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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking Technology Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

During Girl Day, Raytheon hopes to inspire future female engineers (14:52 UTC) FOX

3D Systems profit misses due to heavy spending on acquisitions (14:46 UTC) REUTERS

'The Walking Dead' drives AMC Networks' revenue past estimates (14:46 UTC) REUTERS

Meet Robear, Japans robot nurse with the face of a bear (14:34 UTC) FOX

IBM targets 40 billion in cloud, related revs in 2018 (14:22 UTC) REUTERS

IBM outlines plan to revamp business for investors (14:13 UTC) AP

Gogo expects to benefit from rising demand for in-flight internet (13:58 UTC) REUTERS

AMC Networks' quarterly revenue jumps 40 percent (13:58 UTC) REUTERS

3D Systems profit plunges about 86 percent (13:34 UTC) REUTERS

Vilsack: Smartphones could tell consumers what's in food (13:31 UTC) AP

US Navys new Star Wars-style railgun hits Mach 6 (13:10 UTC) FOX

In-flight internet provider Gogo's quarterly revenue jumps (12:58 UTC) REUTERS

FCC to Vote on 'Net Neutrality' (12:16 UTC) VOA

Beset by regulation, Google merges European divisions: source (11:46 UTC) REUTERS

Arizona police probe vandalism that cut off internet, phones (11:10 UTC) FOX

Samsung Elec to freeze salaries in South Korea for first time since 2009 (11:04 UTC) REUTERS

'LOCKED AND LOADED': Late drama as FCC preps for vote on Internet regs (10:22 UTC) FOX

FCC weighs overriding state laws to expand broadband access (10:01 UTC) AP

Police probing outage that cut Internet, phones in Arizona (09:31 UTC) AP

GoPro cameras capture daredevils stunning flight over Swiss Alps (08:22 UTC) FOX

'Net Neutrality' Coming Closer to Reality for US Internet Sector (08:19 UTC) VOA

Vilsack: Smart phones could tell consumers what's in food (08:19 UTC) AP

Regulators move toward tougher rules for Internet providers (08:07 UTC) AP

Samsung Electronics to freeze salaries in Korea for first time since 2009 (06:40 UTC) REUTERS

Tougher Internet rules to hit cable, telecoms companies (06:25 UTC) REUTERS

Tasmanian beer tourism to be highlighted in new website (06:13 UTC) AuBC

Samsung Electronics to freeze salaries for first time since 2009 (06:04 UTC) REUTERS

DARPA's Squad X Core brings tech innovations to infantry squads (05:34 UTC) FOX

NASA's Dawn spacecraft releases images showing another bright spot on Ceres (05:28 UTC) FOX

Australian researchers unveil world's first 3D printed jet engine (04:34 UTC) REUTERS

Exclusive: China drops leading tech brands for state purchases (04:34 UTC) REUTERS

Chinese rivals snap at Alibaba's heels in cross-border e-commerce race (04:22 UTC) REUTERS

Astronaut finds water pooling in helmet after spacewalk (03:37 UTC) AuBC

Group that used millions of computers to steal bank details disrupted by police (03:13 UTC) AuBC

Lenovo website breached, hacker group Lizard Squad claims responsibility (02:22 UTC) REUTERS

Outage cuts Internet, phone service across northern Arizona (02:22 UTC) AP

Argentina Congress OKs deal with China on satellite station (02:22 UTC) AP

Northern Arizona Internet, cell service starts to come back (01:49 UTC) AP

Judge orders Oracle to keep hosting Oregon's Medicaid system (01:28 UTC) AP

Golden mussel poses threat to Amazon River (01:25 UTC) FOX

Nickelodeon debuts mobile service Noggin for the pre-K set (01:13 UTC) AP

Phone app helps show off Adelaide's rare plants (23:55 UTC) AuBC

Video captures octopus grabbing crab in surprise land attack (23:01 UTC) FOX

Nickelodeon debuts mobile channel Noggin for the pre-K set (22:46 UTC) AP

Ohio man accused of giving terrorists tablet denies charges (22:37 UTC) AP

Outage halts Internet, cell service in northern Arizona (22:25 UTC) AP

New York surveying banks on cybersecurity defenses (22:07 UTC) AP

Ohio man accused of giving tablet denies supporting terror (21:25 UTC) AP

NY surveying banks on cyber security defenses (20:49 UTC) AP

Muslim group: Tennessee lawmaker's Facebook post was racist (20:28 UTC) AP

Google expands push into workplace with Android for Work effort (20:22 UTC) REUTERS

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