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Thu. Mar. 5, 2015 @18:40 UTC
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New play brings Supreme Court Justice Scalia to the stage (18:40 UTC) AP

Jodi Arias' lawyer: Mistrial won't change sadness of killing (18:40 UTC) AP

Russia gets 15 million gas payment from Ukraine, cut off averted (18:37 UTC) REUTERS

Holocaust survivor in Denver preserves memories in book (18:37 UTC) AP

Insurgent attacks in Iraqi capital kill at least 16 people (18:37 UTC) AP

Alberto Nisman's ex-wife says he was killed (18:37 UTC) AP

Coroner says boy crushed to death by gate in North Las Vegas (18:37 UTC) AP

Arizona House approves bill allowing concealed-carry for public buildings (18:34 UTC) FOX

Utah LGBT anti-discrimination bill passes 1st test (18:31 UTC) AP

Latest on Boston bombing trial: Photo of mangled leg shown (18:28 UTC) AP

Opening statements in theater shooting expected in April (18:28 UTC) AP

3rd death in shootings at California nightclub, gas station (18:28 UTC) AP

Turkish minister urges fight against extremists in Syria (18:28 UTC) AP

Brown Family to Sue City of Ferguson, Officer (18:25 UTC) VOA

Police: Man who shot at NSA building was hearing voices (18:25 UTC) AP

New Macedonia wiretap lawsuits filed against government (18:25 UTC) AP

Wisconsin close to becoming 25th right-to-work state (18:25 UTC) AP

Motorist killed, 5 students hurt in Washington bus crash (18:25 UTC) AP

Google works to rank sites based on truthfulness (18:22 UTC) FOX

DUP's TV debates appeal rejected (18:16 UTC) BBC

Talk About It: Seven hashtags that highlight sexism (18:16 UTC) AuBC

U.S. ambassador to South Korea to return to work as soon as possible: White House (18:16 UTC) REUTERS

New Jersey officially announces 225M Exxon Mobil settlement (18:16 UTC) AP

Egypt to offer projects worth 35 billion during conference (18:13 UTC) AP

Apple's rivals hope its Watch will boost their own wearable tech (18:10 UTC) REUTERS

Plane skids off LaGuardia runway, crashes into fence, 6 hurt (18:10 UTC) AP

'Wrong body' cremated at MEP funeral (18:07 UTC) BBC

ECB raises eurozone growth forecast (18:07 UTC) BBC

All-women's Wellesley College to admit transgender students (18:07 UTC) AP

Dog's leg amputated after being shot, tied to train tracks (18:07 UTC) AP

Balkan blizzard cuts off villages, electricity (18:04 UTC) AP

Hispanic group seeks special prosecutor in police shooting (18:01 UTC) AP

Officer loses control of cruiser, crashes into vet clinic (17:58 UTC) AP

Snuggie seller settles charges that it deceived customers (17:55 UTC) AP

Comedy Central's 'Too Many Stars' means plenty of laughs (17:55 UTC) AP

At least 45 killed in Boko Haram attack in Nigeria (17:52 UTC) VOA

Putin's suppression to blame for Nemtsov's death: NATO official (17:52 UTC) REUTERS

Student injuries reported in Washington school bus accident (17:52 UTC) AP

Late winter storm drops snow from Texas to Nantucket (17:52 UTC) AP

Prosecutor to seek misdemeanor charge, but no felony, against police chief who shot wife (17:49 UTC) SALON

Prosecutor to seek charge against police chief who shot wife (17:49 UTC) AP

Americans spent 58 billion to pamper, protect pets in 2014 (17:46 UTC) AP

Another Major Winter Storm Hits Northeast US (17:43 UTC) VOA

Jodi Arias won't be sentenced to death after jury deadlocks (17:43 UTC) AP

UK teacher sentenced to 6 years for trying to join IS group (17:40 UTC) AP

Motive behind attack on U.S. ambassador unclear: State Department (17:37 UTC) REUTERS

Boko Haram killing men, tribes linked to Chad, witnesses say (17:37 UTC) AP

U.S. trade office says monitoring Alibaba e-commerce site (17:34 UTC) REUTERS

Judge asked to give boy, then 11, new trial in 2009 slaying (17:31 UTC) AP

UN: Almost half a million people in Darfur displaced in 2014 (17:31 UTC) AP

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