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Thu. Aug. 28, 2014 @13:04 UTC
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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Technology Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Telecom Italia says knows nothing of Oi initiative on TIM Brazil (21:10 UTC) REUTERS

Workday's quarterly revenue rises 74 percent (21:10 UTC) REUTERS

JPMorgan attacked by Russian computer hackers: report (20:34 UTC) REUTERS

Brazil telecom battle heats up as Oi tries to buy, split TIM (20:10 UTC) REUTERS

U.S. judge rejects Apple bid for injunction against Samsung (19:52 UTC) REUTERS

Scratched PC-dispatch patch patched, hatched in batch rematch (19:46 UTC) REGISTER

7 ways to save money on your electronics (19:10 UTC) FOX

Time Warner Cable suffers major outage, New York launches probe (19:10 UTC) REUTERS

Online peer-to-peer banker LendingClub files for IPO (18:58 UTC) REUTERS

Ralph Lauren unveils high-tech shirt at US Open (18:22 UTC) FOX

Time Warner Cable reports major outage, New York launches probe (17:22 UTC) REUTERS

HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords over fire and burn risk (16:34 UTC) FOX

US doctor takes on Ebola with faith, American tech (16:22 UTC) FOX

Arch Venture Partners raises 400 million fund (16:22 UTC) REUTERS

China: Supersonic sub could one day get from Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes (15:58 UTC) FOX

For first time in US, crocodile bites humans (15:49 UTC) FOX

Washington river freed after world's biggest-ever dam removal (15:49 UTC) FOX

Alexander the Great-era tomb will soon reveal its secrets (15:49 UTC) FOX

Strange spikes over Siberia puzzle astronauts (15:49 UTC) FOX

Curiosity rover packs up drill, hits the Martian road again (15:31 UTC) FOX

Time Warner Cable hit by service outage for almost two hours (15:10 UTC) REUTERS

Ratan Tata invests in Indian online retailer Snapdeal (15:10 UTC) REUTERS

Time Warner Cable back online after outage (14:34 UTC) FOX

Alibaba revenue soars ahead of IPO (14:34 UTC) REUTERS

China's Wanda, Tencent and Baidu team up for 813 million e-commerce deal: sources (14:22 UTC) REUTERS

Berlin bans car service Uber (14:22 UTC) REUTERS

Brazil telecoms battle heats up as Oi steps in (14:10 UTC) REUTERS

Uber eyes aggressive expansion in Germany despite bans (14:10 UTC) REUTERS

Alibaba revenue jumps on strong China demand (13:58 UTC) REUTERS

Hackerspaces used to turn ideas into reality (13:37 UTC) MSNNEWS

This fossilized creature has the world's oldest muscles (13:16 UTC) FOX

Call for Facebook beheadings rethink (13:01 UTC) BBC

Google said to be considering historic LA aircraft hangar as office space (12:46 UTC) FOX

Wikinews wanders the Referendum-year Edinburgh Festival Fringe (12:19 UTC) WIKINEWS

ASIC blocked 250,000 websites over IP address confusion (12:19 UTC) AuBC

ASIC blocked 250,000 websites over IP address misunderstanding (11:52 UTC) AuBC

Octopus could hold key to high-tech camouflage (11:46 UTC) FOX

South Korea's Daum, Kakao shareholders approve merger (11:22 UTC) REUTERS

Navy's future: Electric guns, lasers, water as fuel (11:13 UTC) CNN

Marines test new beach assault vehicle (11:13 UTC) CNN

Not so Instagram now: Time-shifting Hyperlapse iPhone tool unleashed (10:58 UTC) REGISTER

Not so Insta-gram now: Time-shifting Hyperlapse tool unleashed (09:58 UTC) REGISTER

Feds creating database to monitor Twitter activity (09:52 UTC) FOX

Securobods warn of wide open backdoor in Netis/Netcore routers (09:34 UTC) REGISTER

Australia and Indonesia mending intel differences (09:34 UTC) AP

Raspberry Pi B+: PHWOAR, get a load of those pins (09:10 UTC) REGISTER

EE accused of silencing customer gripes on social media pages (08:10 UTC) REGISTER

China's Wanda, Tencent and Baidu team up for 813 million e-commerce deal-sources (07:58 UTC) REUTERS

Hackerspaces used to turn ideas turn into reality (07:49 UTC) AP

PCI Council wants YOU to give it things to DO (07:34 UTC) REGISTER

Not so Instagram releases time-shifting Hyperlapse tool (07:10 UTC) REGISTER

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