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Security and Abuse
Sat. Jul. 21, 2018 @03:27 UTC
Security and Abuse
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Security Advisories and Vulnerabilities
United Networks Security Resources 4 Stars- Guide, news, and links to security-related resources.
OS Updates and Downloads 4 Stars- Operating System updates, downloads, patches, and advisories.

Vulnerability Info/Databases:
BUGTRAQ 4 Stars- Current bugs, exploits, vulnerability tracking and news.
- IBM Business Process Manager CVE-2017-1494 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (20:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere CVE-2017-1751 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (20:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- Trend Micro Mobile Security Information Disclosure and Denial of Service Vulnerabilities (20:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- IBM Integration Bus CVE-2017-1694 Information Disclosure Vulnerability (18:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- Linksys WVBR0-25 CVE-2017-17411 Remote Command Injection Vulnerability (17:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- VideoLAN VLC 'mp4/libmp4.c' Denial of Service Vulnerability (16:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- DotNetNuke CVE-2017-9822 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (14:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- MS Internet Explorer and Edge CVE-2017-11827 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability (02:58 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- IBM Maximo Asset Management CVE-2017-1558 Unspecified Open Redirect Vulnerability (21:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- EMC Isilon OneFS CVE-2017-14380 Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities (20:22 UTC) BUGTRAQ
CERT Advisories 4 Stars- Current warnings and advisories on exploits, trojans and vulnerabilities.
- Grand organ primed to pump out unique musical performance (22:31 UTC) AuBC
- Facial recognition camera picks wanted man out of 60,000-strong crowd (08:43 UTC) AuBC
- Quagga bgpd is affected by multiple vulnerabilities (16:46 UTC) CERT
- Quagga bpgd is affected by multiple vulnerabilities (22:10 UTC) CERT
- Pulse Secure Linux client GUI fails to validate SSL certificates (22:34 UTC) CERT
- CPU hardware vulnerable to side-channel attacks (02:46 UTC) CERT
- Intel Active Management Technology AMT does not properly enforce access control (18:10 UTC) CERT
- TLS implementations may disclose side channel information via discrepencies between valid and invalid PKCS#1 padding (15:58 UTC) CERT
- Apple MacOS High Sierra disabled account authentication bypass (17:34 UTC) CERT
- Apple MacOS High Sierra root authentication bypass (13:58 UTC) CERT
CVE 4 Stars- Commonly known Vulnerabilities and Exploits database.
Secunia Vulnerability Information 4 Stars- Current security advisories, exploits, vulnerability database and research.

Virus Info/Databases:
Virus Encyclopedia 4 Stars- Known virus database and encyclopedia from TrendMicro.
Virus Information Library 4 Stars- Known virus database and encyclopedia from Network Associates.
Virus and Security Encyclopedia 4 Stars- Threat Explorer, virus and security vulnerability database from Symantec.
Simovits Trojan List 3 Stars- Port-sorted list of known trojan ports and exploits.

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