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Wed. Jan. 28, 2015 @14:09 UTC
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Peer sorry for 'Auschwitz' comment (14:07 UTC) BBC

Russian government details spending cuts in view of crisis (14:07 UTC) AP

Battery-powered device still running, 175 years later (14:04 UTC) FOX

Democrats Daunted by Conservative Group's 900 Million for 2016 Campaign (14:04 UTC) VOA

Italy cracks down on 'ndrangheta crime syndicate (14:04 UTC) AP

Ford recalls cars, vans for door latch and seat belt trouble (14:04 UTC) AP

Fiat Chrysler earnings drop on Chrysler purchase (14:04 UTC) AP

Found 5 ancient alien planets nearly as old as the universe (14:01 UTC) FOX

Thai Red Shirt Leader to do Jail Time for Insulting Former PM (14:01 UTC) VOA

Litvinenko post-mortem was world's most dangerous ever, UK inquiry hears (14:01 UTC) REUTERS

Exclusive: EU draft would extend Russia sanctions over Ukraine escalation (14:01 UTC) REUTERS

6 Bulgarians working for UN go missing in Sudan (14:01 UTC) AP

Feds drop controversial forfeiture case led by Lynch (13:58 UTC) FOX

Head of games leaves Angry Birds company Rovio (13:58 UTC) REUTERS

Ukraine says 3 soldiers killed in fighting in the east (13:58 UTC) AP

Polish leaders seek relief for those with Swiss franc loans (13:55 UTC) AP

Afghanistan arrests militants linked to journalist killing (13:55 UTC) AP

N Korea leader 'to visit Russia' (13:52 UTC) BBC

Three members of Perth family murdered in South Africa: reports (13:52 UTC) AuBC

States push ahead with 20-week abortion bills (13:49 UTC) FOX

San Francisco cops hunt for 3 suspects in Wells Fargo gold nugget heist (13:49 UTC) FOX

Congressional travel to Cuba surged last year (13:49 UTC) FOX

Violence flares on Israel-Lebanon frontier, seven Israeli soldiers wounded (13:49 UTC) REUTERS

Nissan recalls SUVs to fix electrical shorts, hood latches (13:49 UTC) AP

Museum vows to reopen after thieves swipe historic gold (13:46 UTC) AP

Peer likens Trident base to Auschwitz (13:43 UTC) BBC

U.N. peacekeeper killed on Lebanese frontier (13:40 UTC) REUTERS

UN Relief Agency Halts Gaza Aid (13:37 UTC) VOA

Bulgarian Aid Workers Held in Sudan (13:37 UTC) VOA

Iran bill would scrap nuclear deal over new sanctions (13:37 UTC) AP

Troops nowhere to be found as extremists rampage in Nigeria, villagers say (13:34 UTC) FOX

Feds drop controversial forfeiture case led by Obama AG pick Lynch (13:34 UTC) FOX

Mother of Japanese hostage held by ISIS makes new plea (13:34 UTC) FOX

TERROR TRADE: Jordan agrees to swap terrorist for pilot held by ISIS (13:34 UTC) FOX

New England Bears Brunt of US Blizzard (13:28 UTC) VOA

Ex-Los Alamos scientist to be sentenced in nuke spy sting (13:28 UTC) AP

Voltaire book on tolerance climbs French best-seller lists (13:28 UTC) AP

Cat crawls back from grave after being hit by car (13:25 UTC) FOX

Boeing's profit rises on higher deliveries (13:25 UTC) REUTERS

Greece sets up clash with eurozone over debt measures (13:25 UTC) AP

Image of Asia: Mass wedding and an army parade in Indonesia (13:25 UTC) AP

Ohio man says dog got the best of would-be burglar (13:22 UTC) AP

Closing arguments set in Toyota fatal crash lawsuit (13:16 UTC) AP

Suicide Attack Kills at Least 5 in North Mali (13:13 UTC) VOA

Jordan in pilot exchange offer to IS (13:13 UTC) BBC

Fiery Islamic State cleric gives voice to militants (13:10 UTC) FOX

Boeing reports 4Q profit of 1.47 billion on airplane sales (13:07 UTC) AP

Three members of a Perth family murdered in South Africa: reports (13:04 UTC) AuBC

Greece to seek European support for new deal, avoid 'duel' (13:04 UTC) REUTERS

Philippines says peace pact collapse would aid terrorists (13:04 UTC) AP

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