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'Well, that was unexpected': Tree falls on journalist reporting on Hawaii hurricane (00:52 UTC) AuBC

Sir Cliff Richard wins privacy case against BBC over police raid (11:37 UTC) AuBC

Novichok that killed British woman was in a perfume bottle, victim's brother tells BBC (00:13 UTC) AuBC

BBC's Andrew Marr to have surgery for malignant tumor (11:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: BBC Afghan reporter killed in eastern province (13:34 UTC) AP

After spat, BBC spy show gets access to ancient Greek temple (13:58 UTC) AP

Series win over Beavers rare highlight for struggling Utah (21:22 UTC) AP

Greek archaeologists prevent BBC filming at Poseidon temple (16:34 UTC) AP

5-time NCAA champion baseball coach Augie Garrido dies at 79 (16:58 UTC) AP

BBC staff to testify at UN on Iran targeting Persian service (07:34 UTC) AP

BBC Dad still gets the same questions about that viral video a year later (23:04 UTC) AuBC

Egypt arrests mother cited in BBC report, lawyer disappears (11:58 UTC) AP

Egypt urges boycott of BBC after report on disappearances (14:58 UTC) AP

Journalist says BBC treating women as 'enemy' over pay gap (16:10 UTC) AP

BBC proposes pay cap in gender equity dispute (09:46 UTC) AP

Top male BBC earners agree to pay cut after gender gap furor (10:58 UTC) AP

'Ow, you little nipper': British reporter mobbed by excitable lemurs (07:43 UTC) AuBC

BBC's China editor resigns over gender pay gap dispute (05:10 UTC) AP

Brisbane-based animation Bluey coming to a screen near you (00:01 UTC) AuBC

PBS to air BBC show with Katty Kay in Rose time slot (15:46 UTC) AP

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