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Space Shuttle News and Resources
NASA specialist says something for everyone in Australian Space Agency (00:40 UTC) AuBC
Mars's oldest rover knocked out by giant dust storm (07:40 UTC) AuBC
Lost in space: Australian industry must answer US call to reach for the stars (19:01 UTC) AuBC
One small step for Sydney: Australia's first man in space joins team NSW in agency pitch (05:01 UTC) AuBC
Shooting for the moon: New space agency boss predicts big things for Australian industry (14:31 UTC) AuBC
Space station's Robonaut makes splashdown in Pacific (19:10 UTC) AP
Space station's Robonaut headed home on SpaceX capsule (13:58 UTC) AP
The Latest: NASA confirms Mars lander on way to red planet (12:58 UTC) AP
The Latest: NASA says Mars-bound Insight reaches Earth orbit (11:22 UTC) AP
Budget to launch Australian space industry with 50 million (18:52 UTC) AuBC

NASA Cams and Video 4 Stars
OpenDir: Space Shuttle Current Events 4 Stars

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster on Feb. 1, 2003
On this day, thousands of people gathered in a few EF-Net IRC channels to communicate with the world about a major event. EF-Net is the first and still one of the largest IRC networks in the world, as in the past, channel #news quickly became a mass of users working together to report live information and help however they can. In the past events like disaster, war (in the Gulf War), and those like Lady Diana's fatal accident, have caused people to get live news in masses and REALLY communicate globally in chat, often when news websites or services are bogged-down or dead because of the sudden traffic increase. This global medium and channels like #news continue to be a valuable service. This day's events brought us users sharingtheir high bandwidth to share video and media covering the event.
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UN-Cast News
- Labour hire company accused of ripping off workers at Qld abattoir (20:01 UTC) AuBC
- Melania Trump visits child immigration detention centre in Texas (19:16 UTC) AuBC
- Cold swim devotees out for more than a Dark Mofo one-off nude thrill (19:16 UTC) AuBC
- Australia's World Cup dreams still alive after Socceroos draw with Denmark (19:13 UTC) AuBC
- 'Not enough time allocated' to hear farmers' stories at banking royal commission (18:43 UTC) AuBC

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