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Thu. Dec. 18, 2014 @13:25 UTC
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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Pakistan grants bail to main Mumbai attack suspect (13:25 UTC) AP

Police: 3 killed as car hits people leaving church (13:25 UTC) AP

Popcorn, corned beef for Gross' return (13:22 UTC) FOX

EU bans investment in Crimean, targets tourism (13:19 UTC) AP

EU court rules obesity can be considered a disability (13:16 UTC) AuBC

Man dies 2 weeks after police used stun gun on him (13:13 UTC) AP

UK police probe murder claims in child abuse case (13:13 UTC) AP

In botched cyberattack on Syria group, some see hand of IS (13:13 UTC) AP

Jimmy Carter call US-Cuba diplomacy 'courageous' (13:13 UTC) AP

Apple iOS v8.x - Message Context & Privacy Vulnerability (13:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Facebook Bug Bounty #16 'Studio' - Persistent Vulnerability (13:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

E-Journal CMS 'ID' - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities (13:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

11 trillion gallons of rain needed in Calif. (13:10 UTC) CNN

Cameroon army kills 116 Boko Haram militants, defense ministry says (13:04 UTC) REUTERS

'Possible homicide' in abuse inquiry (13:01 UTC) BBC

IBM WebSphere Application Server CVE-2014-4816 Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability (12:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

IBM WebSphere Application Server CVE-2014-4770 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (12:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Apache HTTP Server CVE-2014-0118 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability (12:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Apache HTTP Server CVE-2014-0231 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability (12:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ

Accenture quarterly revenue rises 7.3 percent (12:58 UTC) REUTERS

Gulf stocks gain with Dubai closing 13 percent up (12:55 UTC) AP

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnap over 100 women, children in Nigeria (12:52 UTC) REUTERS

1 killed, several injured in Southern California crash (12:49 UTC) FOX

English councils' '1.8% funding cut' (12:49 UTC) BBC

EU bans investment in Crimea, targets oil sector, cruises (12:49 UTC) REUTERS

Revealed: Double life of dashing WWII spy (12:49 UTC) CNN

Conviction tossed for executed boy (12:49 UTC) CNN

Putin blames Western sanctions for economic crisis (12:46 UTC) FOX

Egypt sends 41 Islamists to prison for rioting (12:46 UTC) AP

U.N. defers Iraq's 4.6 billion Gulf War reparations to Kuwait (12:40 UTC) REUTERS

Russia's Putin says Rosneft CEO Sechin is an 'effective' manager (12:40 UTC) REUTERS

Xi's visit to Macau deals cold deck to VIP gamblers (12:37 UTC) REUTERS

Putin says economy to rebound, wants end to Ukraine crisis (12:37 UTC) REUTERS

Thief fakes heart attack so friend can steal toys (12:37 UTC) AP

Official: 28 die in clashes in Central African Republic (12:37 UTC) AP

China arrests policeman blamed for wrongful conviction (12:34 UTC) AP

German ex-lawmaker seeks end to child porn case (12:34 UTC) AP

Kenya legislators exchange blows over new security laws (12:31 UTC) AP

Putin Seeks to Calm Russia Over Economy (12:28 UTC) VOA

Cambodia orders investigation into mass HIV infection (12:28 UTC) AuBC

Colombia's government rebuffs rebel truce (12:28 UTC) AP

Putin says deal on Iran's nuclear program 'very close' (12:25 UTC) REUTERS

Accused Boston Marathon bomber due in court today (12:25 UTC) REUTERS

France fines 13 firms 1.2 bln for price-fixing (12:25 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader supports more talks on UN bid (12:25 UTC) AP

US Says N. Korea Behind Sony Cyber Attack (12:16 UTC) VOA

Accused Boston Marathon bomber due in court on Thursday (12:16 UTC) REUTERS

Myanmar tries NZ man on charge of insulting Buddha (12:13 UTC) AP

Boris flight passenger admits assault (12:04 UTC) BBC

Karmichael Hunt can revive Reds: Michael O'Connor (12:04 UTC) AuBC

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