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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Technology Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Lab credited with inventing wi-fi may not escape CSIRO cuts (02:49 UTC) AuBC

iPhone sales fall for first time ever (01:28 UTC) AuBC

Pentagon admits to using cyber attacks on Islamic State (23:49 UTC) AuBC

Dutch journalist Ebru Umar thanks supporters, describes arrest on Twitter (23:19 UTC) AuBC

Dutch journalist Ebra Umar thanks supporters, describes arrest on Twitter (23:01 UTC) AuBC

Maybe Twitter needs to get used to being small (22:19 UTC) AP

Estonian gets prison in cyberscam that infected 4M computers (22:16 UTC) AP

Family of missing teen fisherman drops lawsuit over phone (22:01 UTC) AP

Apple reports iPhone sales down, 1st revenue drop since 2003 (20:46 UTC) AP

India Orders Panic Button on Mobile Phones Amid Women's Safety Fears (20:31 UTC) VOA

The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store (20:13 UTC) AP

FBI Could Share iPhone Vulnerability (20:01 UTC) VOA

European Space Agency Moving Forward With Moon Village' (19:01 UTC) VOA

The Latest: Sanders email includes Clinton, Trump photo (18:58 UTC) AP

Hubble Telescope finds tiny moon orbiting dwarf planet (18:10 UTC) AP

Twitter Rolls Out Tool to Combat Online Abuse (16:37 UTC) VOA

FBI chief: Agency still studying vulnerability on iPhone (15:40 UTC) AP

French Satellite Will Test Einstein's Theory of Relativity (09:01 UTC) VOA

PM blogs disapproval of report on negative gearing changes (01:16 UTC) AuBC

Dad of missing Florida teen fisherman will share phone data (20:04 UTC) AP

The Latest: Dad of teen lost at sea will share phone data (19:40 UTC) AP

Planned Intel job cuts create uncertainty in New Mexico city (18:28 UTC) AP

Pricing goods in an era of Web shopping (15:40 UTC) AP

Bangladesh Bank Hackers Compromised SWIFT Software (12:49 UTC) VOA

Exclusive: Bangladesh Bank Hackers Compromised SWIFT Software, Warning To Be Issued (12:43 UTC) VOA

Mom of missing Florida teen fisherman wants iPhone data (12:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: IBM workers protest as Obama tours trade fair (09:31 UTC) AP

The Latest: Obama praises trade, beer at tech show (17:22 UTC) AP

UK astronaut Tim Peake runs marathon aboard space station (15:19 UTC) AP

Turkish Police Arrest Dutch Journalist for Insulting Erdogan on Twitter (15:01 UTC) VOA

California jurors misusing the Internet could face fines (14:31 UTC) AP

Fishackathon brings computer experts together in name of sustainable fishing (23:40 UTC) AuBC

Solar plane pilot hopes to link to Silicon Valley's spirit (21:10 UTC) AP

Boat and iPhone of teens lost at sea discovered months later (14:25 UTC) AP

Live: NRL Blog - Bulldogs beat Titans with golden point, Raiders destroy Tigers, Cowboys take on Eels (09:31 UTC) AuBC

Firebirds down Thunderbirds to break wins record (08:52 UTC) AuBC

Live: NRL Blog - Bulldogs beat Titans with Golden Point, Raiders take on Tigers (07:25 UTC) AuBC

US Justice Department drops efforts to unlock iPhone (05:19 UTC) AuBC

Live: NRL Blog - Bulldogs vs Titans (04:37 UTC) AuBC

British astronaut to run London Marathon from space (04:25 UTC) AuBC

Feds say they've accessed phone at center of Apple data case (03:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: Feds don't need Apple's help in iPhone data case (02:37 UTC) AP

Microsoft and Alphabet tumble, Skechers and AMD climb (21:37 UTC) AP

School board member resigns over anti-Muslim Facebook posts (19:28 UTC) AP

5 ways Prince slammed high tech in music (17:01 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: A slump in tech weighs on U.S. indexes (15:58 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: A mixed start for US stocks as tech drags (13:49 UTC) AP

Lithuania govt websites hit by cyberattacks for 3rd time (12:37 UTC) AP

Prince's own words describe mixed feelings about the web (06:19 UTC) AP

Forbes man allegedly hits teen with car after Facebook argument (02:13 UTC) AuBC

FBI Paid Over 1 Million for iPhone Hack (00:55 UTC) VOA

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