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Wed. Oct. 26, 2016 @19:06 UTC
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Trump holds stock in Dakota Access pipeline (19:04 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump says he's entitled to take time for hotel (19:04 UTC) AP

NATO sending artillery, troops to deter Russia in ex-Soviet states (19:01 UTC) AuBC

Info from accused nurse led to murder probe: source (19:01 UTC) AP

Private service for woman lost at sea exposes family rift (19:01 UTC) AP

Turkish leader threatens more involvement on Syrian border (19:01 UTC) AP

Amnesty International urges Azerbaijan to free activist (18:55 UTC) AP

Customers are starting to see the NBC effect on Comcast (18:52 UTC) AP

IS driving hundreds into Mosul, using them as human shields (18:49 UTC) AP

SkyWest pilot suspected drunk, arrested in South Dakota (18:37 UTC) AP

Candid Critter: Library trail cams will track backyard fauna (18:37 UTC) AP

The Latest: Judge axes Oregon ranching standoff juror (18:37 UTC) AP

US stocks mostly slip, real estate falls, industrials climb (18:37 UTC) AP

More Pacific Coast hatchery salmon could receive protections (18:37 UTC) AP

Police say they are poised to remove oil pipeline protesters (18:34 UTC) AP

Artificial hand helps amputees feel just how hard to squeeze (18:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: Quick repairs planned for damaged Trump star (18:22 UTC) AP

Nevada GOP congressman: Presidential vote will remain secret (18:19 UTC) AP

Study: Coal ash not culprit for cancer-causing contaminant (18:16 UTC) AP

Ohio judge: Jury can hear about pot in slain man's car (18:13 UTC) AP

The Latest: Clinton proposes party to fix 'fun deficit' (18:13 UTC) AP

Experts hope mosquito-borne bacteria can beat the Zika virus (18:13 UTC) AP

LibTIFF CVE-2016-5652 Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (18:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ

The Latest: Trump holds Dakota Access pipeline company stock (18:10 UTC) AP

EU-Canada deal still uncertain day ahead of planned signing (18:07 UTC) AP

Police say they are poised to clear oil pipeline protesters (18:04 UTC) AP

Judge drops case against limo driver in crash that killed 4 (18:04 UTC) AP

Mosul Today: Civilians on the Move as Mosul Fight Progresses (18:01 UTC) ABC

Quake shakes central Italy near devastated quake zone (18:01 UTC) AP

Hurricane floods homeless housing in historic St. Augustine (17:58 UTC) AP

Earthquake Rattles Rome, Shaking Historic Palazzi (17:55 UTC) ABC

Pentagon chief suspends National Guard bonus repayments (17:55 UTC) AP

US abstains in UN vote on Cuba embargo for the first time (17:49 UTC) AP

Kyrgyzstan's Cabinet resigns amid political turmoil (17:46 UTC) AP

US stocks slip as real estate falls and industrials climb (17:43 UTC) AP

State trooper struck by vehicle on New York road is killed (17:43 UTC) AP

Small World animatronic doll part of new Disney auction (17:43 UTC) AP

The Latest: Oregon ranching standoff defense says cut juror (17:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: Cuba organizes vote-watching party on US embargo (17:37 UTC) AP

Quake rattles central Italy, Rome, shaking historic palazzi (17:37 UTC) AP

Displaced Iraqis watch Mosul offensive with longing and fear (17:37 UTC) AP

Protesters march for end of 'dictatorship' amid standoff (17:37 UTC) AP

Ferrari flop: F1's famous red cars expected better in 2016 (17:28 UTC) AP

Senate race features prostitutes, David Duke, cross-dressing (17:28 UTC) AP

The Latest: Tens of thousands protest in Venezuela (17:28 UTC) AP

Strong earthquake rattles central Italy and Rome, shaking centuries-old buildings in capital (17:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: Aid group recovers 25 bodies in Mediterranean (17:22 UTC) AP

Oregon ranching standoff defense: Axe juror or call mistrial (17:16 UTC) AP

General: Extremists plotting attacks on West from Raqqa (17:16 UTC) AP

New York trooper hit by car after exiting cruiser is killed (17:16 UTC) AP

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