUTERS

APAC PC sales plummet 11 per cent after political upheaval (05:34 UTC) REGISTER

Researchers slurp unencrypted Viber messaging data with ease (04:34 UTC) REGISTER

Costa Rica is demanding US explain 'Cuban Twitter' (04:04 UTC) AP

U.S. judge denies Apple's move to hold off e-book antitrust trial (01:34 UTC) REUTERS

Apple resets the clock as investors await next big thing (01:10 UTC) REUTERS

Wrong guy kidnapped in web search fail (01:07 UTC) CNN

Whoops 'Immune' Apple posts Heartbleed fixes for AirPort, Time Capsule (00:58 UTC) REGISTER

Facebook raises revenue from mobile ads that 'delight you' (00:37 UTC) AuBC

Apple to make stock 'more accessible' with rare seven-way split (00:34 UTC) REGISTER

FCC to propose pay-for-priority Internet standards (00:28 UTC) AP

Facebook earnings surge on mobile ads (23:55 UTC) BBC

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