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Thu. May. 25, 2017 @10:28 UTC
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United Networks News: Latest Breaking AP Headlines
UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

The Latest: Mattis joins Trump trip in Brussels (10:28 UTC) AP

Denmark: South Korean woman to be extradited (10:25 UTC) AP

Editor shot dead in Russia's Siberia (10:22 UTC) AP

Airport strikes expected to hit Italy as G-7 summit ends (10:16 UTC) AP

The Latest: EU leader says Trump talks reveal differences (10:13 UTC) AP

Queen Elizabeth II has arrived at Manchester children's hospital following the concert attack (10:13 UTC) AP

Prime Minister Theresa May: UK threat level to remain at 'critical' level, public should be vigilant (10:07 UTC) AP

Obama gets rock-star welcome in Berlin, praises Merkel (09:58 UTC) AP

China and Pakistan working to free abducted Chinese (09:55 UTC) AP

Montenegro defies Russia to become NATO member (09:52 UTC) AP

UK police: Officers and soldiers responding to an incident at a college in Manchester (09:49 UTC) AP

Georgia: Sheriff suspends self after indecency allegation (09:43 UTC) AP

Teen takes terminally ill grandmother to high school prom (09:40 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump meets European Union presidents (09:37 UTC) AP

Hamilton fastest in Monaco GP 1st practice (09:34 UTC) AP

Namibian harbor town of Luderitz plans maritime museum (09:25 UTC) AP

NATO, the world's biggest military alliance, explained (09:19 UTC) AP

Trump meeting with EU leaders (09:13 UTC) AP

Computer wins 2nd game against Chinese go champion (09:13 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump meets with European Union leaders (09:04 UTC) AP

IMF approves loan to Mongolia to finance reforms (08:58 UTC) AP

Trump budget would allow sale of wild horses for slaughter (08:46 UTC) AP

Unusual mass attack injures 8 California guards, 7 inmates (08:34 UTC) AP

Nepal officials doubtful about 4 bodies reported on Everest (08:34 UTC) AP

Merkel, Obama to attend podium discussion at Berlin event (08:25 UTC) AP

Police make more arrests in Manchester bomb but leaks feared (08:22 UTC) AP

Attorney general to address violent crime in Tennessee visit (08:16 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump arrives at European Union Headquarters (08:07 UTC) AP

Trump to meet with anxious EU and NATO leaders (08:04 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump arrives at NATO meeting (08:04 UTC) AP

NATO chief says allies to join anti-IS coalition (07:55 UTC) AP

OPEC and non-OPEC nations poised to extend output cuts (07:55 UTC) AP

Trump plan to sell off half of oil stockpile sparks debate (07:55 UTC) AP

Trump takes a more cautious approach on big trip (07:49 UTC) AP

Foreigners detained in Japan stage hunger strike to stay (07:43 UTC) AP

Man who had lethal injection delayed 7 times to be executed (07:37 UTC) AP

WWE star Jericho's latest smash in music headlining Fozzy (07:31 UTC) AP

Older jobless Americans: Trump's budget means 'hardship' (07:28 UTC) AP

GOP health bill: 23M more uninsured, sick risk higher costs (07:28 UTC) AP

The Latest: Trump to attend NATO meeting (07:25 UTC) AP

The Latest: Filipinos at Mass worry about city, martial law (07:13 UTC) AP

Facebook's Zuckerberg to give Harvard graduation speech (06:55 UTC) AP

Police make 2 more arrests over Manchester bombing (06:34 UTC) AP

Soldiers try to restore order in besieged Philippine city (06:28 UTC) AP

New Zealand test rocket makes it to space but not to orbit (06:07 UTC) AP

Jerusalem still suffers from divisions, 50 years after war (06:07 UTC) AP

Bahrain, Egypt block Al-Jazeera websites amid Qatar dispute (05:49 UTC) AP

Taiwan holds war games simulating Chinese island attack (05:43 UTC) AP

DNA tests identify missing S. Korean girl from ferry sinking (05:40 UTC) AP

GOP candidate charged with misdemeanor assault of reporter (05:31 UTC) AP

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