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United Networks News: Latest Top Breaking News Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Sato still celebrating historic Indy 500 win (02:10 UTC) AP

The first vending machine dispensed holy water, not Coke (02:04 UTC) AuBC

SA Power Networks loses revenue raising appeal (02:04 UTC) AuBC

Mexico to request extradition of former Chihuahua governor (01:58 UTC) AP

WH claiming sweeping 'executive privilege' in Russia probes (01:46 UTC) AP

South Carolina deputy wounded in shootout dies (01:46 UTC) AP

Union Jack flag fragment fetches 515,000 at Sotheby's auction (01:37 UTC) AuBC

White House official: Trump immigration views have evolved (01:34 UTC) AP

The Latest: Hawaii's call to FEMA lasted just 1 minute (01:34 UTC) AP

Victorians conned into paying for fake puppies (01:28 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: Hawaii lawmakers vow to stop repeat false alarm (01:22 UTC) AP

AP Explains: What happens when the government shuts down (01:22 UTC) AP

Politics weighs heavily on foreign businesses in China (01:22 UTC) AP

Mermaid tail toys dramatically increase child drowning risk, experts warn (01:13 UTC) AuBC

Bitcoin 'bubble' dwarfs dotcom boom, prices 'have a lot further to fall' (01:13 UTC) AuBC

Sky's the limit for Aussie teenage drone racing world champion (01:13 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: PBS marks 'Mister Rogers' 50th anniversary (01:10 UTC) AP

Apple banks on tax break to build 2nd campus, hire 20,000 (01:10 UTC) AP

Trial in former NFL player McKnight's death to resume Friday (01:10 UTC) AP

California officials concerned about possible ICE sweeps (01:10 UTC) AP

Mermaid tail toys dramatically increase drowning risk, experts warn (01:04 UTC) AuBC

Job surge continues but unemployment creeps up (01:01 UTC) AuBC

California city sues state over Oroville Dam crisis in 2017 (00:58 UTC) AP

The Latest: California senators want details on ICE raids (00:58 UTC) AP

The Latest: 911 callers asked for shelters after false alert (00:46 UTC) AP

Lawmakers ask if states or feds should alert about missiles (00:46 UTC) AP

Fake news awards: Republican Senator compares Trump to Stalin over attacks on media (00:43 UTC) AuBC

It's time to back Kyrgios: Why the Aussie star deserves unequivocal support (00:37 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: Serial rape suspect caught as victim fought him (00:34 UTC) AP

Archaeologists in Mexico claim world's longest flooded cave (00:34 UTC) AP

2 former guerrillas shot in Colombia at campaign event (00:34 UTC) AP

Hobart DJ Astro Labe admits headbutting Tony Abbott (00:25 UTC) AuBC

Indiana Senate panel votes against expanded cold beer sales (00:22 UTC) AP

'Fire and Fury' about Trump's White House sells big 2nd week (00:22 UTC) AP

Minnesota man charged with killing teen in clash over crash (00:22 UTC) AP

WH involvement in Bannon testimony shows 'privilege' dispute (00:10 UTC) AP

Kelly says Trump's positions on issues are evolving (00:10 UTC) AP

DOE staffer claims retaliation over photos of secret meeting (23:58 UTC) AP

Michigan Senate spent 269K on sex harassment complaints (23:58 UTC) AP

UN envoy says military forces in Libya are flexing muscles (23:58 UTC) AP

Uber nearing autonomous cars without human backup driver (23:58 UTC) AP

Charges unsealed against man linked to bin Laden, al-Qaida (23:58 UTC) AP

Republican Senator Jeff Flake compares Donald Trump to Stalin (23:55 UTC) AuBC

The surgeon who fixed Nic Naitanui's destroyed knee sounds a warning to Eagles fans (23:49 UTC) AuBC

Sheriffs, immigration officials unveil plan to work together (23:46 UTC) AP

Questions and answers about executive privilege (23:46 UTC) AP

Democrats dig in on immigration, shutdown risk or no (23:46 UTC) AP

Judge rules for McClatchy officials accused of mismanagement (23:46 UTC) AP

Wounded South Carolina deputy remains in critical condition (23:34 UTC) AP

The Latest: Panel to interview longtime Trump aide Hicks (23:34 UTC) AP

13 siblings held captive were likely coerced to remain quiet (23:34 UTC) AP

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