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Fri. Dec. 14, 2018 @16:53 UTC
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Palestinian comedy Wajib is a charming, poignant father-son tale (19:01 UTC) AuBC

A Palestinian teen allegedly stabbed an Israeli ex-soldier to death. Now there's fury over 'pay to slay' (00:13 UTC) AuBC

A Palestinian allegedly attacked an Israeli. Now there's fury over support payments to his family (21:52 UTC) AuBC

It started with an egging: How a Palestinian's campaign for Jerusalem mayor fell apart (05:40 UTC) AuBC

Palestinian candidate withdraws from Jerusalem mayoral race amid threats (23:19 UTC) AuBC

Fears for peace after US shuts Palestinian Liberation Organisation office (04:55 UTC) AuBC

'The ICC is already dead to us': Trump administration orders closure of Palestinian office, threatens ICC (19:40 UTC) AuBC

'It's much safer to support us': Palestinians fear repercussions of US halting UNRWA funding (19:55 UTC) AuBC

US ends funding to UN Palestinian refugee aid agency, following up on Trump threat (09:31 UTC) AuBC

Palestinian teen who slapped Israeli soldier released from prison (14:01 UTC) AuBC

Palestinian teen who slapped Israeli solider released from prison (09:01 UTC) AuBC

Israeli soldier and four Palestinians killed in Gaza escalation (01:01 UTC) AuBC

Israel's biggest daytime airstrike in years leaves two Palestinian teens dead (20:01 UTC) AuBC

Australia ends direct aid to Palestinian Authority (13:25 UTC) AuBC

Prince William meets Palestinian President in Israeli-occupied West Bank (13:40 UTC) AuBC

'Kite war' as Palestinians use new weapon in conflict with Israel (11:07 UTC) AuBC

Four more Palestinians killed by Israeli troops as Gaza protest resumes (19:25 UTC) AuBC

'Bottom line, they don't care': Palestinians apathetic as talk turns to Abbas' successor (19:28 UTC) AuBC

Israel says bloodshed of Palestinian protests is a 'narrative' (19:01 UTC) AuBC

Israel says troops kill 3 men in Gaza border breach attempt (14:46 UTC) AP

Israeli military kills 2 Palestinians it says crossed border (13:22 UTC) AP

Hamas blames Israel for deadly Gaza blast, vows revenge (11:46 UTC) AP

Hamas: 6 militants killed in Gaza blast, media says accident (18:58 UTC) AP

Kuwait blocks UN statement criticizing Palestinian leader (23:58 UTC) AP

Dozens of Palestinians wounded in 6th weekly Gaza protest (18:46 UTC) AP

US asks UN to criticize Abbas' 'vile anti-Semitic slurs' (17:58 UTC) AP

Dozens of Palestinians hurt in protest on Gaza-Israel border (16:10 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas offers apology for remarks on Jews (14:25 UTC) AuBC

Palestinians head to Gaza-Israel border for weekly protests (13:10 UTC) AP

Palestinian president apologizes over anti-Semitic remarks (11:34 UTC) AP

PLO convention affirms Abbas, 83, as unchallenged leader (04:58 UTC) AP

PLO parliament agrees to measure concentrating Abbas powers (13:22 UTC) AP

Gaza man dies of wounds sustained in border protest (10:58 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader's speech condemned as anti-Semitic (18:58 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader's speech spark outrage with US, EU, UN (17:10 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader's remarks spark Israeli, US, EU outrage (16:10 UTC) AP

Palestinian leader's remarks spark Israeli, US outrage (09:34 UTC) AP

US envoy to Israel: Palestinian leader's remarks a 'new low' (07:34 UTC) AP

Abbas warns of unspecified 'tough steps' against Israel, US (20:58 UTC) AP

In West Bank, PLO parliament holds first session since 1990s (18:10 UTC) AP

Israel's use of live fire in Gaza protests faces legal test (14:22 UTC) AP

Pompeo says Israel, Palestinian peace still a US priority (08:22 UTC) AP

Israel's live fire use in Gaza protests in first legal test (08:10 UTC) AP

In Israel's permits, Palestinians see tool to control lives (07:22 UTC) AP

For Palestinians, Israeli permits a complex tool of control (06:34 UTC) AP

Jordan, Israel, Palestinians in rare Japan-hosted meeting (03:22 UTC) AP

Israeli says 3 Palestinian infiltrators from Gaza killed (19:46 UTC) AP

Palestinians vote on aging leadership as Abbas tightens grip (05:58 UTC) AP

Officials: Palestinian boy dies a day after gunshot to head (07:58 UTC) AP

The Latest: Palestinian ambassador challenges Israel on Gaza (23:22 UTC) AP

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