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UN-Cast monitors several news sources for headlines and allows affiliates to add news from around the world. We focus only on top breaking news and currently monitor such live feeds as CNN, AP, BBC, REUTERS, MSNBC, MSNNEWS, WIKINEWS, NPR, THE REGISTER, FOXNEWS, CNET, SALON, AuBC, CERT, BUGTRAQ and several other key sources of news. We also have a handful or two of users around the world that can add custom news announcements. UN-Cast does not cache or provide text of articles, only headlines and links to the items are provided. To contact us or inquire about this service, please send feedback.

Special Combined/Categorized Topics: [Technology/Computing (tech:)] [Tech/Computing w/Advisories (technews:)] [Security/Advisories (secadvisories:)] [NASA/Shuttle/Space (nasa:)] [Doom and Gloom, Harbingers/Death/Disasters]

Web-based News and Tickers: [News] [http://networks.org/?news=show]
The News page provides the latest headline links and the UN-Cast News and Media tickers in desktop or fullscreen mode. Live headlines are listed with the most recent/latest item first or on top.

Live News Feeds
As one of the first to offer breaking news and live reports to users, through collaborative efforts and channels on the web, and Internet Relay Chat, we are proud to continue providing important information from around the world to the community at large. We are pleased to share and be a part of this growing community of users, developers and organizations. We appreciate the loyalty and respect shown by all, contributors and news-seekers alike. The various feeds available here are provided in several different formats, allowing for easy integration into any new or existing projects and software.

RSS 2.x News Feed: [http://networks.org/news/] [http://networks.org/news/rsstextplus.cgi] [http://networks.org/news/breakingnewsplus.rss]
A live XML/RDF/RSS v2.0+ format of the news feed is available with the rsstextplus.cgi and breakingnewsplus.rss for use with news readers and syndication.
RSS 0.91 News Feed: [http://networks.org/news/rsstext.cgi] [http://networks.org/news/breakingnews.rss]
A live XML/RSS v0.91 old format of the news feed is available with the rsstext.cgi and breakingnews.rss for use with news readers and syndication.

Text and HTML Feed: [http://networks.org/news/rawtext.cgi] [http://networks.org/news/htmltext.cgi]
A raw text feed of headlines is available with rawtext.cgi and an HTML links feed is available with the htmltext.cgi feed.

Web-based JavaScript Headlines: [http://networks.org/news/jstext.cgi]
Include the tag: <script language="javascript" src="http://networks.org/news/jstext.cgi"></script> to your pages where you want headlines.

Customized/Specific Feed Options: Two parameters can be appended to a live feed URL: lines=X where X is the amount of lines to return, or src=WORD to return headlines with WORD in it. Only the live versions are dynamic and support parameters, meaning any files with .rss or .html extensions are static and provide non-dynamic or specific versions of the live feeds. Additionally, there is a screencast type format of live headlines for mobile devices and virtual worlds (SL, simulators, tv, etc.)

NOTE: Updating once every 5 or 10 minutes is sufficient to stay current with the live feed. Grabbing feeds too rapidly or more often than once every 3 to 5 or 10 minutes is unecessary, thus, inundating the feed with requests or rapid retrieval of article URLs may result in restricted, denied, or blocked access to this site.

IRC/Chat News Feed: [Channel #News]
Use an IRC client to connect to an EF-Net IRC server and /join the #news channel for the latest headlines. Breaking news items are displayed live as they are received. Channel #news has been a popular place for people around the world to gather and report information about current events, usually as they happen. When possible, users watch and use the following sources when they are relaying information to the channel: TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Radio, Phone, Internet Web/Chat/Multimedia, CB Radio, HAM Radio and other ways.

#news channel tips and suggestions:
  • Please only report or ask for updates about events, refrain from your opinions and long-winded discussions on the channel, please encourage discussions on channel #newschat instead.
  • At times the #news channel may be moderated and only channel operators and designated users can talk on it, we ask your patience at these times as it is necessary to keep the channel useful for the flow of news information.
  • If the channel is moderated, channel operators may designate users who can talk at their discression only for people reporting on a current incident or special event.
  • Aside from the majority of users reporting news, the channel operators have been somewhat pre-screened as a source of most-likely confirmed and relevant news. When possible, channel operators news items are confirmed reports.

    To ignore JOIN and PART floods:
    IRCII type clients: /ignore * crap or /on ^join "% #news" # and /on ^leave "% #news" # or /on ^channel_signoff "#news % *" # or /on ^signoff "*" #
    MIRC type clients: /ignore #news joins parts quits

    Latest and Past Coverage:
  • Shuttle Columbia Disaster includes resources about the NASA Columbia disaster.
  • War on Terrorism / Attack on America includes resources and links from users on channel #news.
  • Lady Diana Dies in Car Accident
  • War in the Gulf
  • Various Earthquakes and other Disasters

    Disclaimer: News headlines are acquired and provided free of charge without warranty. Any copyrights are those of their respective owners or source-site. No profit is made nor shall it be made by providing news headlines through or from this site.
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    UN-Cast News
    - Catfish who 'played with heartstrings and purse strings' gets 30-month prison sentence (04:40 UTC) AuBC
    - Tourism hopes nosedive at King Island, as airport fee saga rolls on (04:31 UTC) AuBC
    - South Australia's clean energy ranking slips according to new report (04:25 UTC) AuBC
    - Indonesia considering putting trade deal on hold over PM's Israel comments (04:19 UTC) AuBC
    - GST fix clears major hurdle after guarantee no state will be left worse off (04:01 UTC) AuBC

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