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UN-Cast live breaking news headlines from the wires, news sites and other sources:

Potential life-saving First Responder app rolled out across WA (10:19 UTC) AuBC

UK authorities investigate Adebi's links to Islamic State in Libya (09:37 UTC) AuBC

Police urged to get more aggressive with terrorists (09:25 UTC) AuBC

Tasmanian budget report card: Good results, but room for improvement (09:25 UTC) AuBC

AFL live: Geelong plays host to Port Adelaide (09:19 UTC) AuBC

NT and SA to consider prisoner swaps to relieve overcrowding (09:19 UTC) AuBC

Wheelie-popping motorcyclist snapped exceeding speed limit 10 times: police (09:13 UTC) AuBC

Turnbull slams Labor's school funding approach as 'fakery' (09:01 UTC) AuBC

Careers Australia goes into voluntary administration (08:43 UTC) AuBC

Woman tried to murder mother with 30cm kitchen knife, court hears (08:37 UTC) AuBC

AFL live: Geelong Cats play host to Port Adelaide Power (08:31 UTC) AuBC

Government grants Day's request to have debts waived (08:31 UTC) AuBC

Heart attack came as a shock to former AFL champion Nicky Winmar (08:25 UTC) AuBC

Insta-famous comedian Celeste Barber voted Funniest Lady on Instagram (07:52 UTC) AuBC

Descendants of Victoria's Chinese gold rush miners win apology (07:40 UTC) AuBC

Insta-famous NSW mum voted Funniest Lady on Instagram (07:31 UTC) AuBC

Construction slowdown to weigh on economy (07:25 UTC) AuBC

'Too big to fail' guarantee for banks obsolete, ME Bank chief says (07:16 UTC) AuBC

IS linked to Jakarta bombing, Indonesian police say (07:04 UTC) AuBC

One Nation senator 'can't see an issue' with Muslim migration (06:43 UTC) AuBC

Jakarta bombing linked to Islamic State, Indonesian police say (06:43 UTC) AuBC

Police puzzled by SOS mystery in remote WA (06:37 UTC) AuBC

Republican candidate in Montana 'body-slams' reporter (06:37 UTC) AuBC

Wound-healing molecule found in parasite could one day prevent amputations (06:37 UTC) AuBC

Budget gives 'biggest ever boost' to ailing Tasmanian health system (06:28 UTC) AuBC

ICAC to investigate SA Health for maladministration over Oakden (06:13 UTC) AuBC

Hampton inquest: family blames 'negligent' pearling company (06:01 UTC) AuBC

Piece of Qantas history lands at final destination in the outback (05:40 UTC) AuBC

ICAC to investigate Oakden nursing facility in SA (05:25 UTC) AuBC

ICAC to investigate Oakden nursing facility in South Australia (05:19 UTC) AuBC

'She called me a bitch': Lorna Jane boss responds to bullying claims (05:16 UTC) AuBC

Government trying to avoid scrutiny of bank levy, bankers say (05:13 UTC) AuBC

Teen's death 'due to 20 drinks, not just high-strength liquor' (05:01 UTC) AuBC

More hospital beds, 54m surplus in Tasmanian budget (05:01 UTC) AuBC

'I had to beg': Rebel Wilson tells court of magazine's impact on her career (04:37 UTC) AuBC

Emergency Services Levy 3 decrease ridiculed by SA Opposition (04:13 UTC) AuBC

Body found in drain by council workers in Gladstone (04:07 UTC) AuBC

Man who murdered his partner could get discounted sentence (03:49 UTC) AuBC

Aboriginal people do what we must to survive, 1967 didn't change that (03:49 UTC) AuBC

Australia 10 years behind in cyberbullying arms race, eSafety Commissioner says (03:13 UTC) AuBC

Obama's photographer is still low-key trolling Trump (03:04 UTC) AuBC

Cannabis trial offers hope for children with severe epilepsy (03:04 UTC) AuBC

Nahan worried about Barnett coping with election loss (03:01 UTC) AuBC

Ben Plowright drowning death accidental, coroner rules (02:43 UTC) AuBC

Ansell sheds condom business in 800m deal with China (02:43 UTC) AuBC

Skateboarding ramps up kids' confidence in remote towns (02:40 UTC) AuBC

Horse-drawn carriages being moved out of Melbourne CBD (02:37 UTC) AuBC

CCTV photos 'show Manchester suspect with bomb backpack' (02:25 UTC) AuBC

3D stem cell printer pen tipped to be 'game changer' for osteoarthritis (02:25 UTC) AuBC

Castle to step down as NRL Bulldogs boss (02:19 UTC) AuBC

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