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Thu. Mar. 23, 2017 @06:14 UTC
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Arabs protest UN's withdrawal of Israel 'apartheid' report (22:37 UTC) AP

Palestinians: Israeli shelling kills 1 along Gaza border (08:49 UTC) AP

More Palestinians in Jerusalem seek Israeli citizenship (06:13 UTC) AP

Palestinian cartographer uses map against Israel closure (16:52 UTC) AP

Hamas aims to improve international image with new program (06:31 UTC) AP

Top Palestinian official: Trump committed to 2 states (15:16 UTC) AP

US boycotts UN rights council debate on Israel, Palestinians (12:19 UTC) AP

Egyptian, Palestinian leaders meet for reconciliation talks (10:49 UTC) AP

Palestinian women try to bring baseball to Gaza (06:10 UTC) AP

Palestinians give award to UN official who condemned Israel (13:43 UTC) AP

Hamas sentences 2 drug dealers to death in Gaza (10:01 UTC) AP

Palestinian killed in clash with Israeli forces in West Bank (20:07 UTC) AP

Gaza artist fashions limbs from honeycomb to honor wounded (20:04 UTC) AP

Israeli army says sirens wailed in West Bank's Jordan Valley (02:13 UTC) AP

Israel blacklists Palestinian fund as US envoy visits (20:04 UTC) AP

Palestinian activist hails Israel 'apartheid regime' report (09:13 UTC) AP

Israel strikes Hamas targets after militant fire into Israel (07:31 UTC) AP

Israel briefly detains Palestinian mapper of settler growth (19:46 UTC) AP

US envoy ends Mideast visit with vows to seek peace (18:49 UTC) AP

Israel briefly detains Palestinian ex-negotiator (16:07 UTC) AP

Israel releases Palestinian ex-negotiator in east Jerusalem (14:31 UTC) AP

Polls: Most Palestinians skeptical of Trump peace efforts (13:07 UTC) AP

Israel arrests Palestinian official in east Jerusalem (12:37 UTC) AP

Israel arrests Palestinian official in Jerusalem (10:58 UTC) AP

Palestinian marchers seek Abbas resignation over Israel ties (15:55 UTC) AP

Palestinian PM promises probe of police beatings at protest (12:46 UTC) AP

Group seeks probe of Palestinian beating at anti-Abbas march (09:25 UTC) AP

Protesters slam Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Australian visit (09:07 UTC) AuBC

Israeli police: Palestinian shot dead after stabbing attack (05:52 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader says Trump committed to Mideast peace (17:19 UTC) AP

Palestinian killed in clashes near Lebanon's capital (19:13 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader invited to White House in Trump call (19:04 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader, President Trump to hold first phone call (10:31 UTC) AP

Israel: Palestinian militant killed in shootout (08:04 UTC) AP

Hamas cancels public holiday on international women's day (14:52 UTC) AP

Report: Israeli leader briefly offered pro-peace government (09:07 UTC) AP

Banksy's art in West Bank hotel with world's 'worst view' (13:16 UTC) AP

Banksy's art in West Bank hotel with 'view to the wall' (12:43 UTC) AP

Israeli army: Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli (15:13 UTC) AP

UN suspends services in volatile Palestinian camp in Lebanon (12:37 UTC) AP

Clashes break out in Palestinian camp in Lebanon (13:04 UTC) AP

Palestinian government: No voting in May in Hamas-run Gaza (12:25 UTC) AP

Palestinian envoy warns against moving US embassy in Israel (19:19 UTC) AP

Israeli police investigate after Palestinian shot mistakenly (17:01 UTC) AP

Palestinian president urges protection of two-state solution (10:43 UTC) AP

Palestinians celebrate Bethlehem singer crowned Arab Idol (19:25 UTC) AP

Poll: Israelis believe Gaza policies hurting security (13:31 UTC) AP

Palestinians: 3 dead in Gaza-Egypt smuggling tunnel (07:22 UTC) AP

Palestinian protesters throw shoes at Trump picture (12:04 UTC) AP

No middle road on a two-state solution for Israel and Palestinian territories (09:01 UTC) AuBC

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