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Handheldnews.com 4 Stars- Software, news and information portal for Palm.
Palm Boulevard 4 Stars- Superb software, news and hardware PDA site.
PalmGear.com 4 Stars- Software, news and hardware PDA site.
Rovenet 4 Stars- Programs, services and information for the Palm.
FreewarePalm.com 4 Stars- Very nice PDA software and info site.
Palm Websearches 4 Stars- Search engine for Palm queries.
Palm Infocenter 3 Stars- Features news, reviews and information for the Palm.
Palm Spot 3 Stars- Palm applications, archive and community.
ZDNet Palm Downloads 3 Stars- Software and news for the Palm.
Palm.com 3 Stars- The makers of Palm PDAs.
Palm.net 3 Stars- Wireless PalmVII support and software.
Palm E-Text Books 3 Stars
Palm Webring 3 Stars
Palm links 2 Stars- Sites dedicated to the Palm software and hardware and web.

Other PDA Resources
Google Mobile 4 Stars- Web browsing and searching for PDA's and WAP phones.
Tucows PDA 4 Stars- Featuring software for all PDA types and categories.
Yahoo! Mobile 4 Stars- News and software and custom web for PDA's and WAP phones.
PCPocket.com 3 Stars- Forums, commentary, reviews, news about PDAs.
PDA Street 3 Stars- News, community, technical info for all PDAs.
MemoWare.com 3 Stars- Excellent Palm and PDA document source.
Jumbo PDA 2 Stars- Software repository for PDAs.

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