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Security and Abuse
Fri. Jun. 24, 2016 @21:57 UTC
Security and Abuse
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Microsoft Advisories and Updates
Microsoft Security Response Center 4 Stars- Microsoft security response resources, advisories, tools, and links.
Microsoft Security Portal 4 Stars- Microsoft security and protection center, threat research and response resource.
Microsoft Security Products and Services 4 Stars- Microsoft security and protection downloads and tools.
Microsoft Security Bulletins 4 Stars- Microsoft Windows current security bulletins.
Microsoft TechNet Security 4 Stars- Microsoft/TechNet Windows security resources, bulletins, and advisories.

Microsoft Update 4 Stars- Microsoft critical updates, security, driver, and OS patches.

Security Assessment Tools 4 Stars- General security, port, protocol scanning and tools.

Microsoft Sitemap 3 Stars- Microsoft sites, sitemap index of all Microsoft/Windows pages and sites.

Microsoft-related Downloads
AVG (antivirus) 4 Stars- Free certified anti-virus scanner and cleaner for Windows.
Secunia PSI 4 Stars- Free Personal Software Inspector full PC program and vulnerability and security scan.
SpybotSD (privacy/security) 4 Stars- Detects, removes and prevents spyware, tracking info and known system, registry and web vulnerabilities for Windows.
ZoneAlarm (firewall) 4 Stars- Free and commercial certified firewall and security protection for Windows.

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UN-Cast News
- KIS-2016-06 SugarCRM 6.5.18 'MySugar::addDashlet' Insecure fopen Usage Vulnerability (13:34 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- SEC Consult SA-20160624-0: ASUS DSL-N55U router XSS and information disclosure (13:34 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- KIS-2016-07 SugarCRM 6.5.23 'SugarRestSerialize.php' PHP Object Injection Vulnerability (12:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- KIS-2016-04 SugarCRM 6.5.18 Missing Authorization Check Vulnerabilities (12:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- KIS-2016-05 SugarCRM 6.5.18 Two PHP Code Injection Vulnerabilities (12:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- Alertus Desktop Notification for OS X sets insecure permissions for configuration and other files (14:10 UTC) CERT
- mDNSResponder contains multiple memory-based vulnerabilities (22:46 UTC) CERT
- Meat Loaf collapses on stage in Canada (05:49 UTC) AuBC
- Meatloaf collapses on stage in Canada (05:31 UTC) AuBC
- Meatloaf collapses on stage during Canadian concert (05:25 UTC) AuBC

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