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Open Directory: Internet Programming 4 Stars
Affiliatefirst.com 4 Stars- Revenue generating affiliates directory.
DevEdge Online 4 Stars- superb html, java, script, developer guides and manuals.
Dynamic Drive 4 Stars- Great html, java, script resources.
Favicon.com 4 Stars- Create custom web icons.
HTML Tags 4 Stars- Complete HTML tutorial or HTML tag reference sheet with full explanations.
w3.org 4 Stars- WWW standards and resources.
XML.org 4 Stars- XML, XSL, HTML resources.
Addme.com 3 Stars- URL search engine submission and webmaster tools.
Anthony's Images and Icons 3 Stars
ATLNetwork Affilate Programs 3 Stars- Affiliate and banner ads directory.
Beginners Guide to HTML/Web 3 Stars- Basic tutorials on html, css and graphics.
ClipArtGuide.com 3 Stars- Superb guide and links to web graphics, icons, CGIs and more.
Guide to HTML 3 Stars- Useful HTML guide and reference
HTML Tutor/Guides Reference 3 Stars
HTMLgoodies.com 3 Stars- Accessories, graphics, files.
PageResource.com 3 Stars- Web, HTML, XML/XSL, CGI, Perl, ASP/PHP, DHTML, SSI, Java/JavaScript resources.
Web Developers Virtual Library 3 Stars- From DHTML to graphics and icons and more.
Hitography 2 Stars- Ranked directory, promote your site.
IneedHits.com 2 Stars- Free website submissions to search engines.
Webmonkey Developers Resource 2 Stars- Great variety of links and distractions, full of webmaster and HTML resources.

Open Directory: Programming 4 Stars
CGI Resource Index 4 Stars- Comprehensive information and CGI scripts.
Image2HTML 4 Stars- Convert any image into a color HTML table!
Webcam32 4 Stars- Live camera images over the web, windows program.
PERL Tutorial 3 Stars- A quick and wonderful PERL tutorial.
Thanks-CGI 2 Stars- Very nice collection of free CGI's and resources.

Developer.com 5 Stars
Developer.com is a premier developers site with tips and resources galore for all developers, programming languages and programs.

OSDN 5 Stars
Open Source Development Network is an excellent source for developers and computing news, sources and security.

ADN 4 Stars
Access Developer Network is a complete mobile application development environment.

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