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Fri. Aug. 1, 2014 @13:51 UTC
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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Influx of migrant children is good for some companies (13:49 UTC) MSNNEWS

US Unemployment Rate Rises Slightly (13:49 UTC) VOA

6 dead following earthquake in Algeria (13:49 UTC) AP

In brief lull, Gaza's displaced survey devastation (13:49 UTC) AP

GnuPG CVE-2013-4402 Denial of Service Vulnerability (13:46 UTC) BUGTRAQ

GnuPG Key Flags Subpacket Security Bypass Vulnerability (13:46 UTC) BUGTRAQ

House GOP weighs new border bill to break logjam (13:40 UTC) AP

Israel attacks Hamas leadership targets in the Gaza Strip (13:37 UTC) WIKINEWS

Meet the gay advocates of gun rights (13:37 UTC) MSNNEWS

Russia takes in Crimean clubs, Ukraine upset (13:37 UTC) SALON

Williams, Ivanovic reach Bank of West quarters (13:37 UTC) SALON

Representative Cantor to resign House seat early (13:37 UTC) REUTERS

SECURITY DSA 2994-1 nss security update (13:34 UTC) BUGTRAQ

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'These kids are already powerful' (13:34 UTC) CNN

Russia plans training on new weapons for reservists: ministry (13:28 UTC) REUTERS

Record-breaking cosmic 'magnifying glass' found by Hubble telescope (13:25 UTC) FOX

Russia plans training on new weapons for reservists -ministry (13:25 UTC) REUTERS

Fed's Fisher, Plosser push for earlier rate hike (13:25 UTC) REUTERS

TigerCom iFolder+ v1.2 iOS - Multiple Vulnerabilities (13:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Holder cautions against use of data in sentencing (13:22 UTC) AP

Ford's US sales up 10 percent in July (13:19 UTC) AP

Argument over fire pit leads to stabbing by sword (13:19 UTC) AP

Israel declares Gaza truce over, 50 die in shelling (13:16 UTC) MSNNEWS

American detained in N. Korea feels 'abandoned' by gov't (13:16 UTC) FOX

HSBC and BNP to finance Iliad's T-Mobile bid: sources (13:16 UTC) REUTERS

Stocks down but US jobs report provides support (13:16 UTC) AP

Photo WiFi Transfer 1.01 - Directory Traversal Vulnerability (13:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

SECURITY DSA 2993-1 tor security update (13:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Fiat shareholders vote in favor of Chrysler merger (13:10 UTC) AP

72-hour cease-fire fails in 90 minutes (13:10 UTC) CNN

Mitcham and Nel take synchro diving silver for Australia (13:07 UTC) AuBC

12,000 evacuees return after Taiwan gas explosions (13:07 UTC) AP

72-hour cease-fire fails in minutes (13:07 UTC) CNN

For some companies, migrant kids mean business (13:04 UTC) MSNNEWS

India expects deal on trade facilitation, food security in Sept: source (13:04 UTC) REUTERS

W. African leaders, WHO meet to address Ebola (13:04 UTC) AP

Amazon tribe makes first contact in Brazil (13:01 UTC) MSNNEWS

Amazon tribe makes first contact with outside world (13:01 UTC) MSNNEWS

35 Palestinians Killed, Israeli Officer Missing (13:01 UTC) ABC

Otter attacks swimmers in Washington river (13:01 UTC) AP

Ukraine: Search base set up at jet crash site (13:01 UTC) AP

C++11 regex insecure by default (12:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

State on Friday considers new look for edible pot (12:55 UTC) AP

US: Abduction of Israeli would be 'outrageous' (12:55 UTC) AP

US economy adds 209,000 jobs in July (12:52 UTC) BBC

U.S. calls Hamas attack 'barbaric' violation of Gaza ceasefire: CNN (12:52 UTC) REUTERS

U.S. consumer spending rises, inflation pressures muted (12:52 UTC) REUTERS

Saudi king labels Israeli offensive in Gaza a war crime (12:52 UTC) REUTERS

Scientific Games to buy rival Bally Tech for 3.27 billion (12:52 UTC) REUTERS

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