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Microsoft Software
Network Related:
Microsoft Security Downloads 4 Stars- Firewall, anti-virus and security tools for Windows.
AnalogX Network Utilities 4 Stars- Variety of utilities for monitoring, troubleshooting or securing networks for Windows.
Free Agent (usenet) 3 Stars- Excellent free or commercial Usenet news reader, handles images and attachments for Windows.
Lynx for DOS (browser) 3 Stars- Current UNIX Lynx text-based web browser for DOS.
SecureCRT (ssh/telnet) 4 Stars- Multi functional and configurable client for ssh, telnet and other terminal protocols for Windows.

Misc. Utilities and Files:
Microsoft Downloads 4 Stars- Microsoft software, tools, updates and file downloads.
International Data Base 3 Stars- World demographic and socio-economic database for DOS.
IrfanView Image Converter (graphics) 4 Stars- Convert and alter several image formats and icons for Windows.

Multiple OS Software
Network Related:
Mozilla (browser/mail) 4 Stars- Reliable original Mozilla network, web, browser, email and other client/server software for any OS.
PuTTY (ssh/telnet) 4 Stars- Free client for ssh and terminal protocols for any OS.

Misc. Utilities and Files:
Driver Files 4 Stars- Drivers and software updates for various devices and systems.

Software Archives
Software and File Archives:
DLL-files.com 4 Stars- Find and download various DLL file libraries.
Games Domain 4 Stars- Browse and download the latest games here.
GDS 4 Stars- Goodie Domain Service directory of open source software.
OSDIR.com 4 Stars- O'Reilly's directory of stable, open source apps.
Stroud's CWS 4 Stars- Consummate Winsock Apps list of network and system software for Windows 16/32-bit.
Softpedia 4 Stars- Excellent software resource for Linux, Mac, Windows and other platform applications.
LINUXBERG 4 Stars- The Ultimate collection of Linux wares!
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software 4 Stars- Large resource for Linux, Mac, Windows and Winsock applications.
Shareware 3 Stars- Search or browse for shareware on the Internet.
Winsite 3 Stars- Winsite's windows software archives.

FTP Sites (may be out-dated!):
ftp.netscape.com 3 Stars- Netscape, plug-ins, Internet software.
ftp.microsoft.com 3 Stars- General Microsoft files.
ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu 3 Stars- NCSA, Mosaic FTP archives.
GDS 4 Stars- GDS open source FTP archives.
sunsite 3 Stars- SunSite FTP archives.
wuarchive 3 Stars- WUSTL FTP archives.

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