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General Reference
Area Codes, Carrier Codes 4 Stars- NANPA area codes, phone carriers and line numbers database and maps.
Babylon Dictionary 4 Stars- Excellent collection of dictionaries and multiple online word lookup sources.
Babylon Thesaurus 4 Stars- Thesaurus word lookup, includes multiple synonym lookup sources.
Babylon Translation 4 Stars- Translate to and from various languages, including many other translation and word lookup services.
Copyright Info 4 Stars- Excellent source of copyright laws and resources.
Clocks, Counters and Countdowns 4 Stars- Clocks, timing, countdowns, elapsed and various times for EVERYTHING you can think of.
Encylopedia Britannica 4 Stars- The great encyclopedia, online!
FAQS.org 4 Stars- Excellent source of information, docs, and Frequently Asked Questions.
infoplease.com 4 Stars- Get information and facts on just about ANYTHING! Encyclopedia, almanac and dictionary.
Measurement Conversion Page 4 Stars- Very useful weight, distance, temperature, square and cubic calculator.
RefDesk.com 4 Stars- Wonderful variety of useful links and references.
Zip Code Lookup 4 Stars- Find City or Zip or vice versa.
Classmates 3 Stars- Find old school friends and class reunions.
Garden.com 3 Stars- Gardening resources, tips, plants and info.
PERL Tutorial 3 Stars- A quick and wonderful PERL tutorial.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus 3 Stars- Search for words and definitions
PetSupplies.com 3 Stars- Various pet supplies, forums and info, including bird.com, dog.com, ferret.com, fish.com, horse.com.
TIME.gov 3 Stars- The Official US time clock!
WhatIs.com 3 Stars- Computer, Internet and networking explanations and descripts.

Maps and Demographics
GNIS 4 Stars- Geographic Names Information System, mapping from USGS.
Google Maps 4 Stars- Superb map browser, locator, search and driving directions. Zoomable maps with city and street details with satellite imagery.
International Data Base 4 Stars- World demographic and socio-economic data from census.gov.
IDB Population Rankings 4 Stars- World countries ranked by population from census.gov.
Tiger Map Server 4 Stars- Supreme mapping server from US Census Bureau.
World Factbook 4 Stars- Intelligence, City and Country information, demographics, maps and resources from CIA.
World Population Information 4 Stars- Populations around the world by census.gov.

Domain Discover 4 Stars- Domain Registrar. Register, transfer and maintain domains via the web.
Internet Traffic Report 4 Stars- Reports global network usage, graphs and response times.
Anonymizer.com 3 Stars- Browse the web anonymously, free or pay service.
LeapFish 3 Stars- Domain Name Resource Center, analysis and appraisal.
People on the net 3 Stars- Search for people on the net via WhoWhere/PeopleSearch
RFC Documents 3 Stars- RFC Standards/Protocol database of documents, listings and search.
Network Solutions Domain Services 4 Stars- Domain registrar.
Register.com Domain Services 4 Stars- Domain registrar.

Computers and Technology
Open Source Operating Systems 4 Stars- Open source projects, software, and operating systems.
X.Org 4 Stars- Open Source implementation of The X Window System, the free multi-platform operating environment.
GNOME 4 Stars- GNU Object Model Environment project, focusing on open source and free desktop software/environments.
KDE 4 Stars- K Desktop Environment project, graphical desktop and applications for Linux/Unix workstations.
Linux 4 Stars- A free Unix-like operating system originally developed under the GNU GPL.
NetBSD 4 Stars- A free, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system.
FreeBSD 4 Stars- Free, Open Source operating system derived from BSD UNIX developed at UC Berkeley.
OpenBSD 4 Stars- A free, multi-platform BSD-based UNIX-like operating system.
OpenSolaris 4 Stars- Sun Microsystem's answer to Open Source operating systems, based on Solaris.
openSUSE 4 Stars- A free, Open Source Linux operating system distribution.
ReactOS 4 Stars- An advanced free open source operating system providing implementation of a Microsoft Window XP compatible OS.

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