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Palestinians strike in support of prisoners' protest (13:37 UTC) AP

Abbas to stop funding electricity in Hamas-run Gaza: Israel (08:49 UTC) AP

Hamas in Gaza says it won't be cowed by Abbas' threats (17:28 UTC) AP

Palestinian activist pleads guilty to US immigration crime (20:25 UTC) AP

Israeli police: Palestinian stabs 4 in Tel Aviv (12:19 UTC) AP

Plight of Palestinian refugees now spans 5 generations (06:31 UTC) AP

Masked men attack activists in Israeli rights group clip (16:04 UTC) AP

Hunger strike puts jailed Palestinian leader in spotlight (06:58 UTC) AP

US envoy: Iran and Hezbollah want to destabilize the Mideast (21:31 UTC) AP

Palestinians ask Red Cross to intervene in hunger strike (15:49 UTC) AP

Trump to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on May 3 (16:40 UTC) AP

Israel troops shoot, kill Palestinian in car-ramming attack (15:40 UTC) AP

Israel troops open fire after attacker rams car, injures man (14:07 UTC) AP

Hamas rejects threats by Palestinian leader (14:16 UTC) AP

Israel: No talks with Palestinian inmates on hunger strike (10:07 UTC) AP

Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike leader sent to solitary (07:37 UTC) AP

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails begin hunger strike (00:01 UTC) AuBC

Hundreds of Palestinians held by Israel launch hunger strike (09:43 UTC) AP

Palestinian stabs UK woman in Jerusalem amid Easter fetes (16:22 UTC) AP

Israel: Palestinian stabs Brit amid Easter, Passover fetes (14:46 UTC) AP

Police: Palestinian stabs British tourist to death (12:19 UTC) AP

Palestinian kills British tourist in Jerusalem (11:34 UTC) AP

Israel Police: Palestinian stabs woman in Jerusalem (10:55 UTC) AP

Abbas seeks 'unprecedented' steps to end Palestinian split (06:43 UTC) AP

Israel sets closure on Palestinian areas ahead of Passover (10:58 UTC) AP

Fierce clashes rock Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon (09:25 UTC) AP

Fighting intensifies in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon (18:37 UTC) AP

Activist's Australian visa cancelled over possible 'risk to good order' (06:49 UTC) AuBC

Israeli military: Palestinian kills soldier in West Bank (15:46 UTC) AP

Islamic militant Hamas group ruling Gaza says it has executed 3 Palestinians accused of 'collaborating' with Israel (08:37 UTC) AP

Gaza's Hamas rulers execute 3 Palestinians over Israel ties (08:37 UTC) AP

Israel military says Palestinian killed Israeli in West Bank (07:43 UTC) AP

Palestinian government slashes salaries for Gaza employees (11:43 UTC) AP

Norway minister: 2-state Mideast solution 'under pressure' (15:01 UTC) AP

Israeli police kills Palestinian who stabbed 3 in Jerusalem (14:25 UTC) AP

Israeli police: Palestinian stabs 3 in old city of Jerusalem (13:49 UTC) AP

Israel says will try to curb growth of settlements footprint (17:40 UTC) AP

Israel says will try to curb growth on settlements footprint (17:04 UTC) AP

Israeli PM limits settlements while announcing new one (13:25 UTC) AP

UN reports Palestinian population decline in Syria (12:19 UTC) AP

Media reports: Israeli PM orders settlement slowdown (11:52 UTC) AP

Famed lawyer says Trump 'clearly' endorsed Palestinian state (08:55 UTC) AP

Rattled by Trump, Arab leaders renew call for Palestinian state (20:55 UTC) AuBC

Palestinian woman killed after attacking Israeli police (16:13 UTC) AP

Israel: Palestinian woman killed after attacking police (14:13 UTC) AP

The Latest: Jordan says no peace without Palestinian state (10:13 UTC) AP

Arab summit to endorse Palestinian positions with eye on US (08:19 UTC) AP

Father of slain Hamas militant says Israel warned his son (14:28 UTC) AP

Settler leader: Population growth is end of 2-state solution (18:10 UTC) AP

Hamas closes Gaza crossing with Israel after shadowy killing (07:19 UTC) AP

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