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Security and Abuse
Wed. Feb. 22, 2017 @08:28 UTC
Security and Abuse
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Security Advisories and Vulnerabilities
United Networks Security Resources 4 Stars- Guide, news, and links to security-related resources.
OS Updates and Downloads 4 Stars- Operating System updates, downloads, patches, and advisories.

Vulnerability Info/Databases:
BUGTRAQ 4 Stars- Current bugs, exploits, vulnerability tracking and news.
- MIT Kerberos KDC CVE-2016-3120 NULL Pointer Dereference Denial Of Service Vulnerability (06:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- util-linux CVE-2016-5011 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability (05:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- S-nail CVE-2017-5899 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (18:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- MuPDF 'fitz/pixmap.c' Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (18:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- GNU Bash CVE-2017-5932 Multiple Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerabilities (17:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- Symfony CVE-2016-2403 Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (17:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- QEMU 'virtio-crypto.c' Integer Overflow Vulnerability (17:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- Tor Browser Launcher CVE-2016-3180 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability (17:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- PostfixAdmin CVE-2017-5930 Session Management Security Bypass Vulnerability (17:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- OpenSSH CVE-2016-10011 Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability (17:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
CERT Advisories 4 Stars- Current warnings and advisories on exploits, trojans and vulnerabilities.
- Hughes satellite modems contain multiple vulnerabilities (17:10 UTC) CERT
- uIP and lwIP DNS resolver vulnerable to cache poisoning (18:34 UTC) CERT
- Accellion FTP server contains information exposure and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (16:34 UTC) CERT
- ShoreTel Mobility Client mobile application does not verify SSL certificates (21:46 UTC) CERT
- MS Windows SMB Tree Connect Response denial of service vulnerability (16:46 UTC) CERT
- MS Windows SMB Tree Connect Response memory corruption vulnerability (16:34 UTC) CERT
- SHDesigns Resident Download Manager does not authenticate firmware downloads (16:34 UTC) CERT
- Cisco WebEx web browser extension allows arbitrary code execution (18:58 UTC) CERT
- Neil Finn to play free concert in limited-capacity Adelaide Festival opening (09:07 UTC) AuBC
- Mozilla XBL binding vulnerability (17:10 UTC) CERT
CVE 4 Stars- Commonly known Vulnerabilities and Exploits database.
Secunia Vulnerability Information 4 Stars- Current security advisories, exploits, vulnerability database and research.

Virus Info/Databases:
Virus Encyclopedia 4 Stars- Known virus database and encyclopedia from TrendMicro.
Virus Information Library 4 Stars- Known virus database and encyclopedia from Network Associates.
Virus and Security Encyclopedia 4 Stars- Threat Explorer, virus and security vulnerability database from Symantec.
Simovits Trojan List 3 Stars- Port-sorted list of known trojan ports and exploits.

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