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Bankruptcy surge hits suburbs with young families hardest (22:37 UTC) AuBC

'The white minority took our land. Enough is enough' (22:37 UTC) AuBC

Police called in to deal with Sydney selfie hot spot (22:25 UTC) AuBC

Body in Melbourne wheelie bin identified as graphic artist missing since 2001 (22:25 UTC) AuBC

'You actually can't run a fine dining restaurant and be profitable and keep all of your staff happy' (22:19 UTC) AuBC

'World's next asbestos disaster': Fears grow for firefighters exposed to toxic foam (22:07 UTC) AuBC

Technology sell-off weighs on Wall Street (22:07 UTC) AuBC

'I'll meet with anybody': Trump says he's willing to talk to Iran without preconditions (21:37 UTC) AuBC

Sydney plane bomb plot accused says he was bashed by Lebanese authorities (21:37 UTC) AuBC

Man found dead in storage shed wheelie bin went missing in 2001 (21:13 UTC) AuBC

Passport holders wanting to renew caught unawares by need to prove citizenship again (21:01 UTC) AuBC

'They think it's a private hospital': Name change on the cards for Brisbane's Lady Cilento (20:49 UTC) AuBC

Trump says he's willing to talk to Iran without preconditions (20:43 UTC) AuBC

'They're all starving to death': Koalas in crisis on overcrowded island (20:40 UTC) AuBC

Stray dog who finished half-marathon given participation medal (20:37 UTC) AuBC

'Our hands were saturated in it': Workers angry contamination risks not explained at airport site (20:31 UTC) AuBC

Your speedo can be affected by your tyres, so tread carefully (20:31 UTC) AuBC

Four cyclists killed by car in possible terrorist act in Tajikistan (20:28 UTC) AuBC

Zimbabwe begins counting votes in first post-Mugabe election (20:25 UTC) AuBC

'Selfie police' called in to stop tourists risking their lives for perfect social media shot (20:25 UTC) AuBC

'It's time we did something' about wage theft, hospitality leaders warn (20:25 UTC) AuBC

Hernia mesh patient says chronic pain 'takes over every aspect of life' (20:25 UTC) AuBC

Queensland's budget estimates ran like a 'protection racket', expert says (19:52 UTC) AuBC

'Mum guilt', pumping and missing out: the challenges Jacinda Ardern faces returning to work (19:43 UTC) AuBC

MH370 victims' families to continue fight for answers and justice for those responsible (19:31 UTC) AuBC

Temporary block at Royal Hobart to stay until 2025 (19:25 UTC) AuBC

Logging that kills gliders done so intensively 'it may have breached law' (19:04 UTC) AuBC

Aviation firefighters had up to 20 times normal PFAS levels in blood, documents reveal (19:04 UTC) AuBC

'Our hands were saturated in it': Workers angry contamination risks not explained at Gold Coast Airport site (19:04 UTC) AuBC

Drought through the eyes of a 16-year-old (19:01 UTC) AuBC

Seven years of bad luck: Australian incomes stalled since 2009 (19:01 UTC) AuBC

The long and winding road for Indigenous Australians accessing super (19:01 UTC) AuBC

'Mum guilt', pumping and missing out: the challenges facing Jacinda Ardern on her return to work (18:55 UTC) AuBC

Tony Abbott and company tax cuts: Q&A panel discusses the road ahead for the Liberals (14:04 UTC) AuBC

Investigators still don't know why flight MH370 disappeared (12:49 UTC) AuBC

'Drop the case' against men who exposed Australia's spying, pleads Nobel laureate (10:55 UTC) AuBC

Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson resigns amid child sex abuse cover-up (10:49 UTC) AuBC

Innovate or perish, Australian manufacturers warned (10:40 UTC) AuBC

Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson resigns (10:25 UTC) AuBC

'Afraid of the land': Laos dam collapse survivors fear unexploded bombs after floods (10:13 UTC) AuBC

Laos dam collapse survivors warned of unexploded bombs or landmines (09:49 UTC) AuBC

'We will not leave this place': India excludes 4 million people from draft citizens list (09:49 UTC) AuBC

NCA bombing accused's brother jailed for three years over cannabis (09:25 UTC) AuBC

Liberals call for more women, fresh faces after Braddon by-election loss (09:04 UTC) AuBC

First ACT revenge-porn case ends in non-conviction order for German exchange student (08:43 UTC) AuBC

Growing pressure in the Coalition to ditch company tax cuts (08:25 UTC) AuBC

Investigators unable to determine the cause of MH370's disappearance (08:13 UTC) AuBC

Fire guts historic Sydney pub, roof collapses (07:55 UTC) AuBC

Grieving families disappointed about report into what happened to missing flight MH370 (07:55 UTC) AuBC

Bush recordings and technology reveal higher koala occupancy rate (07:19 UTC) AuBC

Fire guts 80-year-old Sydney pub, roof collapses (07:16 UTC) AuBC

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