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Thu. Feb. 11, 2016 @18:59 UTC
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Australian children watching internet porn 'causing public health crisis' (06:49 UTC) AuBC

Internet porn 'causing public health crisis' amongst young Australians (06:07 UTC) AuBC

Premier's Facebook post defends lockout laws amid 'hysteria' (03:43 UTC) AuBC

Candidates sprint to NH finish, but brace for long campaign (03:34 UTC) AP

Facebook post by NSW Premier defends lockout laws amid 'hysteria' (03:31 UTC) AuBC

Lynch: No outside influence on FBI probe into Clinton emails (01:52 UTC) AP

FBI: Probe into Clinton emails free of outside influence (00:16 UTC) AP

Twitter and Facebook are big market movers (23:13 UTC) AP

Candidates sprint to NH finish _ but brace for long campaign (22:34 UTC) AP

Stocks fall sharply as banks, tech sector take a beating (20:46 UTC) AP

TV producers may start making you wait for new shows online (17:49 UTC) AP

Stocks fall sharply as banks, tech sectors take a beating (17:31 UTC) AP

India Internet ruling blocks Facebook 'Free Basics' program (17:28 UTC) AP

Stocks fall sharply as technology sector takes a beating (17:04 UTC) AP

North Korea's new satellite flew over Super Bowl site (08:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: Puppymonkeybaby has a parody account on Twitter (01:31 UTC) AP

Somalia spokesman: Video shows laptop handed to bomb suspect (22:43 UTC) AP

Somali plane bomb 'hidden in laptop', intelligence officials say (22:07 UTC) AuBC

Catching workers on Facebook and the toilet: Life as a window washer (21:37 UTC) AuBC

Catching workers on Facebook and the toilet: Lfe as a window washer (21:31 UTC) AuBC

Storms may brew, but in N. Korea pride over new satellite (07:19 UTC) AP

North Korea State Media Says It Has Put a Satellite Into Orbit on a Successful Rocket Launch, US Says Still Assessing (03:43 UTC) ABC

North Korea state media vows the country will launch more satellites (03:37 UTC) AP

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says timeline will stay in real time (22:46 UTC) AP

The Latest: Facebook activates 'safety check' for Taiwan (04:58 UTC) AP

Hubble Space Telescope inspires creator of art exhibition Voyage (03:25 UTC) AuBC

US Astronaut on Apollo 14 Dies in Florida (02:43 UTC) VOA

Twitter shuts down accounts linked to terrorists (00:49 UTC) AuBC

Twitter Suspends Over 125,000 Accounts for 'Promoting Terrorist Acts' (00:43 UTC) VOA

LinkedIn shares plunge almost 44 percent (22:31 UTC) AP

Ecuador president fires military chiefs via Twitter (22:16 UTC) AP

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 6th man on moon, dies in Florida (22:10 UTC) AP

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to walk on the moon, dies in South Florida at 85 (22:07 UTC) AP

Big asteroid could pass near Earth, NASA says (21:25 UTC) AuBC

Twitter moves to actively seek out terrorist supporters (20:22 UTC) AP

Satellite images show more NKorea preps for rocket launch (19:43 UTC) AP

Actress' email shows she wanted sex after alleged assault (18:58 UTC) AP

Life in prison for man who shot wife, put photo on Facebook (16:19 UTC) AP

Apple now accepting your banged-up iPhone (15:07 UTC) AP

UN Panel Rules WikiLeaks Founder 'Arbitrarily Detained' (13:13 UTC) VOA

Man who killed wife, put photo on Facebook to be sentenced (12:37 UTC) AP

Julian Assange lawyer says panel finding shows WikiLeaks founder subjected to 'mental torture' (12:19 UTC) AP

UN Panel Rules WikiLinks Founder 'Arbitrarily Detained' (09:43 UTC) VOA

UN panel says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arbitrarily detained by Sweden, UK since 2010 (08:16 UTC) AP

Zola twitter story in development for James Franco to direct (02:13 UTC) AP

Classified Information Found in Personal Emails of Powell, Aides to Rice (01:13 UTC) VOA

Fraternity, U of Chicago leaders condemn racist emails (23:28 UTC) AP

IRS resolves computer problems after outage (23:28 UTC) AP

Suspect caught in DC after accessing Twitter during break-in (23:04 UTC) AP

US Gun Traders Rush to Set Up New Sites After Facebook Firearms Ban (22:28 UTC) VOA

LinkedIn shares tumble on weak forecast for 2016 (22:01 UTC) AP

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