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Israeli minister: Trump pressure on settlements disappoints (18:52 UTC) AP

Report: Israel gearing up to build in east Jerusalem (19:52 UTC) AP

The Latest: Kushner meeting with Netanyahu called productive (20:37 UTC) AP

Kushner kicks off Mideast peace push with first solo visit (19:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: Kushner meets with Netanyahu and Abbas (18:34 UTC) AP

Kushner meets Israeli PM amid breakthrough hopes (16:55 UTC) AP

Kushner arrives to try for Israeli-Palestinian breakthrough (10:43 UTC) AP

Writers detail Israeli occupation of West Bank in new book (06:16 UTC) AP

Abbas dispels rumors of stroke in rare West Bank meet-greet (05:10 UTC) AP

UN: Israel did not comply with UN call to stop settlements (15:37 UTC) AP

Israeli PM says work begun on new West Bank settlement (13:43 UTC) AP

Israel's goodwill Ramadan efforts halted after twin attacks (19:34 UTC) AP

Israel goodwill Ramadan efforts cut after Palestinian attack (16:37 UTC) AP

Israel goodwill Ramadan measure cut after Palestinian attack (13:55 UTC) AP

Israel revokes Ramadan goodwill measures after deadly attack (10:04 UTC) AP

Palestinians dispute IS claim for deadly attack on Israel (14:01 UTC) AP

Palestinians deny IS claim for deadly attack on Israeli (07:01 UTC) AP

Palestinian attackers killed after killing Israeli officer (19:43 UTC) AP

Palestinian attackers killed after stabbing Israeli officer (17:19 UTC) AP

Palestinian government bans news sites critical of president (15:01 UTC) AP

Palestinian mayor in West Bank brushes off his violent past (06:01 UTC) AP

Palestinians, Israelis dispute Tillerson on 'martyrs' fund' (16:37 UTC) AP

Palestinians, Israelis contest Tillerson on 'martyrs' fund' (16:19 UTC) AP

Netanyahu: No interest in escalation over Gaza power spat (13:37 UTC) AP

Gaza's Hamas rulers detain activist critical of the group (16:01 UTC) AP

Hamas: Cutting electricity to Gaza would be 'catastrophic' (13:52 UTC) AP

Palestinians say Gaza man killed at protest on Gaza border (16:52 UTC) AP

Israel: Arab citizens arrested in Hamas assassination plot (13:19 UTC) AP

Israel pushes ahead with plans for 3,000 settlement homes (07:52 UTC) AP

UN rights chief decries Palestinian, Israeli suffering (08:25 UTC) AP

UN chief urges Israelis, Palestinians to resume negotiations (22:04 UTC) AP

Netanyahu: Israel to keep security control over West Bank (19:28 UTC) AP

Occupied lives: For Reem, walking to school involves a military escort (19:13 UTC) AuBC

Hamas lawmakers say they got salaries after fearing cutoff (14:25 UTC) AP

Palestinian lawmakers from Hamas say Abbas halted salaries (09:01 UTC) AP

Official: Abbas halts monthly stipends for Hamas ex-inmates (15:13 UTC) AP

Hamas leader heads to Egypt for rare talks with officials (14:28 UTC) AP

50 years on, Israel keeps tight grip on Palestinian economy (06:01 UTC) AP

Palestinian girl dies a day after stabbing Israeli soldier (12:01 UTC) AP

Palestinian premier meets Israeli minister after Trump visit (17:07 UTC) AP

Palestinian teen stabs Israeli soldier, then shot by troops (16:37 UTC) AP

The Latest: Palestinians say embassy decision best for peace (15:22 UTC) AP

Army: Palestinian woman attacks soldier with knife (08:31 UTC) AP

Palestinian power struggle threatens further Gaza power cuts (05:55 UTC) AP

UN pulls backing for Palestinian women's center over naming (14:28 UTC) AP

Israeli govt meeting near Jerusalem site angers Palestinians (16:19 UTC) AP

Norway demands return of funds from Palestinian Authority (15:34 UTC) AP

Palestinian prisoners end mass hunger strike (06:40 UTC) AP

Israel: Mass hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners ends (05:28 UTC) AP

Israel's Prison Service says mass hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners has ended after 40 days (05:13 UTC) AP

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