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Tue. Jun. 27, 2017 @17:21 UTC
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United Networks News: Latest Breaking AP Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Greek garbage collectors reject compromise as trash piles up (17:13 UTC) AP

Nestle to buy back 21 billion in its own stock by 2020 (17:13 UTC) AP

New cyberattack causes mass disruption globally (17:13 UTC) AP

GOP leaders labor to rescue health care bill amid defections (17:10 UTC) AP

UK doctors' union calls for change in abortion law (17:01 UTC) AP

Spokesman: Military post on lockdown, possible shooter (17:01 UTC) AP

Kissinger: Chaos in the west could give boost to Russia (17:01 UTC) AP

British leader seeks fire inquiry, German building evacuated (16:52 UTC) AP

Major veterans' groups voice concern over Senate health bill (16:46 UTC) AP

Egg executives in salmonella case must report to prison (16:43 UTC) AP

Mali bishop pledges to make cardinal's ceremony amid scandal (16:37 UTC) AP

The Latest: Alabama governor briefed about post lockdown (16:31 UTC) AP

History of chemical weapons' use in Syria's civil war (16:31 UTC) AP

The Latest: Syria rebels say new chemical attack possible (16:28 UTC) AP

German city evacuates apartment block over insulation worry (16:19 UTC) AP

The Latest: Military post on lockdown, possible shooter (16:19 UTC) AP

LaVar Ball appears at WWE event, son LaMelo uses slur (16:19 UTC) AP

UN: Colombia disarmament process for individual arms ends (16:16 UTC) AP

Amnesty International won't comply with Hungary NGO law (16:16 UTC) AP

Man charged with threatening Florida lawmaker on Facebook (16:13 UTC) AP

Greek garbage collectors extend protest as trash mounds grow (16:13 UTC) AP

Spokeman: Military post on lockdown, possible shooter (16:13 UTC) AP

At least 13 killed in violence in southeast Turkey (16:07 UTC) AP

IMF trims economic forecast for US (16:07 UTC) AP

United Nations says it has concluded rebel disarmament process in Colombia (16:07 UTC) AP

Trump holds first talks with Ireland's new prime minister (16:04 UTC) AP

Military post tweets it's on lockdown, possible shooter (16:04 UTC) AP

The Latest: Southern California blaze grows substantially (16:01 UTC) AP

Mike Lee 5th GOP senator against starting health bill debate (16:01 UTC) AP

The Latest: US drugmaker Merck also affected by cyberattack (16:01 UTC) AP

Russia: Jury out to deliberate slaying of opposition leader (15:58 UTC) AP

Feds investigate how serial killer amassed weapons (15:58 UTC) AP

Markets Right Now: Stocks drift in midday trading (15:55 UTC) AP

Alabama military post says in tweet it is on lockdown amid reports of possible active shooter. (15:49 UTC) AP

Ten Commandments monument installed at Arkansas Capitol (15:49 UTC) AP

Trump organization ends management of Toronto tower (15:49 UTC) AP

The Latest: Paul to meet with Trump on health bill (15:49 UTC) AP

Road bomb in Kenya's Lamu County kills 8, including 4 kids (15:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: CNN tweets a correction at Trump (15:34 UTC) AP

'Embarrassing' Berlin police removed from G20 security duty (15:28 UTC) AP

UN chief: Seize the chance for Cyprus peace deal at summit (15:28 UTC) AP

US stock indexes wavering in morning trading, oil rises (15:25 UTC) AP

German city of Wuppertal to evacuate 11-story building because of exterior insulation similar to London's Grenfell Tower (15:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: Missing California boy's father appears in court (15:25 UTC) AP

Google hit with record fine by EU, told to change its ways (15:25 UTC) AP

Alabama man shot in Turks and Caicos, recovering in Florida (15:22 UTC) AP

The Latest: Lawyer expects officers to support suit's claim (15:16 UTC) AP

The Latest: 5th GOP senator opposes debate on health bill (15:16 UTC) AP

The Latest: Assad tours Russian military base in Syria (15:10 UTC) AP

US says Myanmar no longer among worst on human trafficking (15:07 UTC) AP

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