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The Latest: Singapore leader urges dialogue on North Korea (18:22 UTC) AP

UN adds 32 items to list of prohibited goods for North Korea (16:46 UTC) AP

WH: Trump likely not to visit Korea's DMZ during Asia trip (14:34 UTC) AP

Nuclear threat from North Korea 'unprecedented, critical and imminent' (13:04 UTC) AuBC

South Korean Olympic organizers downplay concern over NKorea (12:58 UTC) AP

Threat from North Korea 'unprecedented, critical and imminent' (12:37 UTC) AuBC

Japanese defense minister sounds alarm on North Korea (10:22 UTC) AP

China defends its trade with North Korea as permitted by UN (09:34 UTC) AP

UK's Johnson urges North Korea to 'change course' on nukes (09:34 UTC) AP

Abe says his priorities are North Korea and aging Japan (06:10 UTC) AP

Three reasons you should be worried about North Korea and one reason you shouldn't (19:04 UTC) AuBC

US commanders stress 'ironclad' commitment to defend SKorea (09:34 UTC) AP

Uganda expels North Korea military experts over UN sanctions (11:10 UTC) AP

Australia dismisses North Korea letter as rant against Trump (03:34 UTC) AP

South Koreans recommend gov't complete 2 nuclear reactors (01:58 UTC) AP

Malcolm Turnbull dismisses North Korea's letter as 'rant about Trump' (23:40 UTC) AuBC

Malcolm Turnbull dismisses North Korea's letter as 'rant about Donald Trump' (22:49 UTC) AuBC

North Korea writes letter to Parliament urging Australia to dump Trump (20:13 UTC) AuBC

CIA head: NKorea months from perfecting nuclear capabilities (17:10 UTC) AP

Putin warns against cornering North Korea (15:10 UTC) AP

Evidence presented in Kim's killing hasn't ruffled defense (08:22 UTC) AP

Bank of Korea raises South Korea's outlook on strong exports (05:34 UTC) AP

LG, Qualcomm join hands for autonomous driving (05:34 UTC) AP

Diplomats from US, S. Korea, Japan discuss N. Korean threat (09:34 UTC) AP

The Latest: Allies stress diplomacy over North Korean nukes (08:46 UTC) AP

Diplomats from Washington, Seoul, Tokyo talk N. Korea threat (05:34 UTC) AP

North Korea says it plans to launch many more satellites (01:58 UTC) AP

Israel Aerospace Industries, Hankuk Carbon, to make drones (11:46 UTC) AP

US, Japan agree to maximize diplomatic pressure on N. Korea (04:22 UTC) AP

Haley says Iran move strengthens Trump's hand on North Korea (00:46 UTC) AP

North Korea says 'a nuclear war may break out any moment' (22:46 UTC) AP

The Latest: Putin halts NKorea ties in line with UN demands (15:22 UTC) AP

EU slaps new sanctions on North Korea (14:58 UTC) AP

Ex-SKorea leader Park complains about extension of detention (08:58 UTC) AP

Tillerson: US prefers diplomacy with NKorea, but has options (07:46 UTC) AP

S. Korea and US begin naval drills amid North Korean threat (06:46 UTC) AP

Tillerson says US-North Korea diplomacy will continue until 'first bomb drops' (18:49 UTC) AuBC

North Korea lawmaker: Need nukes because of US threat (17:34 UTC) AP

Tillerson: NKorea diplomacy continues until 1st 'bomb drops' (15:34 UTC) AP

'Australia is not a primary target': Bishop brushes off North Korea threats (06:01 UTC) AuBC

Clinton attacks Trump's handling of Iran, North Korea (21:34 UTC) AP

North Korea warns Australia will face disaster if it continues to support US (19:40 UTC) AuBC

The Latest: Trump explains 'calm before storm' remarks (19:10 UTC) AP

Armisen startled after discovering he's 'quarter Korean' (09:34 UTC) AP

South Korean court extends detention of ex-President Park (09:22 UTC) AP

4th small quake detected since North Korea's nuclear test (09:10 UTC) AP

Former friend Malaysia halts all imports from North Korea, data shows (07:19 UTC) AuBC

4th small quake detected since North Korea's 6th nuke test (06:58 UTC) AP

South Korea, China extend currency deal despite missile row (05:46 UTC) AP

US in back channel talks with North Korea, Bishop says (02:52 UTC) AuBC

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