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Thu. Aug. 17, 2017 @13:46 UTC
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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Israel destroys home of Palestinian who killed officer (08:22 UTC) AP

Israel demolishes West Bank home of Palestinian attacker (05:55 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader sends greeting to North Korea (19:25 UTC) AP

Crackdown in West Bank as new law jails Palestinian Authority critics (12:07 UTC) AuBC

Trump to dispatch team to work on Israel-Palestinian peace (18:37 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader curbs social media expression in decree (06:28 UTC) AP

Israeli military demolishes homes of Palestinian attackers (06:40 UTC) AP

UN chief to make first visit to Israel and Palestinians (21:04 UTC) AP

Jordan king in rare West Bank trip seen as message to Israel (09:40 UTC) AP

Jordan king to visit West Bank after Jerusalem shrine crisis (17:40 UTC) AP

Rights group: Israel bans Gazans from traveling with lap (17:13 UTC) AP

Abbas says will keep up financial pressure on Hamas in Gaza (19:19 UTC) AP

2 huge Trump murals appear on West Bank barrier (18:25 UTC) AP

Possible new Banksy graffiti surfaces on West Bank barrier (10:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: Police find body of missing pregnant Israeli (16:49 UTC) AP

Police: Palestinian stabs Israeli in supermarket attack (16:13 UTC) AP

Israel police say Palestinian stabs, severely wounds Israeli (10:22 UTC) AP

Jews visit contested Jerusalem holy site on day of mourning (09:40 UTC) AP

China urges support for new Israel-Palestinian peace plan (22:01 UTC) AP

Shorten reiterates support for two-state solution after NSW Labor Palestinian motion (00:40 UTC) AuBC

Exhaustion led Palestinians' Abbas to undergo medical checks (08:22 UTC) AP

Abbas gets clean bill of health after hospital checkup (13:16 UTC) AP

Spokesman: Palestinian leader in hospital for routine tests (09:49 UTC) AP

Spokesman: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hospitalized for routine checkup (09:37 UTC) AP

The Latest: Jordan's king tells Trump he values US role (03:01 UTC) AP

The Latest: Jordan gives Israel results of shooting probe (02:01 UTC) AP

The Latest: Restrictions on Muslims lifted at Jerusalem site (16:49 UTC) AP

The Latest: Palestinian killed at Gaza's border with Israel (14:55 UTC) AP

Muslim prayers end peacefully at Jerusalem mosque (14:10 UTC) AP

Peaceful prayers at Jerusalem holy site, West Bank violence (13:01 UTC) AP

The Latest: In Jordan, protesters chant 'Death to Israel' (12:52 UTC) AP

The Latest: Turkey: Muslim ministers to meet over Jerusalem (12:43 UTC) AP

The Latest: Israel: Palestinian attacker killed in West Bank (12:37 UTC) AP

The Latest: Officials say prayers at shrine end peacefully (12:07 UTC) AP

The Latest: Iranians hold anti-Israel protest in Tehran (10:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: Jordan charges Israeli embassy guard with murder (07:58 UTC) AP

Israeli police on high alert for prayers at Jerusalem site (05:43 UTC) AP

Israeli police ban men under 50 from tense Jerusalem site (05:16 UTC) AP

Clashes, tensions flare at sacred site in Jerusalem (19:55 UTC) AP

The Latest: More clashes after nightfall at Jerusalem site (19:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: Netanyahu orders more police to Jerusalem site (17:37 UTC) AP

The Latest: Arab League meets over Jerusalem tensions (16:49 UTC) AP

The Latest: Netanyahu seeks death penalty for settler attack (16:16 UTC) AP

Israel's Netanyahu calls for death penalty for Palestinian who killed 3 Israelis in attack on West Bank settlement (15:52 UTC) AP

The Latest: Jordan king visits family of teen slain by guard (15:49 UTC) AP

Clashes erupt at Jerusalem shrine as Muslims return to pray (15:49 UTC) AP

The Latest: Clashes at Jerusalem holy site after it reopens (15:22 UTC) AP

Clashes erupt between Israeli police, Palestinian stone-throwers at contested Jerusalem shrine after it reopens (15:04 UTC) AP

The Latest: Jordan king slams Israel's 'provocative' action (14:43 UTC) AP

The Latest: Muslims pray again at key Jerusalem holy site (14:13 UTC) AP

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