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Security and Abuse
Fri. Mar. 24, 2017 @22:02 UTC
Security and Abuse
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Anti-SPAM Resources
Abuse.net 4 Stars- Abuse and Administrator contact lookup and database.
DNSBL 4 Stars- Abuse and email spam blacklist watchdog, including current status, news and statistics.
SenderBase 4 Stars- Email reputation, IP and host information and statistics lookup and database.
SpamCop 4 Stars- Spam abuse database and reporting service RBL lookup and database.
SpamHaus 4 Stars- SpamHaus email abuser database and reports SBL/XBL lookup and database.
CAUCE 3 Stars- Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
MAPS RBL 3 Stars- Mail Abuse Prevention System Realtime Blackhole List.

Security/Abuse/DoS resources
United Networks Security Resources 4 Stars- Guide, news, and links to security-related resources and downloads.
CERT 4 Stars- Computer Emergency Response Team
ICSA 4 Stars- ICSA Labs, certified software and security standards for antivirus, firewalls, methods and protocols.
NIPC 4 Stars- National Infrastructure Protection Center, includes reporting an incident.
NSI 4 Stars- National Security Institute's security resource net.
Security Focus 4 Stars- Computing and networking security news and information.
CCIPS 3 Stars- Department of Justice Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section.
CIA 3 Stars- Central Intelligence Agency
CIAC 3 Stars- Computer Incident Advisory Capability
COAST 3 Stars- Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology
DoShelp.com 3 Stars- Report intrusion attempts, exploits, hacks and portscans. Has a large list of software/hardware protection and one of the largest trojan port/exploit databases online.
EFF 3 Stars- Electronic Frontier Foundation
FBI 3 Stars- Federal Bureau of Investigations
FIRST 3 Stars- Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
NSA 3 Stars- National Security Agency

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UN-Cast News
- NTP CVE-2017-6459 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability (20:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- NTP CVE-2017-6452 Local Stack Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (20:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- IBM Kenexa LMS on Cloud CVE-2016-8935 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (20:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- NTP CVE-2017-6455 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability (19:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- IBM WebSphere Portal CVE-2017-1120 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (19:10 UTC) BUGTRAQ
- Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Controller contains multiple vulnerabilities (13:46 UTC) CERT
- Lenovo Solution Center LSCTaskService privilege escalation, directory traversal, and CSRF (13:46 UTC) CERT
- PCAUSA Rawether for Windows local privilege escalation (20:22 UTC) CERT
- Proxy auto-config PAC files have access to full HTTPS URLs (13:46 UTC) CERT
- Commvault Edge contains a buffer overflow vulnerability (13:34 UTC) CERT

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