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Fri. Mar. 24, 2017 @22:07 UTC
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Schools Plus channels millions to most needy students (22:07 UTC) AuBC

Mississippi lawmaker discloses dementia diagnosis from floor (22:04 UTC) AP

Speaker Ryan falls short in first test of Trump presidency (22:04 UTC) AP

After health care bill's withdrawal, elation and anger (22:01 UTC) AP

The Latest: McConnell disappointed about GOP health bill (22:01 UTC) AP

Death toll in Guatemala shelter fire rises to 41 (21:58 UTC) AP

Kentucky lawyer pleads guilty in massive disability scheme (21:58 UTC) AP

Trump and Mnuchin say focus will turn to tax reform (21:58 UTC) AP

Pokies donation to proposed drug rehab centre 'doesn't pass pub test' (21:49 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: California air regulators keep fuel standards (21:49 UTC) AP

No repeal for 'Obamacare' _ a humiliating defeat for Trump (21:46 UTC) AP

Nevada officials confirm first wolf in state since 1922 (21:37 UTC) AP

The Latest: Brother says shooting suspect told him goodbye (21:31 UTC) AP

Montana bill seeks abortion ban on 'pain-capable' fetuses (21:28 UTC) AP

Micron, SeaWorld and HCA jump while GameStop plunges (21:28 UTC) AP

Some parts of Obamacare working well, problems with others (21:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: US government opposes Hawaii injunction request (21:22 UTC) AP

Plan to dig up President Polk's body _ again _ stirs trouble (21:19 UTC) AP

Study: Dramatic drop in Chicago stop-and-frisk procedures (21:16 UTC) AP

Venezuela asks UN help in boosting medicine supplies (21:07 UTC) AP

The Latest: Prosecutor: Penn State jury kept focus on kids (21:07 UTC) AP

Man charged in theft of Legend's bag, 25K cufflinks at JFK (21:07 UTC) AP

Stocks wobble, finish mixed as GOP pulls plug on health bill (21:04 UTC) AP

Trump's Keystone XL decision sets up new fight in Nebraska (21:04 UTC) AP

The Latest: Pelosi mocks GOP after health care bill fails (21:01 UTC) AP

Correction: Social Security Judge-Prison story (21:01 UTC) AP

More big brands pull ads from YouTube in widening boycott (21:01 UTC) AP

Sheriff wants to bar victim testimony at his contempt trial (21:01 UTC) AP

Aboriginal suicides continue in Leonora as undertaker buries his son (20:55 UTC) AuBC

Woman guilty of kidnapping baby from mall food court (20:55 UTC) AP

Aussie Rules lovers set to converge on Iceland for first Arctic Cup (20:52 UTC) AuBC

London attacker cheerful, joking on eve of deadly rampage (20:52 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump says he'd bargain with Dems on health care (20:52 UTC) AP

Police: Vegas cabbie went to victim's home after sex assault (20:49 UTC) AP

Ryan falls short in first test of Trump presidency (20:49 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump blames Democrats for health bill's failure (20:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: Ryan bemoans collapse of health care bill (20:40 UTC) AP

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on failure of GOP health bill: 'Today is a victory for the American people' (20:37 UTC) AP

66-year-old Maine harness-racing track up for sale (20:31 UTC) AP

Aussie Rules lovers set to converge on the Icelandic capital Reykjavik this weekend for the first ever Arctic Cup (20:25 UTC) AuBC

Speaker Paul Ryan says the nation will be 'living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future' (20:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: Brother says shooting suspect was acting 'crazy' (20:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: UK honors lawmaker who tried to save policeman (20:25 UTC) AP

Ex-Penn St president guilty of 1 count of child endangerment (20:25 UTC) AP

Speaker Paul Ryan on failure of health care bill: 'We came really close today, but we came up short' (20:19 UTC) AP

Debate renewed over economic benefits of Keystone pipeline (20:19 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Stocks recover after health bill pulled (20:19 UTC) AP

UN: Israel didn't comply with UN call to stop settlements (20:16 UTC) AP

The Latest: UK police free 6 of 10 arrested in attack case (20:13 UTC) AP

Venezuela president asks United Nations for 'help' boosting medicine supplies in shortage-plagued South American nation (20:13 UTC) AP

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