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Tue. Jun. 28, 2016 @13:09 UTC
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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Facebook Founder Takes Low Tech Approach to Security (17:13 UTC) VOA

Car quality improves even as new technology is introduced (17:04 UTC) AP

Facebook Founder Take Low Tech Approach to Security (17:01 UTC) VOA

Riding Segway's hoverboard is like skiing on LA's streets (15:55 UTC) AP

Capsule full of space station junk makes fiery re-entry (15:25 UTC) AP

GOP candidate's original contest post shot down by Facebook (14:04 UTC) AP

Capsule full of Space Station junk set to burn up over Earth (11:22 UTC) AP

China Smartphone Maker Purchases Patents from Microsoft (11:13 UTC) VOA

India Launches 20 Satellites on One Rocket (09:49 UTC) VOA

State Of Origin II: Maroons v Blues - live blog (09:07 UTC) AuBC

Parents urged to get cyber aware as monitoring children gets more complex (01:01 UTC) AuBC

The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store (20:28 UTC) AP

Twitter to let users post longer videos _ up to 140 seconds (20:25 UTC) AP

Israel launches probe after soldiers pose as Google logo (17:49 UTC) AP

Perlman: Trump gesture about disabled reporter 'terrible' (17:16 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump makes first direct email pitch for money (15:25 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Stocks inch higher as tech companies rise (13:52 UTC) AP

ATM technician who stole 500k from machines jailed (03:43 UTC) AuBC

110 for 15GB: Regional Australians struggle with poor internet access (01:28 UTC) AuBC

Art Meets Technology, as New Yorkers Meet Refugees (01:04 UTC) VOA

Man admits using Facebook to harass Nova Peris (00:25 UTC) AuBC

Anchorwoman fired for Facebook remarks on race sues station (20:58 UTC) AP

Ringleader pleads guilty in StubHub ticket cybertheft case (19:55 UTC) AP

Police reopen investigation into Virginia Tech fraternity (14:01 UTC) AP

WA's Carnaby's cockatoos tracked by high-flying technology (08:37 UTC) AuBC

High-flying technology tracking movements of WA's Carnaby's cockatoos (08:25 UTC) AuBC

Syndicates using Government website to dupe jobseekers into laundering money (05:01 UTC) AuBC

Man pleads guilty to making sexual threats on Facebook (02:37 UTC) AuBC

TCU beats Texas Tech 5-3 at CWS on Baker's 9th-inning homer (22:58 UTC) AP

Attorney general: Silent on Clinton email case with Obama (16:07 UTC) AP

Landslides, Floods Kill 35 on Indonesia's Java Island (13:25 UTC) ABC

Iran arrests suspect in hacking of state-run websites (17:07 UTC) AP

Getting Art to the People via the Web (13:13 UTC) VOA

Three astronauts touch down after six months in space (10:19 UTC) AuBC

3 International Space Station astronauts land in Kazakhstan (09:22 UTC) AP

An International Space Station crew of an American, a Briton and a Russian has landed safely in Kazakhstan (09:19 UTC) AP

American, Briton, Russian depart from space station (07:49 UTC) AP

Apple ordered to suspend iPhone 6 sales in Beijing (04:25 UTC) AP

CLP candidate Griggs in mobile phone incident with unionists (02:52 UTC) AuBC

Hackers find security gaps in Pentagon websites (21:13 UTC) AP

Patent dispute could block Apple's iPhone 6 sales in Beijing (18:43 UTC) AP

Ex-White House Cyber Officials Call for New Rules on Security Flaws (17:04 UTC) VOA

Schoolgirls to Participate in Building Africa's First Satellite (16:01 UTC) VOA

Email leak suggests live export industry puts profits before animal welfare (08:25 UTC) AuBC

Sun-powered phone charger gives free electricity to migrants (23:28 UTC) AuBC

WA guard charged with smuggling phones and drugs into prison (22:52 UTC) AuBC

Bolivia snubs Bill Gates' offer of chickens (22:01 UTC) AuBC

Convicted lottery computer manager argues Iowa court appeal (20:49 UTC) AP

Air Force Thunderbirds heading back to the sky after crash (20:04 UTC) AP

Microsoft to work with cannabis compliance tech firm Kind (20:01 UTC) AP

NASA spacecraft barreling toward Jupiter for July 4 meetup (18:19 UTC) AP

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