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Trump's divisive pick to run NASA wins narrow confirmation (20:22 UTC) AP

Hubble's 28 years marked by shot of wild stellar nursery (16:34 UTC) AP

The Latest: NASA planet-hunting spacecraft rockets away (22:58 UTC) AP

Virgin Galactic conducts first space flight since fatal 2014 crash (04:19 UTC) AuBC

A 'quirk of nature' helps scientists detect the most distant star ever viewed. Its name is Icarus (01:07 UTC) AuBC

SpaceX launches used supply ship on used rocket for NASA (20:46 UTC) AP

The Latest: Space station re-entry called mostly successful (03:22 UTC) AP

China space lab mostly burns up on re-entry in south Pacific (01:34 UTC) AP

The Latest: Defunct space lab mostly burns up on re-entry (01:22 UTC) AP

Chinese space station 'crashes to Earth over the South Pacific' (01:16 UTC) AuBC

Defunct Chinese space lab forecast to re-enter in Atlantic (00:58 UTC) AP

Defunct Chinese space lab hurtles toward Earth on wide path (16:58 UTC) AP

Defunct Chinese space lab set to re-enter Earth's atmosphere (13:10 UTC) AP

SpaceX launches 10 Iridium satellites from California (14:22 UTC) AP

NASA astronauts go spacewalking days after reaching orbit (13:46 UTC) AP

China's defunct space lab hurtling toward Earth for re-entry (07:10 UTC) AP

2 Americans, 1 Russian dock with International Space Station (19:58 UTC) AP

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity marks 2,000th day on red planet (16:10 UTC) AP

False stories claim NASA 'confessed' to spreading lithium (18:10 UTC) AP

US-Russian crew blasts off for International Space Station (18:10 UTC) AP

Arizona state treasurer confirmed for NASA post (19:22 UTC) AP

China to recruit civilian astronauts, boost crewed missions (08:10 UTC) AP

3 space station astronauts return to Earth (04:22 UTC) AP

The cosmonaut drug that may have caused a school overdose (20:01 UTC) AuBC

The cosmonaut drug which may have caused a school overdose (19:52 UTC) AuBC

SpaceX launches Spanish satellite, 2 others from California (17:58 UTC) AP

The Latest: SpaceX launches satellite from California (14:46 UTC) AP

SpaceX launches Spanish satellite from California (14:22 UTC) AP

Australian company's small step to help NASA's giant leap on Mars (05:25 UTC) AuBC

Russian cargo ship docks at International Space Station (11:34 UTC) AP

Russians launch cargo ship to space station after 2-day halt (12:58 UTC) AP

Cargo ship launched to ISS after 2-day delay (08:46 UTC) AP

Trump aims for moon, pulls back on space station, telescopes (23:22 UTC) AP

Trump wants NASA out of space station by 2025, businesses in (19:34 UTC) AP

At last minute, Russia scrubs cargo launch to space station (14:10 UTC) AP

Russia scrubs cargo ship launch to space station (09:46 UTC) AP

SpaceX sends a sports car into orbit with world's most powerful rocket (00:37 UTC) AuBC

Recording-setting spacewalk ends with antenna in wrong spot (00:22 UTC) AP

Antenna gets stuck, then overextended during spacewalk (23:34 UTC) AP

Spacewalking Russian astronauts upgrade station antenna (21:46 UTC) AP

Russian astronauts take spacewalk to upgrade station antenna (16:10 UTC) AP

NASA turns selfies by Mars rover into stunning self-portrait (16:10 UTC) AP

Royal audience as SpaceX launches satellite for Luxembourg (22:58 UTC) AP

Teacher killed in space shuttle Challenger disaster honored (17:34 UTC) AP

NASA honors 7 killed on space shuttle Columbia 15 years ago (17:46 UTC) AP

Spacewalking astronauts give new hand to robot arm (19:22 UTC) AP

Puerto Rican astronaut reaches out to island's schoolkids (18:10 UTC) AP

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