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Wed. Feb. 22, 2017 @08:22 UTC
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Israeli soldier gets 18 months' jail for killing injured Palestinian attacker (21:40 UTC) AuBC

Australia too 'one-sided' to help in West Bank, Palestinian officials say (21:25 UTC) AuBC

Turnbull criticises UN's suggested resolutions to Israeli-Palestinian conflict (21:16 UTC) AuBC

Sentencing of Israeli soldier in shooting deepens fissures (21:16 UTC) AP

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu lands in Sydney amid controversy (20:25 UTC) AuBC

Jordan, Egypt back 2-state solution for Israel, Palestinians (16:22 UTC) AP

Dublin protesters prevent speech by Israeli ambassador (15:01 UTC) AP

Australia too 'one-sided' to help broker peace in West Bank, say Palestinian officials (14:01 UTC) AuBC

Building settlements on West Bank a Jewish right, says Australian-Israeli (13:28 UTC) AuBC

Israeli media: Military court sentences Israeli soldier to 18 months for fatal shooting of wounded Palestinian attacker (10:49 UTC) AP

Israeli court gives soldier 18 months for fatal shooting (10:49 UTC) AP

Military court set to hand down sentence for Israeli soldier (09:58 UTC) AP

Iran's leader calls Israel a 'fake' nation, 'dirty chapter' (09:10 UTC) AP

Israel arrests alleged Islamic State supporter (16:31 UTC) AP

Israeli soldier to be sentenced Tuesday for manslaughter (15:34 UTC) AP

Israeli opposition head: Netanyahu caved on peace initiative (13:55 UTC) AP

Israeli opposition: Netanyahu 'blinked' on peace initiative (11:19 UTC) AP

Singaporean PM, hosting Netanyahu, endorses 'two-state' plan (09:37 UTC) AP

Israeli army: Sinai militant fire hits Israel, no one hurt (09:10 UTC) AP

Ex-officials: Israeli leader spurned secret peace offer (17:19 UTC) AP

Report: Israeli leader turned down regional peace initiative (11:52 UTC) AP

Israeli leader lauds 'new day' in relations with Trump's US (10:13 UTC) AP

IKEA apologizes for catalog aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jews (10:07 UTC) AP

Largest branch of American Judaism opposes Trump envoy pick (20:58 UTC) AP

Israeli facing drug trafficking and money laundering charges (00:40 UTC) AP

Israeli defense minister to Gaza: Let's talk (20:19 UTC) AP

Israel warns Hezbollah after threats to hit reactor (19:37 UTC) AP

Trump's pick for Israel envoy goes on damage control (18:40 UTC) AP

US envoy: US supports 2-state Israel-Palestinian solution (18:07 UTC) AP

US ambassador says the United States 'absolutely' supports a 2-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (18:04 UTC) AP

Trump's ambassador pick is well-known figure in West Bank (16:49 UTC) AP

UN: Israel-Palestinian conflict must not drift to extremism (16:25 UTC) AP

Trump's pick for Israel ambassador regrets inflammatory talk (15:55 UTC) AP

Hezbollah says two-state Israel-Palestine peace 'over' (15:52 UTC) AP

Hezbollah says two-state Israel-Palestine peace 'gone' (15:25 UTC) AP

Rift with Trump: UN and Arab heads endorse 2-state solution (13:52 UTC) AP

Poll shows Israelis and Palestinians prefer 2-state solution (11:55 UTC) AP

Trump's pick for Israel ambassador faces rocky confirmation (08:07 UTC) AP

Analysis: The reality of a two-state solution (01:25 UTC) AuBC

The reality of a two-state solution (01:01 UTC) AuBC

Former ambassadors say Trump pick for Israel is unqualified (23:31 UTC) AP

Trump charts new Mideast course, maybe no separate Palestine (21:37 UTC) AP

Trump sidesteps commitment to two-state Israel-Palestine solution (19:19 UTC) AuBC

Trump sidesteps US commitment to Israel-Palestine two-state solution (19:16 UTC) AuBC

AP Analysis: Few alternatives to Palestinian state (19:13 UTC) AP

The Latest: Pro-settler leader hails 'new era' in Mideast (18:31 UTC) AP

The Latest: Netanyahu calls Trump great supporter of Israel (18:04 UTC) AP

Trump urges Israeli premier to 'hold off' on settlements (18:04 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump says he'll work to end racism (18:01 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump asks Netanyahu to 'hold back' settlements (17:37 UTC) AP

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