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'Hey Yeong-mi': South Korean businesses join curling craze (07:10 UTC) AP

North Korea joins the list of powers fighting a proxy 'civil war' in Syria (04:37 UTC) AuBC

North Korea sent banned items to Syria, Myanmar, UN finds (05:22 UTC) AP

North Korea 'helping Syria manufacture chemical weapons' (05:13 UTC) AuBC

UN experts: North Korea sent banned chemical items to Syria (02:10 UTC) AP

US envoy on NKorea exits as window for talks may be opening (17:22 UTC) AP

SKorea minister: North's tests 'blatant affront' to treaty (14:58 UTC) AP

Police: Kim Jong Nam told friend he feared for his life (13:22 UTC) AP

Prosecutors: Ex-SKorean president deserves 30 years in jail (10:46 UTC) AP

SKorean prosecutors demand 30 years for ex-president Park (05:58 UTC) AP

North Korean delegation returns home after Olympics outreach (03:46 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump addresses possibility of US-NKorea talks (16:46 UTC) AP

South Korea president joins country's growing MeToo movement (08:46 UTC) AP

White House takes cautious approach on North Korea overeture (05:46 UTC) AP

White House will see if North Korea is serious about talks (19:10 UTC) AP

The Latest: Bach hails Koreas cooperation at Olympics (12:58 UTC) AP

North Korean envoy, in South, opens door to US talks (12:34 UTC) AP

Political end to Olympics: NKorea offers talks with US (12:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: S. Korea: N. Korea willing to talk with US (11:46 UTC) AP

Column: Americans over-promise, under-deliver in SKorea (10:22 UTC) AP

Marissa Brandt named honorary ambassador for Korea adoptees (09:46 UTC) AP

Farewell, Korea: First of 3 straight Asian Olympics ends (08:34 UTC) AP

Farewell, Korea: First of three straight Asian Olympics ends (07:10 UTC) AP

Sweden pickles Korea's 'Garlic Girls' for curling gold (04:46 UTC) AP

North Korean delegation arrives for Olympics closing show (04:10 UTC) AP

SKorean governor calls for joint Asian Games with NKorea (03:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: N Korea delegation arrives in S Korea (03:22 UTC) AP

Ivanka Trump: Visit to Olympics 'so incredibly inspiring' (03:10 UTC) AP

China will deal 'seriously' with N. Korea sanctions breaches (02:22 UTC) AP

Rescued from Korean War by US ship, now Olympic volunteers (23:10 UTC) AP

Lee wins South Korea's only Olympic gold in speedskating (14:10 UTC) AP

South Korean skater wins silver after team pursuit dispute (13:58 UTC) AP

The Latest: Korea's Lee wins gold in men's mass start (13:34 UTC) AP

The Latest: Still no Olympics coverage in North Korea (09:58 UTC) AP

As Olympics wrap up, still no coverage in North Korea (09:22 UTC) AP

Ivanka Trump at Olympics for politics, to back athletes (06:58 UTC) AP

This man is accused of killing 50 South Koreans. The North is sending him to the closing ceremony (03:31 UTC) AuBC

North Korean official accused of ordering deadly attacks to attend closing ceremony (03:28 UTC) AuBC

South Korea's 'Garlic Girl' curlers are a global sensation, but they don't know it yet (01:04 UTC) AuBC

'Heartbroken' Kenworthy visits dog meat farm, adopts puppy (00:22 UTC) AP

Trump targets companies, ships in 'heaviest sanctions' for North Korea (21:40 UTC) AuBC

Money-laundering watchdog: Close North Korean banks (20:46 UTC) AP

Turnbull briefed on North Korea sanctions, US official says (20:31 UTC) AuBC

Trump announces 'heaviest sanctions' for North Korea (19:28 UTC) AuBC

US tightens sanctions on North Korean shipping (17:34 UTC) AP

South Korea to play Sweden in women's Olympic curling final (15:34 UTC) AP

Ivanka Trump to push for 'maximum pressure' on North Korea (15:22 UTC) AP

Trump to announce new NKorea sanctions (14:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: SKorea's 'Garlic Girls' are going for gold medal (14:10 UTC) AP

Ivanka Trump receives red-carpet welcome for Olympic visit (08:46 UTC) AP

South Korea to fight WTO ruling on Fukushima seafood ban (08:34 UTC) AP

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