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Iran opposition leader under house arrest on hunger strike (13:43 UTC) AP

US envoy: Iran can't use nuclear deal to hold world hostage (21:40 UTC) AP

BBC says Iran freezes local assets of Farsi service staff (11:55 UTC) AP

Iranian president threatens to revitalize nuclear program (09:52 UTC) AP

Iranian president threatens to restart nuclear program (06:10 UTC) AP

US Navy reports another tense encounter with an Iran drone (16:04 UTC) AP

Iran's leader names conservative cleric to arbitration body (08:01 UTC) AP

Iran moves to end death penalty for some drug crimes (14:31 UTC) AP

Hundreds suffer symptoms in Iran chlorine leak (07:37 UTC) AP

Iran lawmakers raise missile, Guard spending to challenge US (07:16 UTC) AP

State TV: Flash floods kill 12 in northwest Iran (11:52 UTC) AP

Kuwait arrests 12 'terrorists' with alleged ties to Iran (09:19 UTC) AP

Iran's foreign minister: Trump trying to 'kill' nuclear deal (18:55 UTC) AP

Iran opposition leader's daughter holds painting exhibition (16:31 UTC) AP

Iranian blogger says she feels 'safe' after reaching Israel (13:13 UTC) AP

Iran executes young man who was arrested at age 15 (12:28 UTC) AP

Iranian convicted of being spy in UAE gets 10-year sentence (11:04 UTC) AP

Iran detains 64 half-naked youths at pool party (11:01 UTC) AP

Iran's leader names 2 women vice presidents, none in Cabinet (09:19 UTC) AP

Iran president's Cabinet cuts Guard from defense ministry (12:49 UTC) AP

Report: Turkey begins building border wall with Iran (12:04 UTC) AP

Iran's president proposes same Cabinet for his second term (08:13 UTC) AP

Iran says arrested 27 IS-linked militants, foiled attacks (14:28 UTC) AP

Iran ridicules US push for inspecting its military sites (10:43 UTC) AP

Iran signs its biggest-ever car deal with France's Renault (08:16 UTC) AP

'An avoidable tragedy': Asylum seeker found dead on Manus Island (05:40 UTC) AuBC

Asylum seeker found dead on Manus Island (03:55 UTC) AuBC

Report: Iranian soldier opens fire at air base, kills 3 (13:22 UTC) AP

Report: Iranian soldier opens fire at air base, wounds 10 (11:34 UTC) AP

Iran's president Rouhani sworn in for second term (13:37 UTC) AP

2 senior Hamas members visit Iran in rare good will mission (13:10 UTC) AP

Iran condemns its soccer players for match with Israeli team (12:43 UTC) AP

Spain: Police break up gang that smuggled Iranians to UK (11:28 UTC) AP

Iran's top leader pledges to continue missile program (09:58 UTC) AP

Iran reiterates: New US sanctions are breach of nuclear deal (05:40 UTC) AP

Trump says Russia, Iran, North Korea sanctions bill remains 'seriously flawed,' hinders his ability to negotiate (15:13 UTC) AP

US and allies call Iran's recent rocket launch 'threatening' (13:46 UTC) AP

Iran complains to UN over new US sanctions against Tehran (12:31 UTC) AP

Sentences upheld for Saudi embassy attackers in Iran (15:43 UTC) AP

Telegram denies Iran's claim it installed servers there (13:52 UTC) AP

Iran says Telegram transfers servers, but CEO denies it (11:16 UTC) AP

Iran: Telegram transfers its servers but CEO denies it (10:37 UTC) AP

Iran: Telegram transfers some of its servers to Iran (08:49 UTC) AP

Lebanese held in Iran ends hunger strike (18:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: US Navy says Iran sea encounter 'professional' (18:01 UTC) AP

The Latest: Iranian committee discusses US sanctions package (11:43 UTC) AP

Iran says US navy fires warning shots near its vessels (08:28 UTC) AP

Western nations decry Iran space launch, US levies sanctions (23:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: 4 nuclear deal nations decry Iran's space launch (23:10 UTC) AP

US hits Iran with more sanctions in response to space launch (16:52 UTC) AP

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