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EF-Net IRC Channel #Help
The #Help Channel assists people with a wide range of topics, ranging from General life and experiences to Technical and Scientifical issues. There are very few things you will not find help for here. Please read the rules and guidelines on this page below.

Channel #Help related issues, ideas, suggestions, abuse reports, channel operators, or status are managed and maintained by United Networks. Short of the available avenues of communication with channel operators in chat or the online message bases, further inqueries can be made by submitting channel/forum issues on the feedback page.

#Help Rules/Guidelines
EF-Net IRC Channel #Help has few rules and guidelines, making it easier for both "teacher" and "student" to communicate:

- Don't solicit your questions in /msg to channel ops. Please ask on the channel so everyone can learn and more people can see your question and contribute to the solution.

- Don't solicit questions about IRC related scripting/programming or bots.

- Don't flood, Don't Repeat yourself over and over. If someone knows the answer to your questions or sees it, they will respond. Be patient and try later.

- Don't idle-chatter, or try not to! Leave the channel clear for people to join and ask questions, and clear for people who want to help so they don't have to sift or scroll-back through lines of non-help-related chatter or logs. Keeping the channel free from idle-chatter and not engaging in peoples' attempts at trolling or chattering will help provide the ideal environement for learning.

- Just ask! Don't ask if you can ask. Don't pre-qualify your question. Just ask the direct question you want to know.

#Help Ops and Regulars
#Help has become a meeting ground for novices and experts, many finding the channel a nice place to lurk and learn or to teach and school those in need of a hand.

The following users often spend time online helping others:
blase blau cooks deww digidog estranger Evad FBI-Agent {FDISK} FrdPrefct kneer0w Kranky LA LadyWolf Life^ Lindy Lynden Metshrine n909 NiteRyder Osc piker phisher1 RevTom royalsexy Sebboh SJ7Trunks [StyX] thirdeye Vamps Vango Xuff
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