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United Networks User Group
Welcome to United Networks (UN), the user-supported user group and resource dedicated to effective networking, policies and information resources. UN was created officially in 1992 and brings together system administrators, network engineers, ISPs and other Internet organizations and users to create an entity capable of making a difference. To date, this philosophy has worked in several areas, such as: systems security, abuse reporting and response, protocol and information standards, user rights and other issues relating to users and the Internet in general.

United Networks was formed to provide resources and support to a variety of Users, Administrators and Organizations as they relate to computer and network services, policies, education and security.

Currently, three levels of membership are recognized and they are: Administrative Members, Group Members and Community Members.
  • Administration consists of dedicated Members who play an active role in the oversight and direction of projects and missions of the User Group.
  • Group Members are the backbone of the User Group and consist of dedicated Users and Organizations who help facilitate projects, missions and services of the User Group. Members benefit directly from the User Group in that they are affiliated with each other and each other's resources, services and expertise.
  • Community Members are the Users and Organizations everywhere for which the User Group was formed to serve, educate and support. The Community benefits by being represented by a User Group dedicated to protecting and improving the rights, information and security of the Community. The Community also benefits from the services, education and support offered by the User Group and through peering with other Users and Organizations.

    The overall mission of the User Group, as it relates to Users and Organizations is to:
  • Promote quality of service, information and education.
  • Provide services and support.
  • Improve security.
  • Protect freedoms, rights and information.

    Some net-wide projects and services the User Group provides and are actively involved in developing and supporting are:
  • Web and file content, directories, education and hosting.
  • Email services and hosting.
  • DNS and domain services and hosting.
  • Bulletin Board message forums and hosting.
  • Chat services and hosting.
  • News, alerts and advisory information and services.

    Featured services:
    Activity - Take a glance at how many user sessions are currently active over the last 5 and 10 minutes.
    Feedback - Drop us a note with our feedback form. We want to hear from you!
    Email - Web-based email or full premium email services.
    News - Get live breaking and top news headlines from around the world and security/tech scene with a variety of news feed options.
    Security - Inform and protect yourself with computer and network security issues and the latest advisories and security links.
    Web - We provide a unique and always-updated directory of services, links and Open Directory listings which is browsable and searchable. The United Networks website is home to a large variety of users from all over the world.
    Contributions - United Networks appreciates community support and acknowledgement, please consider donating today!

    Site ratings:
    Many links listed on this site have a Star-Rating. 1 Star being notable, and 5 Stars being Highly Valuable or Excellent. Sites are rated with other sites in the same category or as an overall value:

    Most links, denoted or not are 1 Star: 1 Star
    Friendly useful sites with value are 2 Stars: 2 Star
    Good sites or pages with integrity are 3 Stars: 3 Star
    Great sites with valuable resources or special mention are 4 Stars: 4 Star
    Exceptionally excellent, authorititive or official or highly suggested sites are 5 Stars: 5 Star

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